Gibraltar Messenger

Crown Prince Michael in Gibraltar.

20 May – Hannah Michaels

Why do the unenlightened rage & imagine a futile thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together, against GOD and CHRIST.

25 April – Tony Farrell

On St. George’s Day, the day after his vigil, Tony Farrell sits down in the Alameda Gardens and livelily reflects on what occurred at St. Michael’s Cave.

22 April – Tony Farrell

Tony Farrell stationed at St. Michael’s Cave, with brief reports on his vigil about recognizing Christ as King, starting on The Rock.

An official Royal Decree by Christ was signed and mailed to Charles in London on 12 December 2022.

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by Hannah Michaels

A formal decree has been issued to Charles by Christ in HIS SECOND COMING. Christ is The Godly Heir to the British Throne of Israel. God promised the Throne of David to His Eldest, Firstborn Son; known here on Earth as The Messiah – Christ; NOT to Charles. We have the sure promise of God that The Throne will be given to His Son.

22 April – Managing Editor

What do Israel, The Year 1948, The British Throne, Christ, Elizabeth 2, Charles, and the Fig Tree have in common? Prophecy. Summer is near.

20 April – Written by Darren Smith

If allowed, Charles will plunge Britain into darkness. Charles should be hearing what he needs to do to save the United Kingdom – in stereo.

6 April – Written by By Professor Gloria Moss PhD

The oaths and ceremony not only have religious and ceremonial significance, but also constitutional importance – to govern by The Laws of The British.


14 February – UPDATED LETTER (from 14 September below).

4 April – Written by Julian Rose

Charles, considered to be a strong supporter of organic farming and environmental causes, has given his approval to alter the genome of animals and plants.

29 March – Written by Ogone

The “I AM” spoke unto Moses, Go unto Pharaoh, and say unto him, Let My people go, that they may serve Me (Exod. 8:1).

22 March – Written by A. Freeman

Royal author Anthony Holden has correctly argued that Charles’ coronation should be invalid. How could a law-breaker ever be the top law-enforcer?

21 March – Written by Immaculate

The better half of communication is listening. That is why we have one mouth and two ears. Do something great with your life.

16 March – Written by Peter Simpson; edited by The Gibraltar Messenger.

The particularly crucial parts of the service are when the monarch promises to uphold the laws of God according to the Christian Scriptures. This aspect must at all costs be retained.

7 March – In The News

Scotland – The Stone – Charles – The Coronation. Who will rouse up the old lion? Who will throw the first STONE?

5 March – Written by Anthony E.

We are tired of, and do not need any man-made (actually satanically inspired) evil and partial legislations.

27 February – The letter in this article was written by Justin Walker and William Keyte.

An Open Letter to the Duke of Norfolk, the Earl Marshal, who is overseeing Charles’ coronation ceremony has been sent as a reminder of British Law.

23 February – Written by C.R.

Charles, There is no failure except failure to serve one’s purpose. What is more important, your immortality or your earthly treasures?

22 February – Written by Tony, son of Joan

As thy church ways to crown a [corona]tion of Charles pertaining to the name of The Most High, you must do no such thing.

21 February – Written by Christina and Matthew

By Re-Establishing God’s Law we might just have a chance. We can’t have Peace unless we go back to GOD’S Law.

20 February – Written by Nakimuli and R.A.

The world is thirsty and hungry for Christ’s leadership. Charles, show them what you are made of and hand the crown over to Christ.

15 February – Written by Kaycee and David L.

Please kindly give The Throne To Christ. It must be given back to Him for the good and safety of all. He CANNOT be avoided.

12 February – Written by James

MAYDAY! MAYDAY! MAYDAY! The British Empire (in fact, the whole world) is in IMMINENT danger and I am sending out the distress signal to save the ship (of humanity)!

10 February – Written by Hannah Michaels

The pompous plan for the coronation of Charles The Pretender is futile. The Golden Orb committee should put their efforts in recognizing Christ as King.

9 February – Written by A. Freeman

Christ’s Reign as the King of kings is INDEPENDENT of any human decision or action, including any made or taken by Charles Battenberg/Windsor.

8 February – Written by Gift

I believe that by surrendering His crown to Him, you will find true joy, peace, and purpose in your life.

4 February – Written by Lawrenta

Have you pondered on your own this question? We’re all prisoners, every one of us for our treason against God – including you.

30 January – Written by Cyria and T.A.T.W. 

Please swallow your pride, Charles. You can go down in history as the only human+being who gave The Crown to Christ.

29 January – Written by Christiana M. and Glory C.

Understand that it is a great privilege, if you heed to this advice. Surrender The Crown and step down to Christ.

28 January – Written by Frederick

Watching you walk behind Elizabeth’s coffin on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, I wondered how long the masses will continue to fall for this absurd theatre?

27 January – Written by David O.

Without taking you through much Bible prophecies and history, I implore you to please, give Christ His Crown.

26 January – Written by Joyce Marie and Uche

Sound the shofars. From the mouth of Jacob/Israel, The Shepherd will return from The British line.

25 January – Written by Adamma O.

Christ Jesus, The Saviour, The King of kings is on Earth in a new body, with a new name JAH, as it is written in Psalm 68:4.

24 January – Written by Jan D. and Jimoh S.

Please adhere to Christ’s Command so that He can put everything right in this world. He will rule with The Law of Liberty.

23 January – Written by A. Kalu

Please, know that this is a Clarion call for you to heed, and the last option available to help save the entire world of mankind, from complete destruction.

22 January – Written by Mike I.

GOD IS LOOKING for another Gideon – Christ, not another IDOL worshipper like usurper king Charles. Christ is King and Governor.

21 January – Written by David D. and Ricky

The British Throne and Royal Crown rightfully belong to Christ, as His Inheritance. 

20 January – Written by Tony Farrell

Tony Farrell pens a special condemnation report, yet offers a great invitation to James Jones, the former chair of the Hillsborough Independent Panel.

20 January – Written by O. Kalu

The words of God and 99% of the Bible prophecies have already been fulfilled. And the remaining 1% will unfailingly happen.

19 January – Written by A. Chigozie

The day I was told that Christ had returned to this planet, it was like a dream and joke, until I started reading the little book.

18 January – Written by Corrion

The world cannot continue on its insane, lunacy-driven, self-destructive path, nor will it be allowed to. Armageddon incoming.

17 January – Written by Onuh C., Joseph M., and Ifeoma

Christ will rule with liberty, justice and equity under the Royal Laws of Liberty. Please kneel before Him.

16 January – Written by Ugochukwu and Michael

Brother, it will be of great joy that you play a big role in restoring peace and stability to the world, and is a great legacy to achieve.

15 January – Written by Richard

Nine separate times did Moses go before Pharaoh saying those four words – LET MY PEOPLE GO. They’ve been said to Elizabeth and now you.

14 January – Written by Douglas

Charles, I ask you to take the RIGHT course of action and yield to a higher ranking ORDER, that of The Christ and His Royal Decree.

13 January – Written by Juliet

The words of God and all His Prophecy shall and will always be fulfilled, with or without you.

12 January – Written by Chioma

It’s not easy to recognize the identity of Christ, but now that He has revealed Himself to you, humble yourself and surrender.

11 January – Written by Chanel

All I want to say is: Give up your FAKE king leadership to the TRUE KING OF ISRAEL.

10 January – Written by Tony Farrell

What do poems “The Journey of the Three Magi”; “Ring Out, Wild Bells”; and “Warning” have in common? And what do they have to do with Christ in Gibraltar?

9 January – Written by Raphael

Charles, I encourage you to take this bold step, not only to save yourself, but the entire British people and hopefully the rest of the world.

8 January – Written by Roland

Watch for the ‘Star’ that was foretold by the Prophet Jacob, that you will know the time of the Second Coming, when Christ will enter all hearts.

6 January – Written by Tony Farrell

This is the story of a Placard’s Progress that Tony Farrell is taking all over The Rock of Gibraltar. The placard displays Christ’s Royal Decree to Charles.

5 January – Written by Marlen

Charles, why do the kings of the earth set themselves against God and His Anointed? Serve God with fear; and put your trust in Christ.

4 January – Written by Beatrix

Charles, Place God and then Christ above all. If you did so, the world would be in a better place right now.

3 January – Written by Bright Nana A.

Charles, I highly advise you do as Christ has ordered; before the DAY cometh, that shall burn like an oven, where all the proud and wicked shall be stubble.

2 January – Written by Victor

Charles, by surrendering Christ’s crown to Him, you will be choosing to follow Him and serve Him in all things. Trust in His plan for God’s Kingdom. 

1 January 2023 – Written by Debra

Charles, you are being granted a once in a lifetime opportunity to appear before Christ and surrender the British Throne of Israel.

31 December – Written by Chinagorom

It’s certain God’s purpose must come to pass. His Anointed Son, Christ, will be recognized as King of The United Kingdom of Israel.

30 December – Written by Maria 

The world is so sick, running upside down. Charles, you can’t reverse it – only CHRIST can. Don’t fear what you are being called to do.

29 December – Written by a Persistent Follower of Christ 

Charles, lay your burdens (The Crown) at Christ’s Feet, The Rightful King, Saviour; and ONLY True Prince of Light.

28 December – Written by Mary

Christ awaits Charles to do the right thing – to kneel before Him and surrender any claim to The Throne.

27 December – Written by Francisca

The One and Only Rightful Owner of The British Throne is The King of Israel – Christ. The Lord shall be King over all the earth.

26 December – Written by Stephen

There was a significant planetary alignment on 5th May 2000, and on that morning I found myself standing alongside The Christ.

25 December – Written by A. Freeman

72 years ago, in the wee morning hours of Christmas day in 1950, the Stone of Destiny was removed from Westminster Abbey by four God-inspired Scots for Christ, our King.

24 December – Written by Peter O.

Being summonsed to “His Fortress of the Rock” is extremely important and serious.

23 December – Written by a Determined Student

This charade of your mother, believing she was queen of the United Kingdom, and now you, her son, believing you are the supposedly “King Charles III” must stop, NOW.

22 December – Written by A. Freeman

The responsibility and fraud are weighing heavier on Charles than he expected; a FAKE and Unchristian coronation is in the works.

21 December – Written by Peter

The True British Monarchy should sustain its identity according to The Law and all that stands with it.

20 December – Written by Namuli

Christ is the Only One with a sound state of mind. You will find Him to be gentle, considerate and firm with everyone.

19 December – Written by Jim F.

This duty implies an important personal responsibility and calling, to be willing to do what ever would be required in order for it to become not just a feeling, or a hope, but a reality.

18 December – Written by an American JEDI

Christ is the TRUE King. He is humble, kind, generous, caring and CANNOT be corrupted by evil.

17 December – Written by Philip

Be sure of your choice. For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul (Mark 8:36)?

16 December – Written by William

IF you believe the Words written in the Bible are Truth; then, there can be no doubt Christ is Who He says He is.

15 December – Written by DP, a follower of The Way

There are calls by Members of Parliament to strip Harry of his title, BUT God stripped Harry’s title before he was even born.

Published 14 December – Written by JM

Sir, I cannot call you king because I know your Mother was not crowned on the true stone. The stone’s disappearance is no mistake.

13 December – Special Notice

Now that Christ has officially summonsed Charles to Gibraltar to kneel before Him, letters can be written directly to Charles to encourage him to submit to Christ’s ROYAL DECREE. If you feel inspired to also write his family members or other officials involved in the pomp and circumstance, please do so.

Charles can be addressed by his full name, Charles Philip Arthur George Battenberg/Windsor, or shortened to Charles Philip AG Battenberg/Windsor; or to Charles Battenberg/Windsor.

Please send all letters to [email protected]. Thank you.

27 November – by A. Freeman

The name Micha-EL is Hebrew and means “Who is LIKE God?” The Great Prince Michael – God’s Anointed One, The Messiah, Christ.

31 October – Thank you for writing, reading and sharing letters to David Steel and to the People of Gibraltar. The call for letters is now on hold. Please stay tuned for further instructions.

23 October – by Christ

As you have written to me, about my disciple Tony, you have thus invited me to respond. This letter is Part 2. Tony’s letter to David Steel, entitled, “101 Damnations – Considerations for Gibraltar” is Part 1.

23 October – by Tony Farrell

A list of 101 warnings to Gibraltar about kneeling before Christ, while His Hand is still stretched out. This letter is Part 1. Christ’s letter to David Steel is Part 2.

14 September

Ezekiel 21:25 And thou, profane wicked prince of Israel, whose day is come, when inequity [shall have] an end,

Charles, karma is about to catch up with you for all your inequity.

25 September

A Common Law Jury, having been presented with the all of the facts, unanimously reached the verdict that Mrs. Elizabeth Mary Alexandra Battenberg; (also known by the criminal aliases Elizabeth Windsor and QE2); was fraudulently/ unlawfully crowned and thus was NEVER the lawful monarch of the UK and Commonwealth. And neither is Charles.

26 October – Written by Joyce Marie

Dear David Steel and the People of Gibraltar,

You are strongly encouraged to step out in faith, learn to listen to the good voice inside of you, which is God speaking to you.

28 September – Written by an American Jedi

Dear David Steel, Gibraltarians and Britons,

The Faithful and True Authority in the UK, Gibraltar and the rest of the world is CHRIST. Prophecy Fulfilled: He is here and is our only hope.

27  September – Written by Douglas

Dear David Steel and the People of Gibraltar –

Rejoice, you people of Gibraltar. You are in the vicinity where you can spiritually and literally reach out to our Saviour.

We are praying to God, through Christ, that you David (Beloved) find the courage in your freewill to do Right by Our Lord and I also ask the people of Gibraltar to pray for you too, so that you receive support, guidance and strength from the “I AM”, Who has placed you in this position.We’re praying that David Steel and all Gibraltarians find the courage to do Right by Our Lord.

21 September – Special Notice

If you feel inspired to write letters, please now address them to “David Steel and the People of Gibraltar.” If what you would want to say has already been written in previous letters, please share those widely. If you have something to share not covered in those letters, please contact the [email protected].

Irrespective of us asking Charles to come to The Rock or not, Gibraltarians should decide to kneel before Christ and recognize Him as their King. Those not with Him are AGAINST Him.

Matt. 12:30 He that is not WITH me is AGAINST me; and he that gathereth not with me scattereth abroad.

21 September – Written by Maria

David Steel – Think critically and objectively about this matter, make a fresh start and start doing the right thing before it’s too late. Please make the necessary steps and awaken the people of Gibraltar.

20  September – by Hannh Michaels

As History Tends To Repeat Itself – What Will Happen To The Third Carrying That Fateful Name? Charles I executed. Charles II exiled.

Ill-fated Charles TBA.

18 September – by Hannah Michaels

Charles cannot be the Defender of Faith by doing the opposite of what Christ instructed. And like Elizabeth, he cannot be King to the British Nation by breaking its Covenant with God.

Neither the Church of Scotland nor England recognizes Christ as King.

16 September – by A. Freeman

The Scriptural Marks of Christ and of the the Scriptural Marks True People Israel offer proof that The British Throne IS the Davidic Throne of Israel; that Coronation Stone, Jacob’s Pillar, Stone IS The Throne. God prevented Elizabeth or her heirs from being crowned upon it, because the Rightful Heir is already here.

Everyone not with Christ is against Him.

12 September – by Chinagorom

Dear David Steel – Zedekiah was the last king of Judah before their 2nd captivity. He ignored Jeremiah the prophet.

Continue recognition of Elizabeth Windsor as having BEEN Queen, or her descendants – instead of Crown Prince Michael/JAH/Christ, undoubtedly having His second coming declared, in several scriptural passages, starting from Genesis – is actually not just disobedience, but rebellious and treasonous against The Most High Father.

13 September – Written by Peter

Elizabeth’s death does not detract from the facts laid out in all of the several previous letters relating to the proposal to reconize Christ as King or that the British Throne belongs to Christ – STILL.

THEY have tried to stop Him, but THEY the higher echelons of the British establishment KNOW Who He is and tried to lock Him up for life to keep Him quiet.

12 September – by Tony Farrell

After observing the events in Gibraltar over the last several days in regards to Elizabeth’s death and Charles, Tony Farrell offers this letter to David Steel.

They suffer from cognitive dissonance, choosing to believe their religious dogma, instead of Scripture and absolutely reject scripture in favour of their religious false teachings and dogma – Christ.

Letters & Posts from 12 September onwards are featured above.

Special Notice (8 September) – Although the original proposal involved Elizabeth coming to Gibraltar to kneel before Christ, the ultimate goal has always been to get Gibraltar and the entire world to recognize Christ in His Second Coming – and this Endeavour will continue.

Letters & Posts written prior to the announcement about Elizabeth's death are featured below.

This proposal was mailed to David Steel – Elizabeth’s appointed governor of Gibraltar. It is the most important call-to-action contained within “The Governor’s Dossier”, a package that Tony Farrell tried to deliver to the governor’s official residence on August 5th, 2022, but security staff refused to accept it on his behalf.
The dossier consists of a cover letter, supporting letters from Christ’s disciples, and copies of The Scriptural Marks of Christ and The Scriptural Marks of True Israel. All featured below.

In addition to David Steel receiving the dossier, copies were sent to Ros Astengo, GBC broadcast journalist, and Charles Azzopardi, leader at St. Theresa’s Church.


COVER LETTER – 4 August 2022

Dear David,

After your very recent interview with the GBC’s Ros Astengo about the Queen’s Birthday Honours List for 2023, now seems the perfect time for me to write once more to you personally. This short letter will be about a special untypical nomination suggestion for Gibraltar, associated with Elizabeth’s Honours List, which with respect, would be unique, and earth-shattering, should the following suggestion be embraced by both you and Elizabeth. It is a nomination, which I suggest, has simply no place being constrained and curtailed amongst all the conventional rules and regulations, as outlined by you in your GBC broadcast, and with respect, the details of this exceptional nomination, are for you to take-up directly with Elizabeth alone, or not at all, for this is no mere ordinary proposal placed before you.

Doubtless, the 21st April 2023, already represents a special occasion in your own diary, when next year, the body Elizabeth inhabits will be 97 years of age. I expect that there will be the usual 21-gun salute somewhere on The Rock to mark the occasion. The Honours List may be linked to this date, too. However, what you may not know, is that the birthday of the human body of JAH, falls on the following day. JAH’s body will be 75 years of age on 22nd April 2023, seventy-five years after the state of Israel was created in Tel Aviv.

JAH is the name of the body being used by the Spirit Being of Christ, in His Second Coming. CHRIST goes by other names too, such as: Muad’Dib, The Teacher of Righteousness; EliJAH; Crown Prince Michael; or simply Archangel Michael. However, because this proposal is unique to Gibraltar, CHRIST will be referred to hereafter in this letter as The Gibraltar Messenger, not least because of His special interest in The Rock, as explained in Holy Scripture and in the enclosed supporting evidence.

Ever since your letter to me dated 1st April 2021, a few of The Lord’s disciples located here in Gibraltar have waited patiently, in the hope and the expectation of you one day eventually delivering upon your earlier promise to meet with some disciples, and learn more about The Gibraltar Messenger, and the spiritual importance of Gibraltar. You are aware of my previous occasional communications with you about the Gibraltar Messenger, so I won’t replicate them here.

In an effort to further educate you on this important matter, so that hopefully you can make an informed decision about what to do for the best, a printed version of The Scriptural Marks of Christ Whereby We May Know Him During His Second Coming, and The Scriptural Marks of True Israel are enclosed for your edification. I urge you to consider carefully the content of these articles so that you too may become emboldened, and come to know The Truth, and set the people of Gibraltar free from the global tyranny within our midst. I very much hope to hear from you in due course, about this exceptional proposal. The Psalm 2 rendition, heard at the end of The Anglican service which you’ll doubtless recall we both attended last month, was so very apt in these extraordinary set of circumstances.

May The Force Be With You.

Tony Farrell
Disciple of The Gibraltar Messenger.

. A second supportive letter from one of The Lord’s disciples, who previously resided here on The Rock of His Defence, is enclosed.

PPS. A copy of this information pack is being sent to Ros Astengo from The GBC.

Note: The interview can also be watched on DGTV – Governor invites nominations for 2023 Queens Honours List and Gibraltar Award


19 August 2022 UPDATE  – Tony Farrell has written an article about the background of The Governor’s Dossier and Proposal for Elizabeth.


Written by Peter O – 8 September

Dear David Steele – The word “The True Bible” started dropping into my mind. I landed on the JAHTruth site. I came to understand the word telepathy (and now) I have a clearer understanding of The Holy Bible and Holy Koran.

by Philip – 10 September

Dear David Steele – I write to you again to share another sign about Gibraltar: related to its National Day. The head of the kingdom of men whom you pledged allegiance to is now officially no more. Do you see the golden thread running through it all please?

His Mount, Her Mound, The Cave & The King's Highway

Written by Oz and Elle –  2 September

Dear David Steel – We have been involved in making educational films. We had the privilege of making videos of important places like St. Michael’s Mount off the coast of Marazion in Cornwall. This has a very direct and marvellous linkage to St. Michael’s Cave in Gibraltar.

In 2018, we met up with JAH to learn more about Ireland’s Biblical history. We submit the marvellous teaching session – “The King’s Highway Talk”.

“The King’s Highway Talk” is really a timeless piece, and applicable to both followers and non-followers.

VIDEO: Filmed by Oz and Elle – 2018

A fascinatingly frank and powerful talk about the British Israelite nations and ancient Irish history from Royal County Meath from The King of kings’, Lord of lord’s as given in June 2018, outside the King’s Highway which stretches from Teltown to Navan Fort in the North.

Written by Chanel – 7 September

Dear David Steel – In the Teia Tephi Grand Prix, I made the righteous move to walk with The Lord.

It’s been a monumental journey.

– e4! Sir. It’s your turn.

Written by Tyrone – 5 September

Dear David Steel – What Christ Jesus’ message about Noah really means: Upon His return, Christ said it would be like the days of Noah, BECAUSE all those who don’t believe Him will die.

Written by James – 31 August

Dear David Steel – The generation that sees everything rapidly going down hill is to know that their redemption (deliverance from evil and the completion of God’s plan) is drawing near. The terminal generation signs are appearing all over the planet like never before.

Written by Namuli – 2 September

Dear David Steel – Whoever is not WITH Him IS AGAINST Him. He is teaching me His wonderul Force of Love; and sharing His Wisdom and Guidance. David Steel, you have a priceless opportunity to work with Him.

by Mary – 28 August

Dear David Steel – Christ, The Good Shepherd has come to separate the sheep from the goats, and to gather His lost sheep. He is calling you, extending His call time after time – listen to the good voice inside you, and gain courage.

by Richard – 30 August

Dear David Steel – It’s a choice that is encapsulated well in a great poem by James Russell Lowell, “Once to every man and nation”. There comes the moment to decide In the strife of truth with falsehood for the good or evil side.


Billy Graham refers to the British Crown in an excerpt of his speech about Christ as The King of kings and Lord of lords. When the Archbishop of Canterbury placed the crown on Elizabeth’s head, he said she could wear it UNTIL HE WHO DESERVES THE RIGHT TO WEAR IT RETURNS – This is a part of the history of Britain.

by Corrion – 30  August

Dear David Steel,

If Elizabeth II laid down the crown, it would be the most honorable thing she has done during her unlawful and fraudulent reign. There is NO Justice without God’s Law. There is NO Freedom without God’s Law.

by Luke – 25  August

Dear David Steel,

It is hoped that you choose to make the right decision for yourself and for your countrymen. God gives us all free will and the ability to choose Him or Satan to work for.

by Chinagorom – 25  August

Dear David Steel – I wish I was good-enough to be positioned right where you’re now, to change the course of our world to a wonderful bright future. I consider you one of the most privileged individuals who is opportune to exist, at this very critical time.

by Beatrice – 25 August

Dear David Steel – It is no surprise that the world is in such chaos. Man has turned his back on God and Christ. He has delivered His instructions and warnings – His place of defense shall be The Rock!

by Debra – 25 August

Dear David Steel – On the second-coming, Christ will not be called Jesus, because he will have a new human-name (Rev. 3:12). I attempted to read The Bible over the years, but I was left confused until I read The Holy King of kings’ Bible; edited and cross-referenced by JAH, Who is Christ returned.

by a Determind Student– 24 August

Dear David Steel – You claim to derive your power from Elizabeth Battenberg, under the erroneous assumption that she is the lawful monarch, which she obviously is not. Fraud vitiates everything.

Christ plainly stated it’s impossible for anyone to serve God and materialism.

by Catherine Rose – 23 August

Dear David Steel – Who on Earth would want to be a part of the unGodly reign of Elizabeth Battenberg? Open your spiritual-eyes, and see things as they REALLY are. See how you could best serve the people of Gibraltar, the UK and the entire world.

by Jim – 21 August

Dear David Steel – We should, certainly, now all be able to see, from the current state of the world, and all that is happening, that we are indeed living in the End Times, therefore, Christ in His Second Coming must be here NOW, as it was prophesied.

This letter is in support of Tony Farrell’s proposal that Elizabeth comes to Gibraltar and lays down her crown and kneels at Christ’s feet.

by Stephen – 16 August

Dear David Steel – The correct identity of The Christ within the human body of JAH, has been confirmed to me numerous times over the years, in numerous ways, by God.

This letter is in support of Tony Farrell’s proposal that Elizabeth comes to Gibraltar and lays down her crown and kneels at Christ’s feet.

by Philip – 3 August

Dear David Steel – You’ve received copious proofs of Gibraltar’s special destiny and Mrs. Elizabeth Battenberg’s (alias queen) massive fraud, that she is not the Lawful monarch, and that the Lawful King of kings: Christ, is here on Earth now, again, in a new (English) body, with its New Name as Prophesied (Rev. 2:17, 3:12); those proofs having been delivered by Christ Himself: the Gibraltar Messenger, and various of His followers (over decades now).

by A. Freeman – 4 August

Dear David Steel – You swore allegiance to a woman who is neither queen nor “defender of the faith”, and thus has been perpetrating one of the greatest frauds in human history for the past 70 years at the expense of the British (Israelite) people throughout the world, including Gibraltar. And both of you asked for God’s Help while refusing to do your utmost to maintain His Laws, as you’ve both promised to do.


There seems to be a huge disconnect between popular beliefs concerning Christ’s Second Coming and what the Scriptures actually say about it. That has led to a lot of unnecessary confusion, thanks to the churches and their leaders being the false christs (and religious teachers) and false prophets.

There are at least 95 Scriptural “birth-marks” describing the TRUE people Israel, by which to identify them during the latter days. Since ALL Bible prophecy concerns Israel, it’s critically important to be able to positively identify them; otherwise the prophecies are impossible to understand. A PROMISE was made by our Creator to king David, that he would never lack a man to sit on the throne of Israel, until Shiloh/Christ’s Second-Coming.

Get caught up. Realize we do live in an extraordinary time that actually involves the second coming of Christ. Don’t clam-up before you finish reading this probe. Be willing to weigh it properly.


This video calls on Gibraltar and the entire world to recognize Christ as King and Governor.


by Tony Farrell – 23 August

To All The Muslim, Jewish and Christian Leaders on The Rock – Let the governor know exactly what you think about Crown Prince Michael, Your Mahdi, Your Messiah and Yes, Your Christ.

Scripture Lessons from

Koran Sura 43.
Isaiah 52 & 53.
Matthew 7.

By Tony Farrell – 20 August

Dear Michael Misfud – There was a higher reason I participated in the 4 apple turnover incident. It relates to the Four Overturns of The Stone.

I will overturn, overturn, overturn, it: and it shall be no [more], [overturned] UNTIL he come whose Right it is; and I will give it [him – Shiloh (Gen. 49:10)].

By Tony Farrell – 8 August

Dear Charles Azzopardi – Recently, in an interview broadcast on the GBC, about the fake queen’s fake honours list which took place between David Steel and Ros Astengo, your name got mentioned in glowing terms. That interview itself, in a much wider sense, prompted me to subsequently write to David Steel with an earth-shattering proposal related to an up-and-coming important landmark date of 22nd April 2023.

By Tony Farrell – 5 August

Dear Ros Astengo – You were purposefully sent a copy because you interviewed the governor David Steel about the Honours Board process and related matters. That interview and its single-viewed coverage prompted me to pull together an admittedly controversial package and proposal.

Given your broadcasting background, do you not think it would make for Gibraltar?