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Adhere to our King’s Command – Let Christ Rule

Managing Editor’s Note: Because they are short, sweet and to the point, Gibraltar Messenger is sharing these two much-appreciated letters as one post. While they are combined here, Charles will appropriately receive each letter separately.

Adhere to our King’s Command

by Jan D.

Dear Charles.

I hope this finds you well, in good spirit and having a good day.

The King of kings, Lord of lords, Christ sent you a Decree and Summonsed /Commanded you to come and kneel before Him in Gibraltar, on the 22nd of April 2023, at St Michael’s cave and give Him the British Crown.

I’m urging you to adhere to His Command, for He is the Rightful heir of the British Throne as stated in The Holy Bible by The I AM God.

He is back here on Earth in His Second Coming, as you Charles are fully aware.

Many requests have already been sent to you by true followers of Christ, from all over the world, urging you to hand over the British Crown to Him!

All of these letters sent to you explain why you must hand over the Crown to Him.

You know very well that the Crown belongs to Christ. You know and are aware of all the facts and Prophesies in The Holy Bible regarding the British Throne. 

Please adhere to Christ our King’s Command, so that from The Throne He can put everything right in this world, which is in a great big mess, because we did not listen to The I AM to keep His Laws, Statutes and Judgements. 

I thank you

Jan D.

Follower of Christ and The Way 

Let Christ Rule

Good Day Mr Charles Battenberg/ Windsor

I am Jimoh S.

My earth body is from Nigeria.

I am a follower of JAH the Second Coming of Christ, the true King of the House of Israel, the British Throne. 

The crown should be given to JAH according to His Decree.

Let Him rule with the Law of Liberty and Truth, which is God’s Law, for the good of humanity.

Thank you and I hope you will do what is right. 

These letters have been added to Crown Prince Michael in Gibraltar.