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A Global Gibraltar – That’s The Plan

For Gibraltarians who are flabbergasted at the actions of the government; and who cannot wrap their heads around why Government of Gibraltar (GoG) politicians and officials are acting outside and above their domain, you need to first understand that your politicians are one of three things: Globalists, Puppets of globalists or afraid of globalists.
by | August 19, 2020

Gibraltar’s Gamble with 5G

How are safety standards set for microwave radiation (EMF); and who sets these stanards? This report delves into how the system is rigged by those with pro-industry, pro-military, and pro-government interests. Gibraltar is no exception.
by | April 5, 2020

Gibraltar’s Interest in China’s Belt and Road Initiative Might NOT BE in the Best Interest of Gibraltar

China always strategically chooses its BRI partners; and there is always a military component behind its quest for “world-trade” domination. While Gibraltar officials cater to Chinese-owned companies, are they really helping to pull the trojan dragon into the gates of The Rock?
by | March 26, 2019