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The word Muslim means “one who is true in faith” or simply “faithful”. That means being faithful to and obeying Allah/God, NOT men.

A careful, honest examination of the core, doctrinal beliefs of “Islam” reveals that few if any of their traditional beliefs are actually scriptural.

For hundreds of years, it’s been traditionally and wrongly assumed that the Quraysh were a pre-“Islamic” Meccan tribe, thereby hiding their true identity.


Every True Muslim must learn to believe Christ, and to keep the Covenant found only in the Bible, which the Koran was sent to confirm.


Is there any Scriptural, historical or archaeological evidence that Simon Peter was ever in Rome, or that Muhammad from the Quran was ever in Mecca?


Elephants, eagles, giants and angels have one thing in common: their scriptural significance is explained in the Bible, and confirmed by the Quran.


Ramadan 2023 started on the evening of 22 March and will last 30 days. Is Ramadan Scriptural? Let’s examine the “Muslim” tradition.

Sura 18 – The Cave – confirms the guided spiritual journey of the Elect, culminating in the great awakening that we are currently experiencing.