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Babylon Revealed

An in-depth article series that reveals in detail where and how ancient Babylon migrated, transformed and infiltrated every worldly institution today.


Mystery Babylon’s migration, transformation and infiltration into every worldly institution, revealed in unprecedented detail during her final days.


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7 July – By A. Freeman

PART 1 – Following the money to uncover the trail of corruption can be applied to the Bible as well, to trace the migration of mystery Babylon to present-day Rome.

14 July – By A. Freeman

PART 2 – The non-prophet business of buying and selling God’s free gifts for filthy lucre is what earned mystery Babylon its designation as “the great whore”.

21 July – By A. Freeman

PART 3 – The confusion, injustice, poverty and oppression that’s spread from Rome throughout the entire, corporate-fictional world of business must come to an end.

These three articles serve as a foundation for this in-depth article series. Other articles will be added as appropriate. Please share this Babylon Revealed Page far and wide. Thank you.