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An Interview with A. Freeman about “Babylon Revealed”

In the introductory article “This is Babylon”, we are told that the article series Babylon Revealed took decades of study, years of research, and months of writing. To unpack all of this, Freeman was interviewed to explain why the timing of the publication of this series is important and why it is revolutionary.

Question: First of all, could you go more in detail about the process of bringing together this series, please?


As The Lord has said, the Scripture is alive (The Living Word). That’s why each time it’s read, there’s always something new that presents itself, even though you’ve read it before. It may be a pattern emerges or a deeper meaning is revealed, or a pearl of wisdom that was previously missed is found, which Father is sharing at the precise moment you were ready to receive it.

As these experiences and information accumulate over the years, they provide a clearer picture of our reality, and the associated joy that accompanies such discoveries. Of course that joy cannot be contained, which is why it runs over into the articles that are written, like the Babylon Revealed series.

Question: Why did you think it took until now to put this series together?


Divine Timing. What was finally realized is that even in an awakened state, most are still mesmerized to some extent by the buy-sell-and-throw-it-away Babylonian beast system, just as John marvelled at it when it was revealed to him (Revelation 17:6-7). Very few can envision a world without the corporate fictional businesses and the destructive competition/war they engender. And fewer yet seem to understand exactly how we arrived at this sorry state of affairs.

Comment and Question: The series was an eye-opener because everything was put together so logically and to the point that where Babylon is today is irrefutable. Being aware that one cannot find what you’ve compiled elsewhere, what makes this “Babylon Revealed” series revolutionary?


We know from the book of Revelation that there is a direct connection between Babylon and Rome, because of the descriptions given in Revelation 17:5-7. And the Koran confirms this connection in Sura 17:5-7, pointing out how both human-built Israelite temples were destroyed by the enemies of the Children of Israel. It is no coincidence that Sura 17 is about the Children of Israel.

However, until now, the migration of the Babylonians to Rome, and how that migration is prophesied in the Old Covenant/Testament and chronicled in the New Covenant/Testament, had never before been correctly explained, at least not in the detail found in the Babylon Revealed series of articles. And yet all of the information is right there, in Scripture, awaiting its discovery during these end-times.

There is also a connection between the Babylonians/Romans and the Jews that seems to have been overlooked or forgotten. How many remember that it was treacherous Judah who conned his brothers into selling Joseph, that is to profit from Joseph’s suffering (Gen. 37:26-27)?

Most of the “House of Judah” that were taken into captivity in Babylon under Nebuchadnezzar stayed in Babylon, intermarried with the Babylonians, and conspired with the Babylonians to form the business model for organized religion. And it was organized religion – specifically Talmudic/Babylonian Judaism – that tried to destroy the True Temple (1 Cor. 3:16-17) that God made and Christ was using (see: John 2:13-22) to teach Truth, Love, Sharing and Mercy; in other words, it was the “Jews” and the Romans (corporate fictional church and state) that conspired to murder Jesus.

If true believers truly understood these connections, it should bring about a revolution against the satanic beast system, and an immediate return to God’s Perfect Law of Liberty, should it not?

Question: How did you go about organizing the series?


The series was organized into three parts to address three specific but related issues about MYSTERY Babylon:

1) the migration of Babylon to Rome and the fulfilled prophecies describing it;

2) the genesis and widespread influence of organized religion; and

3) the infiltration of greed and materialism into every single institution today, all of which were constructed to profit a select few at the expense of everyone else.

Question: What are the key points that you want people to know about “Babylon Revealed”?


In a nutshell people should take away from this series where we presently are and how we got here, both physically and more importantly, spiritually.

Understanding that the world of business is about profiting/stealing and that profits work against God’s Kingdom and His Prophets (we cannot serve two masters) should help. This world is about mammon/materialism and the greed that drives all theft, while God’s Kingdom is about selflessly sharing everything, and learning to work together and look out for one another, to ensure everyone has everything they need.

Question: How would you suggest to spread the word out about the series?


It’s really a question that people should be asking of Father, because it can be and usually is different for every individual.

Those who have access to the internet can share links to it online. Now that all three original installments have been published, there’s a single link available to the series, making it easy to share with others: Babylon Revealed.

Question: Why is it important to get the Word out now about how, where, and what Babylon is today?


The first step to any true healing process is problem recognition. It should be self-evident that the world today is very, very sick, selfish and evil. However, until more come to that realization, the problems which plague us will continue to exist, and persist, until they bring about our ultimate destruction. That is why it’s so important for people to share this message with others, while there is still time to do so.

For those who may mistakenly believe the above description is an exaggeration of our current situation, please consider Christ’s prophetic warning about this specific juncture in history:

Matthew 24:21-22
24:21 For then shall be great oppression, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.
24:22 And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the Elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.

Where is Babylon today? It’s all around us. It’s in every classroom, every church, synagogue, mosque and temple. It’s in every courtroom and every hospital. It’s in every office, every car and in every house. And it’s in every store, on every road and at everyone’s fingertips via the world-wide web. It’s in every single man-made “thing” all of which is temporary, and works in opposition to our eternal God and what God has made, which is built to last.

We (the true people Israel) were supposed to be a demonstration people for the rest of the world, showing the rest of the world how wonderful it is to live by our Creator’s Law, at ONE with Him, and with each other, and with our natural surroundings.

Instead, we chose to be like those around us, and have helped Babylon/Rome spread their rules, doctrines, traditions, beliefs and plagues all over the world, creating sickness, poverty, injustice and debt-slavery everywhere, which is leading us to our destruction (Isa. 3:12).

We can and must change, and let everyone who will listen know that there is a better way, which is The Way home. All of the articles in this series and the others that have been published have the singular goal in mind of getting the Word out to help spiritually awaken others.

Question: Are there more installments to come after this foundation series?


There can be.

The medical tyranny we are presently experiencing is a huge component of the Babylonian system that Rome has spread throughout the world. This was touched upon in the third article: All Warfare Is Based Upon Deception, but could be expanded, as some aspects of this have been written about and compiled during the past 3 ½ years or so.

The business of war and more on the legal battles caused by the system are also possible areas of discussion for future installments, time-permitting.

Question: Is there anything you would like to add?


None of this would have been possible without JAH/Christ. All Scripture was written for spiritual-Beings, and thus cannot be understood by humans. Had Christ not found me, and Father not graciously opened my eyes, these revelations would never have been seen much less written about.

A sincere thank-You to Father (God) and The Master (Christ) is given, without which none of this would have been possible. All praise and glory be to Them.

Comment: This disclosure about modern-day Babylon really means the whole world is in trouble, but it also means there is time to “come out of her” – at least for some.


Agreed (John 15:17-20; John 17:14-17; Rev. 18:3-4).


If more articles are shared or written, they will be featured on Babylon Revealed, which is a record that the world has AGAIN been warned and asked “to come out of her”.

The interview with A. Freeman hopefully encourages readers to take time and care to spread the word in however means they are inspired to do so. Freeman took years to compile it with Father and Christ’s help. It’s up to believers share it as they are divinely guided to do so. Thank you.

SPECIAL NOTE: Not only did The Master teach A. Freeman, but He also spent a great deal of time and care on this series Himself – of which we are all thankful.