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Are Russians and Chinese receiving Extra-Terrestrial help?

Are Russians and Chinese receiving Extra-Terrestrial help, giving them their advanced technologies? I am going to explain where, and from Whom that technology is coming to them, and most importantly: WHY.

The Ruler of The Universe, Whom people here usually refer to as God, or Allah, etc., and to Whom NONE of the organised religions belong, is, by definition, an Extra Terrestrial. He is acknowledged as living in heaven, which is not on Earth, therefore He is, by definition, an extra-terrestrial.

Their advanced technology is coming from Him. So the question now is: WHY?

The British and Anglo-Saxon, Celtic, Scandinavian Americans are from the “10 Lost-Tribes of Israel,” who made a Covenant/Contract with God at Horeb in Sinai, to be His servant demonstration people to the rest of the world, of how wonderful it is to live under God’s Perfect Royal Laws of Liberty and receive His Blessing, for doing so.

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However, the UK and the USA have never kept your side of the Covenant/Contract, and now the penalty-clauses/curses are in effect.

Not only have you not kept the Covenant/Contract, neither the Old nor the New Covenant, you have rebelled against Him and driven Him out of schools and your lives, and replaced Him with Lucifer/Satan His enemy. The music and film industries are testament to this truth, with artists openly stating that they have sold their soul to the Devil, for worldly, temporary fame and fortune, thus encouraging their fans and others to do the same. You worship them as idols, instead of Him.

You even have popular TV programmes called “American Idol”, to shove it in His face, with people striving to become your new idols. You have music idols, screen idols, sports idols in defiance of God. You have legalised sodomy and have elected sodomites and the perverted and have them ruling over you, instead of Christ, in defiance of God.

During the time of your “witnessing” for Him, translating the Bible into every human language and spreading it around the world, He protected you, as He promised to do.

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God has always defended you, until now, because of His Promise to Abraham, but that promise has already been fulfilled, so has now expired, and He is going to punish you for your idolatry, and defying Him, rejecting Christ as your King, breaking His Commandments and your Covenants with Him, to be His servant demonstration people — not a master race — to the rest of the world, about how wonderful it is to live under His Commandments and Perfect Royal Law of Liberty, and His Blessings that accompany obedience.

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Christ is your rightful Sovereign. Many Americans say, “No king, but King Jesus”, but do not obey him and fight to put him on his rightful British Throne, or even into the White House.

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During the previous two World Wars, and previous wars, He sank the Spanish Armada that Sir Francis Drake mopped-up after, and gave the British and Americans the best weapons’ technology with which to defeat their enemies, but now He is giving it to Russia, China and Iran instead, so that they will win WW3, and the UK and USA will lose, as punishment for your crimes against Him.

During WW2 for example the head of the German Luftwaffe was asked by Hitler, what he could get him, to win the air-war, and he replied: “Some Spitfires”, much to Hitler’s chagrin.

Look at the Joint Strike Fighter F35 piece of ridiculously expensive junk, and compare it to the amazing Russian and Chinese planes. The American designer of the F15 and F16 has said that the F35 is the worst plane the US has ever designed, and the F22 is not much better. “The designer of the F-16 explains why the F-35 is such a crappy plane”.

These and more failures are covered in Gibraltar’s Choices on War Strategies & God’s Protection.

And more recently, news about Russian and Chinese military superiority have been covered on Gibraltar Messenger’s WW3 Page, with related news published regularly.

Since 2016 the Russians and Chinese have developed and Russia has, to great effect, used hypersonic missiles that are unstoppable by the US, UK and NATO, who have NO defence against them.

Russia has launched its huge Borei Class submarine and developed nuclear torpedoes; nuclear torpedo tsunami causing drones, Lancet armour destroying drones; new tanks that are far superior to the aging western NATO tanks. One Russian tank recently single-handedly took on and destroyed an Ukrainian armoured column and destroyed all 8 vehicles.

The Russians and Chinese are rapidly building more warships to boost their navies, and equipping them with hypersonic missiles. Whilst, in contrast, the UK’s 5 new destroyers have all been having problems and at one time were all undergoing repairs together in Portsmouth at the same time. The UK’s new aircraft carriers are also having problems and one is being cannibalised to keep the other operational. The US’s littoral warships are also not fit for purpose.

The Russian air-defence systems are far superior to the Patriot system and capable of destroying whatever the West throws at them, be it planes; drones; missiles and artillery shells, that NATO countries are running out of.

Rev. 16:12 And the sixth angel poured out his vial upon the great River Euphrates; and the “water” (Rev. 17:15) thereof was dried up, that the way of the kings of the East (eastern block – the U.S.S.R. and China re-united) might be prepared.

The proxy war in Ukraine has proven that NATO cannot win a war against Russia, much less a war against Russia, China, Iran and their allies by whom NATO is destined to be defeated.

The banksters are desperate to start World War 3.

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If you want to survive, you NEED to study, digest, and LIVE: The Way home or face The Fire, the title of which is self-explanatory, reinstate God and Christ as your King and His Perfect Royal Law of LIBERTY and the Commandments and become a light to the very dark World.

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Your ONLY hope, as We’ve been telling you, is to stop your idolatry and start to listen, and do as you have been commanded to do by God, and return to His Law, if you want His protection, because the UK and USA and allies will be defeated, and literally become slaves – for the third time (Egypt all 12 tribes; Assyria 10 tribes/Babylon 2 tribes and all 12 tribes including you, again soon) for those who are not killed off during WW3.

No-one else is going to be able to help you against the Luciferian/Satanists. No-one!

We have been telling you this for millennia, but you obstinately ignore and reject Our advice, in favour of the sweet sounding lies and delusions from self-seeking politicians, and so-called priests, also exactly as prophesied in the Bible.

Are you ready to change your ways yet, and accept Our help? You’re running out of time. We have already given you the solutions. You need to study and apply them.

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It should be obvious that God is Helping Russia and China.

The Banksters are also ensuring that The West will have no ammunition and military equipment by supplying it to Ukraine, where is being used up and destroyed – which is part of The Ezekiel prophecy about The West having “no defences”.

This article is a revised version of a Gibraltar Messenger article that was republished by Veteran’s Today in 2016.