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Russian S-300V4 Broke World Record For The Longest Ranged Surface To Air Kills

From South Front – On October 16, the AFU shelled the Russian city of Belgorod. After massive shelling on the morning, Ukrainian forces resumed attacks on the afternoon. Russian Air Defense forces intercepted most of the targets, but two explosions were recorded near the Belgorod airport.

 Missile Battery From S-300V4 System

Military Watch Magazine reported that Russian air defence means in Belgorod have ”reportedly broken a world record for the longest ranged surface to air kills”.

One of the attacks on the city was carried out by a pair of Ukrainian combat aircraft which reached the Russian border at an extremely low altitude. Having then gained altitude, they shot at their target and headed towards the airfield. However, they failed to reach it. They fired on by Russian surface to air missile batteries, specifically an S-300V4 system. Both planes were shot down over the Poltava region.

The aircraft in question were Ukrainian Su-27 and Su-24, which are thought to be some of the last of these relatively scarce and heavyweight classes operational after over six months of war.

The missile system neutralised both aircraft at extreme ranges of 217km, surpassing the 150km range kill previously recorded by a Russian S-400 system against a Ukrainian Su-27 over Kiev in March, with this achieved despite the Su-27’s high manoeuvrability and impressive flight performance designed to allow it to effectively evade standoff missile attacks. – Military Watch writes.

Despite their high maneuverability, the fighters could not get away from the Russian missiles.

The S-300V4 has access to a range of missiles including the 40N6 which has a 400km range and a high hypersonic speed exceeding Mach 14. Military Watch supposed that the 40N6 may have been used, “since the missile has an entirely unique trajectory and sensor suite that are particularly well optimised to engaging very low altitude targets over the horizon”.

The 40N6 can engage targets as low as 5 metres off the ground even at 400km distances, and climbs into space before descending to impact providing its onboard radar with greater coverage and a totally unrivalled performance at ranges over 250km. The missile has double the range of its top Western competitors, and is deployed by both Chinese and Russian S-400 units while also being compatible with the S-300V4. – the report reads.

It was for years the world’s longest ranged anti aircraft capable ground launched missile, although new missiles integrated onto the S-500 system surpassed it. The kill against a Su-27 reflects Russia’s overwhelming superiority in anti aircraft capabilities, the report concludes.

Source: South Front – Russian S-300V4 Broke World Record For The Longest Ranged Surface To Air Kills – Military Watch

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