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Britain Stopped Hitler’s Generals from Deposing Him in 1938

All the British had to do was resist Hitler’s demands. Instead, at Munich, the traitors handed Czechoslovakia to him, its armaments and its gold.
by | September 28, 2023

As US Military Goes Woke, China Could Surpass It Sooner Than Expected

Overly politicized military leadership; woke training programs/policies cause drop in U.S. recruits, while competitor non-woke China is on the rise.
by | September 27, 2023

The Sacrifice You Cannot Live Without

Every True Muslim must learn to believe Christ, and to keep the Covenant found only in the Bible, which the Koran was sent to confirm.
by | September 23, 2023

Iran, Russia working on long-term military cooperation pact

The document laid strong emphasis on military and defense issues; can serve as a platform for the development of long-term cooperation between them.
by | September 22, 2023

Is War with China Inevitable?

What changed in the US-China relationship that is pushing the two countries closer to war? China Friend or Foe?
by | September 19, 2023

Russia Continues to Warn The West

Russian Minister Sergey Lavrov: Washington’s campaign to support Ukraine with arms amounts to a war against Russia. Plus, details on Russia's superiority.
by | September 17, 2023

Reincarnation Is An Irrefutable Fact

Reincarnation is an irrefutable fact taught throughout the Old Covenant, New Covenant and the Koran; and so is karma – aka sowing and reaping.
by | September 16, 2023

What Does Putin Mean by Weapons Based on ‘New Physical Principles’?

These are new types of arms whose destructive effect is based on processes and phenomena which have not previously been used for military purposes.
by | September 13, 2023

22nd Anniversary of 911

Spotlight on "Architects & Enginners for 911 Truth" which continues its campaign to shed light on what really happened on 911; and what didn’t happen.
by | September 11, 2023

Blinken calls DU Munitions to Ukraine a ‘Housewarming Gift’

Antony Blinken is criminally insane, just like many other Western politicians who are playing with fire over dead Ukrainian and Russian bodies.
by | September 10, 2023

NATO learning hard lessons about its future in Ukraine

Ukraine war shows NATO is ill-prepared to defend even its own territories while massive weapons expenditure exposes US in Asia-Pacific.
by | September 10, 2023

“Invincible” British Challenger 2 tank destroyed in battle

Russian artillery took out the tank, marking the first time the tank has been destroyed in active combat by enemy fire.
by | September 9, 2023

Talks in Russia about hitting US targets, Nuclear War has become “inevitable”

Russia regards the war in Ukraine as an existential conflict between Russia and NATO, and there is constant talk about the possibility of nuclear war.
by | September 7, 2023

The AshkeNAZI Synagogue of Satan Explained.

No-one will EVER understand world history and what is happening now, unless they learn and understand who the NAZIs really are.
by | September 4, 2023

U.S. Foreign Policy: The Ukrainian Factor

Understanding that the strategic goals of U.S. foreign policy are invariably linked to oil exposes the direct link between Ukraine and the Middle East.
by | September 3, 2023

Rome and Mecca: The Tales Told by Two Cities

Is there any Scriptural, historical or archaeological evidence that Simon Peter was ever in Rome, or that Muhammad from the Quran was ever in Mecca?
by | September 2, 2023

For We Have Made Lies Our Refuge, and Under Falsehood Have We Hid Ourselves

In the line of duty, I raise stark issues concerning Cops On The Rock, in an era where Truth no longer seems to matter, when the TRUTH is, TRUTH matters.
by | September 1, 2023

Ukraine Begs for Soviet-Era Weapons as West’s Air Defense Systems ‘Disgraced’

Zelensky implores Western countries dip into their warehouses and seek out remaining stocks of Soviet-era weapons for anti-aircraft defense.
by | August 29, 2023

Un Mensaje para Gibraltar de Dios en el Corán

¿Piensan los hombres que serán dejados solos por decir: «Creemos», y que no serán probados? Dios es vuestro protector, y Él es el MEJOR de los ayudantes.
by | August 28, 2023

The Elephant in the Sura 105 Room

Elephants, eagles, giants and angels have one thing in common: their scriptural significance is explained in the Bible, and confirmed by the Quran.
by | August 24, 2023

Iran unveils its ‘Mohajer-10’ drone

Mohajer-10 has a maximum flight duration of 24 hours at an altitude of 7,000 meters and an operational radius of 2,000 kilometers.
by | August 23, 2023

Col. Douglas Macgregor – Why the Ukraine war must end

An amazing interview. It covers the reality of what’s happening, including about all the bought & paid for politicians, who have sold out their own people.
by | August 22, 2023

US-Iran Conflict in Persian Gulf

Is there a new conflict brewing? The US has increased its military presence in the Persian Gulf, raising the risk of an armed conflict against Iran.
by | August 22, 2023

Iran plans to unveil unmanned jet

IAIO head said Iran has acquired and developed new technologies because multinational arms corps don't share required technology with Iran.
by | August 22, 2023

Bio-Research in Ukraine Should be Assessed

Biolabs continue to raise concerns over their implications for the world. Assessments should be conducted.
by | August 21, 2023

The Top 10 Myths that Dominate “Islam”

A careful, honest examination of the core, doctrinal beliefs of “Islam” reveals that few if any of their traditional beliefs are actually scriptural.
by | August 18, 2023

NATO nations cleared by US to send F-16s to Ukraine

Denmark and the Netherlands have received the green light from the US to provide Ukraine with F-16 fighter jets, but won't receive the them until 2024.
by | August 18, 2023

Are you a real muslim?

The word Muslim means “one who is true in faith” or simply “faithful”. That means being faithful to and obeying Allah/God, NOT men.
by | August 18, 2023

Direct war with NATO possible – Belarusian defense minister

Khrenin warned that the conflict in Ukraine has morphed into what he called “a global confrontation between the West and the East.”
by | August 17, 2023

Russia to equip its advanced submarines with hypersonic missiles

The Yasen-class submarine is the most advanced Russian submarine powered by nuclear energy. Zircon hypersonic missiles will strengthen its capabilities.
by | August 17, 2023

Russian defense minister questions quality of Western weaponry

Shoigu said Russia has not only “quickly adapted to work under severe sanctions pressure,” but has also increased its capacity in certain areas severalfold.
by | August 16, 2023

Taliban’s Massively Successful Opium Eradication Raises Questions About What US Was Doing All Along

Armed with little more than sticks, teams of counter-narcotics brigades travel the country, cutting down Afghanistan’s poppy fields.
by | August 15, 2023

Ex-IDF general likens military control of West Bank to Nazi Germany

Amiram Levin says "I am not angry at the Palestinians, I am angry at us. We are killing ourselves from the inside.”
by | August 15, 2023

How Smart Cities Will Lock Up Humanity Inside Open Air Concentration Camps

A Smart City is an urban environment with omnipresent surveillance and data harvesting technologies that will monitor and record everything.
by | August 15, 2023

Tensions Grow Inside & Around Israel

Getting closer to Armageddon? Tensions continue to grow inside Israel as well as on its fronts with Syria, Lebanon and the Palestinian Gaza Strip.
by | August 14, 2023

China achieves ‘huge breakthrough’ on laser weapon tech

Chinese military scientists claim they've developed a cooling system that allows hi-energy lasers to operate infinitely without any build-up of waste heat.
by | August 14, 2023

World sliding toward WW3 as more warhawks grab power in Washington DC

Some warhawks don’t even bother concealing their openly planned war crimes under the guise of the mythical “moral high ground”.
by | August 13, 2023

The Top 10 Myths That Dominate Christianity

A careful, honest examination of the core, doctrinal beliefs of “Christianity” reveals that few if any of their traditional beliefs are actually scriptural.
by | August 12, 2023

The UNGodly United Nations Promotes Perversion

The United Nations promotes a so-called expert's report. He believes religions that don’t accept sex perversion are discriminating.
by | August 11, 2023

Are Russians and Chinese receiving Extra-Terrestrial help?

Russian and Chinese military technological advances are coming from a Superior Force; while the UK and USA's are riddled with problems. Why?
by | August 11, 2023

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