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Letters & Documents to Gibraltar

Letters & documents written or coordinated by Tony Farrell
to the leaders and people of Gibraltar. He fights for truth and justice
on The Rock.

Is The Pen Mightier Than The Sword?

Tony Farrell pens a special condemnation report, yet offers a great invitation to James Jones, the former chair of the Hillsborough Independent Panel.
by | January 20, 2023

Ring In The Christ That Is to Be

What do poems “The Journey of the Three Magi”; “Ring Out, Wild Bells”; and “Warning” have in common? And what do they have to do with Christ in Gibraltar?
by | January 10, 2023

The Placard’s Progress

This is the story of a Placard's Progress that Tony Farrell is taking all over The Rock of Gibraltar. The placard displays Christ's Royal Decree to Charles.
by | January 6, 2023

Step Out In Faith

Written by Joyce Marie – You are strongly encouraged to step out in faith, learn to listen to the good voice inside of you, which is God speaking to you.
by | October 26, 2022

Call for Evidence – The Inquiry into the Early Retirement of Ian McGrail

This is the second Amicus Curiae Brief from me, in response to the "call for evidence" concerning the Ian McGrail inquiry in Gibraltar.
by | October 24, 2022

101 DAMNATIONS – Considerations for Gibraltar

A list of 101 warnings to Gibraltar about kneeling before Christ, while His Hand is still stretched out. This letter is Part 1. Christ's letter to David Steel is Part 2.
by | October 23, 2022

The Lawful British King is Christ in His Second Coming

Written by an American Jedi – The Faithful and True Authority in the UK, Gibraltar and the rest of the world is CHRIST. Prophecy Fulfilled: He is here and is our only hope.
by | September 29, 2022

God Save The Rightful King

Written by Douglas – Rejoice, you people of Gibraltar. You are in the vicinity where you can spiritually and literally reach out to our Saviour. We're praying that David Steel and all Gibraltarians find the courage to do Right by Our Lord.
by | September 27, 2022

Awaken, People of Gibraltar!

Written by Maria – Think critically and objectively about this matter, make a fresh start and start doing the right thing before it's too late. Please make the necessary steps and awaken the people of Gibraltar.
by | September 21, 2022

Why you must listen to Christ-JAH-Crown Prince Michael

Written by Chinagorom – Zedekiah was the last king of Judah before their 2nd captivity. He ignored Jeremiah the prophet. You can help Gibraltar escape the 3rd prophesied captivity of British-Isreal. Listen to Christ.
by | September 15, 2022

The British Throne Belongs to Christ, Not Charles

Written by Peter – Elizabeth's death does not detract from the facts laid out in all of the several previous letters relating to the proposal to reconize Christ as King or that the British Throne belongs to Christ.
by | September 13, 2022

Not in The Footsteps of The Lord

They suffer from cognitive dissonance, choosing to believe their religious dogma, instead of Scripture and absolutely reject scripture in favour of their religious false teachings and dogma – Christ.
by | September 12, 2022

The True Bible is The King of kings’ Bible

Written by Peter O. – The word "The True Bible" started dropping into my mind. I landed on the JAHTruth site. I came to understand the word telepathy (and now) I have a clearer understanding of The Holy Bible and Holy Koran.
by | September 11, 2022

His Mount, Her Mound, The Cave & The King’s Highway

Written by Oz and Elle – We have been involved in making educational films; and in 2018, we met up with JAH to learn more about Ireland's Biblical history. We submit the marvellous teaching session – "The King's Highway Talk".
by | September 9, 2022

My Walk With The Lord

Written by Chanel – In the Teia Tephi Grand Prix, I made the righteous move to walk with The Lord. It's been a monumental journey – e4! Sir – it's your turn.
by | September 8, 2022

As in the days of Noah, so shall The Second-Coming of Christ be

Written by Tyrone – What Christ Jesus’ message about Noah really means: Upon His return, Christ said it would be like the days of Noah, BECAUSE all those who don't believe Him will die.
by | September 6, 2022

His words are Spirit, and they ARE LIFE.

Written by James – The generation that sees everything rapidly going down hill is to know that their redemption (deliverance from evil and the completion of God’s plan) is drawing near. The terminal generation signs are appearing all over the planet like never before.
by | September 5, 2022

Become a true servant of Christ

Written by Namuli – Whoever is not WITH Him IS AGAINST Him. He is teaching me His wonderul Force of Love; and sharing His Wisdom and Guidance. David Steel, you have a priceless opportunity to work with Him.
by | September 4, 2022

Is Christ The Good Shepherd Calling You?

Written by Mary – Christ, The Good Shepherd has come to separate the sheep from the goats, and to gather His lost sheep. He is calling you, extending His call time after time – listen to the good voice inside you, and gain courage.
by | September 3, 2022

To Every Man and Nation Comes the Moment to Decide

Written by Richard – It's a choice that is encapsulated well in a great poem by James Russell Lowell, "Once to every man and nation". There comes the moment to decide In the strife of truth with falsehood for the good or evil side.
by | September 2, 2022
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