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Shameful Days of Policing

TO: Richard Ullger, Gibraltar Commissioner of Police

RE: On This Day Eighteen Years Ago – The Most Shameful Day In The History Of UK Policing

Dear Richard,

Today is the anniversary date of the false-flag inside-job 7/7 London Bombings – one of the most truly shameful days in the entire history of UK Policing.

It’s also precisely two years to the day since you were first gifted with a copy of “Policing The Corona State”, in which Muad’Dib and I called upon you to arrest Fabian Picardo and the real criminals on The Rock, for their crimes against humanity with respect to the PLANDEMIC.

Shamefully, instead of arresting The Chief Minister for his role in the intentional poisoning of thousands of people living in Gibraltar, including your officers and son, and people across the border, your police force took the easy and the cowardly way out, and arrested me instead, as four or five of your officers did on 15th February 2023, for the simple act of historically breathing God-given fresh-air unimpeded.

It’s seven days to the hour since my trial hearing before Mr. Charles Pitto ended almost before it began. Initially there were seven farcical charges against me: two ludicrous unlawful charges for obstructing police officers; and five for related unlawful fixed penalty notices. All unlawful charges against me have now been dropped, and the last thing I did before exiting the courtroom last Friday, was to go over to Detective Constable Paul Gache and wish him well, and remind him of our initial conversation on the day of the anti-mask protest when he reluctantly issued me with a fixed penalty notice, and then; under orders from a high ranking Superintendent; unlawfully arrested me. This occurred during an event which the RGP had almost certainly arranged themselves in Casemates Square on 20th November 2020. Little wonder the charges for the indictable offences were dropped by the prosecution, for not being in the public interest to proceed.

In this enduring struggle, I resent the fact that I now possess an unlawful criminal conviction. This relates to the time Mr. Pitto sent me to prison on 19th January 2021 for contempt of court, and the fact that your officers on the RGP social-media unprofessionally mocked me on social-media for refusing to put on a health-harming face-mask in his fake courtroom with a “Room with a View” poem.

I demand that my unlawful criminal conviction be expunged from the record, given all charges against me have been dropped. It’s time for some arrests.

This week, owing to the fact that I did not get taken to Windmill Hill Prison by your officers, I read in the local media the challenges your force is currently encountering.

Your officers have had their health harmed, by the poisonous bioweapon COVID-19 injections and wearing health-harming face-masks. That; and enforcing tyrannical unlawful legislation against the people you are supposed to serve; is probably the reason you are understaffed and
having recruiting difficulties.

Those challenges will only magnify the longer your police force stalls in arresting the real criminals, and enforcing God’s Law as we told you to do, as far back as 7th July 2021.

Are you seeing the patterns here, and when are you going to start joining up the dots, please?

Best wishes

Tony Farrell

P.S.  Also on this day one year ago, ‘The Georgia Guidestones’ were toppled, but not before time. 

The Guide-Stones Commandment Number One provides the “No Shit Sherlock” clue for you.  “Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature”. 

What are the Georgia Guidestones and why did someone target the site with explosives? – ABC News

Please note that one year earlier the image of the Georgia Guide-Stones featured on the front cover of part three of “Policing The Corona State” with the heading “The Globalist Genocidal Plan”. This image  was selected because of the 2021 roll-out across the globe of the poisonous jabs, and in particular, Gibraltar’s rush to be the first country to unleash Pfizer’s kill-shots on its gullible and unsuspecting population. With your help in part, that’s exactly what shamefully went unchecked, and that dear Richard, will haunt people on The Rock for many years to come, and with respect to you personally, you need to redeem yourself by taking swift and incisive action, but this time of the right kind. Arrest these mass-murderers on the Rock, or if you won’t do that, please stand down from your post in favour of someone who will, before they come up with another evil scheme to murder even more people.