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Face Mask Madness – Part One

Following on from my court appearance on 25th April 2023 before Charles Pitto, I present my side of the story, beginning with the first of my five close encounters of the mask-less kind on The Rock.

With respect, Mr. Charles Pitto said he is very worried, and so he needs to hear and watch my story in court, and understand precisely why I have so vehemently opposed these unLAWFUL health-harming facemask mandates.

The core part of this particular episode concerns my close encounter with DC Paul Gache of The Royal Gibraltar Police during the anti-mask protest held in Casemates Square in 2021.

In this explosive episode, watch out for the special effect fireworks’ simulation going off close to the airport runway, with Airbus A400M (Charles) Atlas being the prime target, and please, to all viewers do take special note my NOVEL CORONAVIRUS terror threat assessment levels.

Tony’s JAHTalk Channel – FACE MASK MADNESS – Part One