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Face Mask Madness – Part Two

In the second episode of Face Mask Madness, I tell of the ludicrous nature of three other close encounters of the mask-less kind on The Rock. These were Covidian brushes I have had at the hands of the Royal Gibraltar Police, and a knife crime incident notwithstanding.

I expand upon the peculiar circumstances of my unlawful arrest which ultimately led to my unlawful imprisonment for contempt of court before the Magistrate Charles Pitto.

In turning my thoughts towards my up-and-coming trial, I touch on the thorny issue of the medical tyranny within our midst in Gibraltar. I explain how my clarion call for the Commissioner of Police Richard Ullger to arrest the real criminals for crimes against humanity, kind of backfired on me. The RGP took an altogether different approach. They incisively called time on my five arrest warrants which had been outstanding for over 550 days; and rather than arrest the real criminals, they arrested me.

I wanted justice. Perhaps, they wanted to send me a message.

Far from deflated by this sudden turn of events, encouragement is taken from the police tactics as my thoughts turn towards my trial on 30th June 2023, while not yet abandoning hope of getting the trial before a jury of my peers as is my right under Magna Carta.

Tony’s JAHTalk Channel – Face Mask Madness – Part Two