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Gibraltar Commissioner of Police Should Stop Acting and Start Arresting

Dear Richard Ullger – Royal Gibraltar Police Commissioner,

Good morning and good wishes.

Richard Ullger, third from left.

Last week while you and Cathal Yeats were busy with the governor, Samantha Sacramento, Dr. John Cortes, and Ivor Lopez and the Civil Contingencies Team, and play-acting in some fear-mongering tyrannical, mock terror drill exercise, Retsef Levy was giving a powerful talk, unequivocally stating that there is no other ethical or scientific choice, but to pull out of the market these medical products, and stop all the MRNA vaccination programs.

The Professor’s talk can be watched here.

DGTV – Important Announcement from Retsef Levy, Professor of Operations Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management

“This is clearly the most failing medical product in the history of medical products both in terms of efficacy and safety.” – Retsef Levy

Meanwhile the sickening poses you all did before the camera for the desk-top mock terror drill exercise, as covered by the GBC, reminded me sadly, of what we plainly saw-through, back in the UK, as far back as 16th May 2004 on BBC Panorama, when a high profile desk-top mock terror exercise was screened as a propaganda stunt, and a precursor to the planned 7/7 Inside Job False-Flag London Bombings carried out on 7th July 2005.

GBC – Gibraltar News – Gibraltar’s threat level remains unchanged, meaning a terrorist attack remains unlikely.

We warned you personally on 7th July 2021 to take decisive action and arrest some of these medical murdering tyrants within our midst here in Gibraltar, for crimes against humanity, but sadly you personally seemingly did nothing to stop the roll-out of these kill-jabs.

7/7 RIPPLE EFFECT 3 – Full Documentary

Recently, I had a deeply disturbing conversation with Mark Cortes, The Facilities Manager of The John Mackintosh Centre, as a result of me approaching him to see of I could hire the lecture theatre to publicly show the film ‘Died Suddenly’. I was told by Mark Cortes that the government would not allow the film to be shown at the centre, even though, I was told, that the government know full well that these Pfizer vaccines are killing people – Mark Cortes’ words, not mine.

Why are you play-acting with these kill-jab tyrants, instead of arresting them for crimes against humanity?

The link already given of the Professor Levy’s announcement, as above, is recommended for your viewing and immediate incisive action. The transcript below is of the professor’s talk.

With respect, your time would be much better spent watching this video, and the 7/7 Ripple Effect video, and arresting the perpetrators of this Pfizer scam roll-out here on The Rock, instead of play-acting with all these evil agents of medical tyranny.


Tony Farrell
Former Principal Intelligence Analyst South Yorkshire Police
Disciple for The Gibraltar Messenger

TRANSCRIPT: Professor Retsef Levy

My name is Retsef Levy.

And since 2006, I’m a faculty member at MIT in Cambridge Massachusetts.

I have more than 30 years of experience as a practitioner and an academic in using data analytics to assess and manage risk, particularly in the context of health systems, health policies, as well as the management of safety and quality of manufacturing of biologic products.

I’m filming this video to share my strong conviction that at this point in time all covid MRNA vaccination programs should stop immediately.

They should stop because they completely failed to fulfill any of their advertised promise regarding efficacy.

And more importantly they should stop because of the mounting and indisputable evidence that they cause unprecedented level of harm, including the death of young people and children.

I personally became concerned with the vaccine safety around the middle of 2021. When it became known that the mRNA vaccines cause myocarditis an inflammation of the heart. Since myocarditis is known to be hard to diagnose because it often has death as the symptom or can even be subclinical with no symptoms.

It is also known to be a frequent cause of out of the hospital sudden cardiac arrest, especially among young people. I was very concerned that it will not be detected by the existing vaccine safety surveillance systems.

Motivated by that we decided to analyze the Israel National EMS data to see if there are any signals of increased out of the hospital adverse events.

The analysis of the EMS calls and diagnosis data from 2019 throughout the first half of 2021 revealed some very concerning signals.

We detected an increase of 25% in the calls with cardiac arrest diagnosis among ages 16 to 39 in the first half of 2021, exactly when the vaccination campaign in Israel was launched. A smaller increase was also detected in the older ages.

Moreover, we also detected a statistically significant temporal correlation between the number of the Pfizer vaccine doses administered to this population and the number of EMS calls with cardiac arrest diagnosis.

Interestingly, we did not find any statistically significant correlation with the number of covid 19 infections during this period of time.

While this is not a proof of causal relationship it left us very concerned, especially given the known suspect chemical mechanism.

And we called for an immediate thorough investigation by the Israeli Ministry of Health to investigate what are the underlying causal mechanisms of this observed increase in the cardiac arrest calls.

Unfortunately, to the best of my knowledge such thorough investigation was never conducted.

By now, I believe that the cumulative evidence is conclusive. And confirms our concern that the mRNA vaccines indeed caused sudden cardiac arrest as a sequel of vaccine induced myocarditis and this is potentially only one mechanism by which they cause harm.

Data from UK Scotland and Australia replicate the data from Israel. Additional data from Israel indicates that in 2021 the EMS in Israel conducted more than 3000 more resuscitations compared to 2019, which amounts for an increase of 27%.

Two prospective studies from Thailand and Switzerland in which vaccines were tested before and after they received a vaccine indicate that the rates of heart damage are likely to be significantly higher than the rates detected by clinical diagnosis.

This is exactly the same finding that the the US military found in 2015 when it conducted a similar study on the smallpox vaccine.

Another study from the Harvard Medical School detected in the blood of children with vaccine induced myocarditis an entire spike, which is another indication of the underlying mechanism of harm, but in fact has even broader implications about the safety of the vaccine given that repeated evidence we have that the MRNA and the lipids are actually penetrating the blood system.

And finally, autopsies of people that died closely after they received the vaccine indicates that in a large number of cases there is strong evidence that the death was caused by vaccine induced myocarditis.

So presented with all of this evidence I think there is no other ethical or scientific choice but to pull out of the market these medical products, and stop all the MRNA vaccination programs.

This is clearly the most failing medical product in the history of medical products. Both in terms of efficacy and safety.

And we need to investigate and think hard how did we end up in a situation where it’s also the most profitable medical product in the history of medical products.

Thank you for your attention.

Retsef Levi is a Professor of Operations Management at the MIT Sloan School of Management.