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Face Mask Madness – Part Four

Episode four of Face Mask Madness has been specifically published on 2nd June 2023 to mark the tenth anniversary of my discipleship with Christ in His Second Coming.

With the help of The Gibraltar Messenger Himself, I very publicly throw down the gauntlet and demand, yet again, that the pretend Magistrate Charles Pitto change his mind about denying me a trial by jury of my peers, as is my God given right.

I outline my immovable position. This formal short notice will be delivered 28 days before my up-and-coming trial date of 30th June 2023.

The consequences of doing this are deemed unpredictable, as I momentarily reflect on what may happen next. Meanwhile, I dare again to mention ‘Sir’ David Steel, who by his actions of late, would appear to view me as a serious threat that cannot even be allowed into his lavish gardens during an annual Convent Open Day.

Undeterred by being shunned by the governor, and disinclined to further infuriate The Fuehrer Fabian Picardo, unorthodox attempts are instead made to engage with a bearded Minister of Transport, bicycle-riding Paul Balban, all for the hope of a mere fifteen minute meeting.

Messages, with a lot of bottle, are again sent to the Commissioner of The Police, Richard Ullger. While comparisons can be odious, I briefly compare and contrast the policing styles of The Royal Gibraltar Police with the unprincipled and infamous South Yorkshire Police, my former employers from a distant era which started thirty-years ago. It’s fair to say that in certain quarters, the gloves are off, but after all, we are already in World War III.

Brief reflections are also made about the local media and the local legal profession here on The Rock.

As we further reflect upon The Great Reset of Klaus Schwab and Charles III in action, it’s perhaps well worth remembering that on this day seventy-years ago, that Charles the third’s mother kick-started a Great Deceit of her own by duping the world with a dummy stone for the illicit enthronement on her fake coronation day and subsequent reign of misrule and empire in terminal decline. The Truth will set you free.

The “Pitto Protest” Document read in this episode has been submitted to the court. Here is a PDF of the stamped document – Crown v Farrell.

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