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An Invisible Prison Built Just for You

Recently, The Truthseeker featured an article from Its original title is “An Invisible Prison Has Been Built Just for You.” Below are some excerpts and videos from The Truthseeker’s site. In addition, other relevant material is included – ending with revelations about Prison Planet Earth.

Story at-a-glance

• An international vaccine passport, digital identity, a social credit system and a central bank digital currency (CBDC) form a digital control system that will lock down the population in perpetuity
• Facial recognition is an essential part of the control structure, as it’s the “password” to your digital identity
• By the end of 2022, there will be 1 billion data collecting surveillance cameras in the world, all connected to the internet and artificial intelligence (AI). Cameras and audio recording devices in cell phones, automobiles and smart appliances also collect and share data
• All these data are then used to give each person an individual score, based on their behavior, expression and interaction with the world. Ultimately, your social credit score, will dictate what you can and cannot do, what you can buy and where you can go
• Artificial intelligence (AI) is an absolutely crucial component, without which the control system cannot work. The easiest way to push against this system is to starve AI of data by refusing to use technologies that collect and share your personal data

In this video, Maria Zeee with ZeeeMedia interviews computer scientist Aman Jabbi about the coming international vaccine passport, digital identity, the social credit system being built in the West, and central bank digital currency (CBDC).

All these factors are now coming together to control the global population. As noted by Zeee, this digital prison, which is already mostly built, will be the final lockdown of mankind.

DGTV – Your Digital Prison is Pretty Much Built

Your Digital Identity Will Be Your Digital Prison

Jabbi goes through a presentation that explains the digital prison that is your digital identity — in other words, how your digital identity ties in with the coming social credit system and will control what you can and cannot do in your everyday life.

As noted by Jabbi, surveillance cameras with facial recognition software have already been erected around the world. They are an essential part of the control structure, and this surveillance will be linked together with digital identity, the social credit score system, carbon footprint tracking, CBDCs and more.

Facial recognition has been sold as a great convenience and security feature. With facial recognition, you don’t need to remember pins or passwords, and since no one has your exact face, it’s supposed to keep your personal accounts more secure.

But, as with most other technologies sold under the guise of convenience and security, facial recognition is ultimately a tool for mass control and an essential part of your individual digital prison. As explained by Jabbi, the Chinese control system is based on facial recognition in combination with a social credit system.

WEF’s Klaus Schwab Says China Will Be a ‘Role Model’ in the ‘Systemic Transformation’ of the World

World Economic Forum (WEF) chairman and founder Klaus Schwab heaped praise on the communist government in Beijing for being a leading figure in his vision of a Great Reset of capitalism to usher in the “world of tomorrow”.

Weaponized Surveillance

By the end of 2022, there will be 1 billion data collecting surveillance cameras in the world, all connected to the internet and artificial intelligence (AI). The United States actually has the most surveillance cameras per capita. China is second place and the U.K. in third.

A New Chapter in the ‘Social Contract’

Digital identity has been described by the World Economic Forum (WEF) as a new chapter in the social contract. The problem, as noted by Jabbi, is that the WEF’s new social contract is one that none of us has agreed to. It’s being revised by the WEF and its allies and thrust upon the rest of us, without our consent.

As shown in the graphic above, your digital identity will be required to unlock all aspects of life, from logging onto the Internet to accessing social services, travel, food, shopping and financial services. If your social credit score is too low, one or more of these aspects can be turned off and made unavailable to you. “So, by default, you’re always a prisoner,” Jabbi says.

As noted by Zeee, the international vaccine passport proposed at the 2022 G20 meeting is, at least right now, THE key to the entire effort to get everyone into the digital ID system. So, preventing the adoption of vaccine passports is a central component of resistance to the digital prison system in its entirety.

Zero Trust System

Star Wars – Fact NOT Fiction

As explained by Jabbi, the new social contract created by the WEF and its allies is a zero-trust system. In a physical prison, prisoners are under a zero-trust policy. In other words, the guards don’t trust the prisoners and there are security measures in place to make sure they behave. The new open-air prison system envisioned by the WEF is based on the same premise.

Everywhere you go, you must prove who you are and that your compliance metrics are in alignment with the prevailing rules. So, to buy food, you have to not only identify yourself so that your purchase can be permanently logged as one of your purchases, but you also have to meet certain compliance standards, or else your CBDC won’t work.

The default in this system is denial, so everything you want to do — absolutely everything — must be unlocked by your digital ID.

To enforce your conditional access to life, geofencing will be used.

For example, your CBDC can be programmed to not work outside your district, and your smart car can be programmed to shut down past a certain perimeter.

The entire article is available at An Invisible Prison Has Been Built Just for You.

Who are the governors and wardens of this prison?

WEF, Klaus Schwab, speaks with, Prince Charles, 4th Industrial Revolution, The Great Reset, New World Order

Of course, this prison is being built right before out very eyes, and much of it disguised under the “Green Plan”. It has already been revealed that profane wicked prince Charles invented the Green New Deal; and that he and Klaus Schwab run in the same pack of wolves.

The leader of the rebellion is Lucifer. His synogogue is made up of a large hydra or organs (organizations), with heads like Klaus Schwab and Charles Windsor – No need to go into all tentacles; anyone pushing these digital identities and digital currencies; and helping build The Death Star Technocracy; is a member of Satan’s synogogue one way or another; and part of the evil conspiracy.

Note God’s opinion about Judah as spoken through Jeremiah (3:6-11; 11:9-10) almost six hundred years previously, when the conspiracy of the Hidden Hand had first been revealed by God to Jeremiah; confirmed by Ezekiel (22:25) and which conspiracy was, six hundred years later, aimed against Jesus.

And despite a lot of theatre, propaganda and other optics, the echelon at the top are connected; and what they are doing is all connected. For instance, take the digital agreements happening between the Ukraine and the United Kingdom. “The UK-Ukraine Digital Trade Agreement (DTA) also has a provision for collaborating on digital identity, where Ukraine supposedly has a lot to teach the UK about ID tracking tech and using digital ID to access services.”UK agrees with Ukraine to “cooperate” on & implement Digital IDs

In other videos, like The Smart Money Nightmare, we learn how T.H.E.Y. (They Hierarch Enslaving You) can use this coming technocracy to limit the radius people can travel, such as cars or currency not working outside a certain boundary.

Then we have other signs of our curse of enslavement with this plot – 15 MINUTE PRISONS – Oxford Council’s Green Agenda Bans You From Driving Outside Your District“Oxfordshire County Council, which is run by Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Green Party, are planning to divide-up the city of Oxford into six ‘15 minute’ districts. In these districts, it is claimed, most household essentials will be accessible by a quarter-of-an-hour walk or bike ride, and so, they say, residents will have no need for a car.”

There’s really almost no end to the signs of what the Synaogue of Satan is doing; or the fact that Israel – True Israel – is going to be punished with a third enslavement, just as prophesied


Long before Lucifer and his satanists began imprisoning humans on this planet; their spiritual beings were imprisoned here for their inital rebellion against God. Revelation 12:9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out to the Earth, and his angels (you – Luke 9:55) were cast out with him (Matthew 25:41).

These mysteries were revealed in the little book written by EliJAH

All the prisoners were given suspended death-sentences, UNLESS they learned to be good. Those death-sentences still stand, and are only suspended until Judgement Day. YOU still are under the shadow of the DEATH-SENTENCE (Exodus 34:6-7)(John 3:17-18 & 5:24-25). Planet Earth was chosen for the prison, because it was far enough away; being on the far side of the galaxy; had no “intelligent” life-forms, but was capable of supporting crude animal life-forms, and, in its own way, was a beautiful planet (Rev. 12:9, 12)(Sura 17:8 & 83:7). To be able to operate the almost-instantaneous reward and punishment system; to enclose the prison and run it efficiently; God surrounded the Earth with an invisible protection, against escape (Gravity), and with spirit and therefore invisible (to the human-eye) guards/jailers (guardian angels), to ensure that no-one could ever escape (and no-one ever has). This force-field contains the Astral Plain (Paradise), which is full of light, “Beings of Light” and Justice. You talk about democracy, and you don’t know the meaning of the word (demon-crazy). In any case, prisoners on Death-Row do not have the right to make up their own rules, and elect themselves kings and queens; lords; ladies and parliaments, and rule themselves. You can’t have kings and queens in prison, and prisoners ruling themselves. Prisons have rules, that the prisoners must follow, and so does this prison planet, and they were given to Moses.

The little book (Rev. 10:2) is The Way home or face The Fire. It is the survival plan to all imprisoned spirits. Learn how you can earn your spiritual pardon, by digesting the words of the little book; then by living them.

From Psalms King of kings’ Bible

Psalm 69:33 For the “I AM” heareth the poor, and despiseth not His prisoners (all of the people on this prison planet).
Psalm 102:20 To hear the groaning of the prisoner (everyone on this prison planet); to free (only) those (who repent) that He has sentenced to death (every sinner);
Psalm 142:7 Bring my soul out of prison, that I may praise Thy name: the righteous shall compass me about; for Thou shalt deal bountifully with me.
Psalm 146:7 Which executeth Judgment for the oppressed: Which giveth food to the hungry. The “I AM” looseth the prisoners: