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Letters & Documents to Gibraltar

Letters & documents written or coordinated by Tony Farrell
to the leaders and people of Gibraltar. He fights for truth and justice
on The Rock.

Time-Out – Morale at New Mole House & Messages from Columba’s House

Your expressed disappointment in the recently published on-line Gibraltar Police Federation Survey is noted with intrigue. Likewise, so too is the quantitative research summary of the key findings, which would appear to indicate stark ongoing problems with staff morale, and some kind of continuation of a bullying culture within The Royal Gibraltar Police.
by | March 3, 2021

A Room With A View for The Wandering Blue

On 19 January 2021, the Royal Gibraltar Police saw fit to use social media to compile a little ditty about an UNLAWFUL arrest they had just made. While their poem may not have named names, their partners in crime, the GBC announced that Anthony Farrell, alias the Cathartic Monkey and / or The Wandering Blue.
by | February 5, 2021

DC Gache & 70 Others Versus the Civil Garrison

I read recently in an old edition of the ROYAL GIBRALTAR POLICE magazine BOBBY, that once upon a time you appeared on stage, in a play with the CIVIL GARRISON title. I daresay you won’t need reminding that the play tells the story of an evacuation.
by | January 8, 2021

A Cat and Mouse Curfew with Inspector Scouse

The following feedback was sent via an email to Inspector Sean Picton of the Royal Gibraltar Police, after his appearance on the GBC News, following the introduction of a curfew on The Rock.
by | December 30, 2020

Courts of Gibraltar – Hazel Cumbo

On the morning of 17th December 2020, personnel from the Gibraltar Magistrates Court may well have been expecting to hear a certain plea in the unlawful case of R V FARRELL - CR/20/9009/L. Deliberately, Anthony of The Farrell Family, never showed-up, as there is no case to answer: the charge being unlawful.
by | December 30, 2020

Tony Farrell Fights To Set Gibraltarians Free – Statement of Truth

These pretend law-enforcement officers had no lawful authority to obstruct me, let alone arrest me, as I entered Casemates Square, exercising my lawful right to do so, and my lawful right of freedom of movement and speech and unrestrictedly breathing fresh-air whilst on God’s property, which encompasses the entire planet.
by | December 25, 2020

Tony Farrell Stationed in Gibraltar With Banners of Truth

Whistleblower turned Disciple, Tony Farrell is making ripples around The Rock. His latest escapade was an all-day vigil on the 15th anniversary of the London Bombings terror-attack.
by | July 13, 2020

Commissioners on The Rock

Ascertaining your organisation's position with respect to the strategic intelligence analysis function was my declared motive, while attending the police officer recruitment event.
by | August 23, 2018
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