Gibraltar Messenger

My Walk With The Lord


7 September – by Chanel; published by Tony Farrell.

Dear David,

My name is Chanel and here’s me imitating you in a game of chess between my two sisters: Sarah with the white pieces; and Chichi playing with the black. We’re in Ireland watching you chat to Fiona Steil-Antoni about the “move of all moves”. Naturally, I chose your favoured move for my little sister Sarah to give her a slight edge against her older sister Chichi. I hope you approve, Sir. Please call us “The Lillychuk Sisters”, since mum’s called Lilly and dad’s called Chuks. None of us play chess quite like the Muzychuk sisters do, but our nice wooden chess set, was a lovely gift for us sent from Gibraltar, the Home of Women’s Chess.

I learned to play “The Move of All Moves – 1. P-K4” after watching you play it for Anna Muzychuk at The Women’s 2021 International Grand Prix in Gibraltar.

Uncle Tony tells me he met you outside the hotel after you’d made a correct opening move. He tells me that you are titled a Vice Admiral in The Royal Navy, and that you played chess when you were young but could not sit still long enough to get good. That’s my excuse too. 

Anyway, along with our mum, we’ve called our little women’s tournament, The TeiaTephi Grand Prix. You know Teia Tephi. She is the one who “Rules The Waves” from two-thousand-six-hundred years ago.

Make the Righteous Move – Walk with The Lord

Hello David, my sister Chichi and I have a walk to do with The Gibraltar Messenger.
Chichi and I watch on as the replica of The Ark of The Covenant is carried up towards The Mound of The Hostages, near to where The Real Ark of The Covenant is buried.
My Walk With The Lord on 21st June 2018, takes me up to the Inauguration Mound, where Teia Tephi became the queen of Ireland on The Bethel Stone – that’s Jacob’s Pillar Stone – The Real Stone.

Please Note: Elizabeth on 2nd June 1953 was NOT enthroned on The Real Stone.

Our Summer Solstice 2018 and a Re-Enactment Ceremony took centre stage on The Hill of Tara using replicas of The Ark of The Covenant, The Two Tablets of Stone, and The Scrolls of The Torah. Mum made the replica cherubim on The Top of The Mercy Seat. Dad helped carry It.

Nice One Mum! Nice One Dad!
I had great fun watching mum make these two replica cherubim for Tony.
Dad & me bringing up the rear! Replica of The Bethel Stone.
This monstrosity is NOT the Lia Fail. It’s an obscene phallic stone used for Baal Worship.
Stood with the adults on the Inauguration Mound of The Sacred Hill of Tara with my Hebrew banner.
I loved listening to The Lord about The TRUE stories of The Real Stone, and the high kings of Ireland and the queen Teia Tephi, as told to us by The King of kings and Lord of lords, with The Sound of The Shofars to follow.

Jeremiah’s Tomb

Cairn T, Loughcrew, Ireland Highest Point of Four Hills
Cairn T, at its highest point is 267 metres above sea level.
This is my second favourite walk which leads up to Cairn T, and the tomb where Jeremiah was buried after he died on 21st September in 581 B.C.

Jeremiah, as well as being God’s custodian of The Ark of The Covenant, brought The Torah (God’s Laws) to Ireland and taught Eochaidh “Ollothair” to administer it from Tara.

Jeremiah’s Judgment Seat

This is not The Hag’s Chair! Hags are Horrible Witches of Wicked Intent!

Playing hide and seek behind the ancient stones with my younger sisters to allow dad & uncle Tony to learn from The Lord of The Truth about what really happened on this Holy Hill, where the Old Testament Prophet Jeremiah ended his great commission on the High Ground of Ireland.


We are back in Royal County Meath and this is The Tomb at Newgrange where Teia Tephi’s son Aengus was buried, but that’s quite another story.

The Teia Tephi Grand Prix

David, I have a confession to make. It was my Momma who lovingly made The Coat of Many Colours that I gave to poor Tony. To wear on The Rock.

e4! The Lillychuks
“Anna would approve!”

Anna, Anatoly, Anthony & Steil-Antoni would surely all approve!

Please David, Make the Right Move!

e4!, Sir?

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