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Please Consider This Proposal Ros Astengo

Thursday 5th August 2022 – Sent by email.

Dear Ros,

Good morning.

I hope this finds you well, in good spirit, and having a good day.

Yesterday, a parcel addressed to the governor was left for your attention with a GBC reception staff member. Assuming it reached your desk, the hope was that the content and the proposal would be of real interest to you.

You were purposefully sent a copy because you interviewed the governor David Steel about the Honours Board process and related matters. That interview and its single-viewed coverage prompted me to pull together an admittedly controversial package and proposal (The Governor’s Dossier). All that was accomplished with the kind help of The Lord, and the insightful assistance of other members of The Lord’s family of workers, several of whom have spent considerable time on The Rock. Thank-you for that.

Given your broadcasting background, do you not think it would make for compelling viewing for the people living and working in Gibraltar, if the GBC boldly offered the governor a chance to respond specifically to the proposal, as shown on the front page, and allow him to comment on the supporting evidence concerned with The British Israelite Throne?

How good would that be if the GBC covered David Steel’s position on it, in its entirety?

Failing that, what about inviting any one or even all of the GBC’s hand-picked Religious Leaders deployed for the GBC’s Thought for The Weekend Series to publicly comment on both the proposal earmarked for the 22nd April 2023, and the abundant and compelling evidence submitted to support it. That too would make for extremely interesting viewing, I daresay.

Alternatively, if you have any questions yourself about the content of the package, I for one would be more than happy to meet with you, informally in the first instance, in order to address any questions of your own that you may wish to ask.

Best wishes,

Tony Farrell
Disciple of Christ

Ros Astengo is a broadcast journalist with the Gibraltar Broadcasting Company (GBC).

Note: The Governor’s Dossier is available for everyone to read on Gibraltar Messenger.