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Destiny and Jabber on The Rock Restart a Heart Day

In taking a mid-morning stroll across Casemates Square, overlooked from above by the not so bluish Moorish Castle, a stone-cold feeling came over me, when confronted by the eerie presence of five dummy mannequin dolls, laid out flat on the crazy pavings for reasons of medical CPR procedure, first-aid, and above all else, GHA mental illness-inducing police-state propaganda.

With the wonders of modern 5G now firmly in place on The Rock, and Gibraltar 100 percent vaccinated, that is according to Chief Minister Pinnochio, is this just a sign that a zombie apocalypse awaits us on The Rock, or is this merely applied behavioural change psychology from The Frankfurt School of Fabian’s Marxism, I ask myself rhetorically. The reality is that they were obviously preparing the people to deal with all the heart-attacks and deaths that the kill-shot injections are causing, without admitting they are causing it.

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My Close Encounter of The Third Kind – Three from The RGP

At one point, I was asked by a polite and peace-keeping ambulance officer, if I wanted to give it a go. Stunned by the sheer absurdity of it all, I declined, saying that I have previous training in CPR, and once actually did it for real, successfully. Soon afterwards, as I expected, three uniformed police officers approached me calmly, and assertively. They were merely acting on a complaint they had received about me.

Indeed, one of the three police officers who had previously arrested me, for refusing to wear a health-harming face-nappy, told me that they had received a complaint, and were asking me to move away from the organised GHA promotional event. The complainant in question had been Sandra Gracia, and one other. I had after all, just given Sandra a pretty good talking to about the P£IZER injection needles that she and her nurses have stuck into the arms of the men, the women, and children of JABRALTAR. This was all done in the name of public health under Bhatti and Carter’s directives. Anyway, after some frank, but at all times polite discussions with the three from the RGP, I obliged and left the crime-scene without fuss or farewells.

My Close Encounter of The Second Kind – The Jabber on The Rock

The event in question was termed “Restart a Heart Day”. It has been promoted on the GHA facebook account by none other than the Police Commissioner Richard Ullger and nine others.

Initially, the three from the RGP had wanted to banish me from Casemates for the duration of the remainder of the “Dying 4 Dummies” event, but I plea bargained with the boys in black, stating that I would be quite happy to vacate the nearby vicinity, as I had finished saying my piece to Ms. Gracia. To the three from the RGP, I gave my word that I’d be as good as gold, and thereafter kept to it. I had no wish to antagonise them, and besides, I had an important letter in my possession, which I could ill-afford to allow any of the three from the RGP to see. However, with some rather risky candour, I did declare that I would be compiling an article about the morning’s adventures with a view to thereafter placing it on-line. One of the three, advised me not to use photographs of the children.

Simply put, all I had been doing was telling a few essential home truths to JABRALTAR’s leading nurse. Needless to say, I realised that this would irk her and hopefully prick her conscience, if she actually has one. The truth hurts. I had been watching events unfold from afar, when Ms. Gracia first arrived on the scene, to pose for the camera being used for the dummy doll street-theatre special. It was then, and only then, that I decided that I could not let the occasion go by without saying some prickly truth to her.

One or two children possibly overhearing my grave concerns, and my cynicism, did not and does not stand comparison with the poisoning of our children on the Rock which had occurred under Sandra Gracia’s leadership and direction.

I engaged by correctly stating that the P£IZER contracts starkly reveal that the so-called vaccines were anything but safe and effective after all. Unflappable, Sandra’s only concern in that crisis moment was to continue to promote the five dummy mannequin dolls on display. She declared to me that this was a family event, and let me know that what I was saying could unsettle the children, and I said yes, I agreed, the very same children to whom she and her nurses had administered the kill-shots and booster jabs over the last two years. Given her indifference to my allegations of widespread genocide, or grievous bodily harm, I asked her how on earth could she sleep at night. She echoed back the same question, simply inferring that the children were hearing this, and in so doing, she threatened to phone for the police. One or two children, possibly overhearing my grave concerns, and my cynicism, represents an odious comparison when set alongside the deliberate poisoning of our children on The Rock of JABRALTAR.

I told Ms. Gracia that I have recently seen the incriminating unredacted P£IZER contracts and I then asked her did she ever get to watch the Stew Peter’s film “Died Suddenly”, as I’d previously urged her to watch it, many, many months ago, when I saw her outside no 6.

Knowing full well that the police would be responding rapidly to Ms. Gracia’s complaint, I backed-off and gave her and the ambulance teams ample respite and breathing space to strut their stuff, and instead, from a safe social distance, took a couple of photographs of the dummy dolly show in action, while waiting with great intrigue and anticipation, for the arrival of the officers from the RGP.

My Close Encounter with The First Kind

Now here is the interesting bit, as far as I’m concerned. Moments before all this had happened, I had made a bold and daring comment to two ambulance officers, about the so-called safe and effective P£IZER vaccines in the context of the dummy-mannequin-dolly show. One of the ambulance officers did not really engage on the subject, but the other one, most certainly did. I was soon to learn from the engaging ambulance officer that he had had the jab, and, within one year, he had come perilously close to death, needing to have a life-saving operation with two stents in his heart. He told me that his physical health, fitness, and diet had always been exceptional and he was in perfect health before the jab.

Michael Jones is a British former professional boxer who competed from 1997 to 2007. He held the Commonwealth super welterweight title from 2002 to 2003 and the British super welterweight title from 2004 to 2005.

The engaging ambulance officer’s name was Michael Jones. Michael is a former British & Commonwealth Professional Boxing Champion. While a keen sportsman myself, in my more youthful days, I was no great boxing fan, but nevertheless, so intrigued was I by Michael’s story, that when I returned home, I respectfully watched the end of one of Michael’s extraordinary boxing fights from days gone by. In looking him up on the internet, I also learned that his nick-name was “DESTINY”. It sure made me wonder what Michael’s real destiny is meant to be. To my mind, Michael had the presence to have a destiny over and above being a mere former boxing champion of the British Commonwealth.

Michael had told me his age is now forty-eight, but Michael in his green ambulance officer’s uniform still looks as fit as a fiddle, despite the health harming effects of the P£IZER vaccines. After he took poorly following the jab, Michael told me that the doctor / cardiologist had informed him he had just been unlucky. Michael gave me the impression that Michael strongly suspected that the vaccines given out were far from safe and effective.

Michael “Destiny” Jones still in action as a boxing trainer

His greatest concern had been for his child, who could have easily been left fatherless, if the stent operation had failed. This PFIZER vaccination experience had upset him. Michael mentioned that as an ambulance officer he had been called out to twenty-two visits to the elderly care homes, when the deaths peaked in January 2021.

Image Source: Gilad Atzmon – The Gibraltar Massacre

Michael came from Liverpool, and knew a lot of people in Widnes, the town where this body of mine was born. Michael told me he was leaving the GHA shortly, and leaving the Rock. Michael inferred that it’s not that easy here in the GHA, being British.

Upon hearing Michael’s personal story, I asked him would he be prepared to go before a camera and share his testimony with the people of Gibraltar. Michael declined. Michael is not the first talented athlete I know on The Rock who has been badly affected by the kill-shots, but is so far reluctant to speak out.

Concluding Remarks

Returning from Casemates, I told The Gibraltar Messenger of my three very different kind of encounters on The Rock this Sabbath morning of 14th October 2023.

With respect to my encounter of the third kind, I think ELIJAH was pleased I had not gotten myself arrested, and not gotten my letter to Keith Azopardi confiscated by officers from The Royal Gibraltar Police.

With respect to my encounter of a second kind, ELIJAH wrote to me stating that Sandra Gracia’s name should be added to the original arrest list given to Keith Azopardi.

With respect to my encounter of the first kind, namely my encounter with DESTINY, ELIJAH asked me why has Destiny lost his fighting spirit? Why won’t Destiny stand up and fight for the truth to be known?

At the risk of getting knocked out cold by a boxer clearly not used to pulling punches in the ring, I would dearly like to speak to Michael “Destiny” Jones at least one more time, and find out the answers to ELIJAH’s questions. ELIJAH has urged me to do as much, as I deduce that ELIJAH wants Destiny to put his fighting skills to good use, in order to expose the truth about these poisonous P£IZER kill-shots, which were rolled out on The Rock as part of a genocidal plan to depopulate the world, and enslave the masses under a Satanically controlled One World Government. My hope is Michael won’t mind me doing this. I don’t much care what Sandra Gracia thinks, and the RGP know all too well what I’m like.

A final thought for the day which is my hope and prayer that I would get an opportunity to share something with Michael “DESTINY” Jones before he returns to England. It is this:

When one needs an ambulance one normally calls 999 in England, but when one needs spiritual help anywhere in the world at large, especially in this battle between good and evil, the number to call is 333. Jeremiah 33:3.

Jeremiah 33:3 Call unto Me, and I will answer thee, and show thee great and mighty things, which thou knowest not.

PS. I have since learned that this event which was rolled out in Gibraltar on Saturday, was most probably an extension of the UK Restart Heart Day (UK)Restart a Heart (RSAH) is an annual initiative led by Resuscitation Council UK which aims to increase the number of people surviving out-of-hospital cardiac arrests.

This is to normalise the growing number of heart attacks in the UK, and should be viewed against official UK data showing excess deaths, and the ever increasing died suddenly incidents which are clearly vaccine induced.

PPS. I have no issue with people in Gibraltar being trained in techniques for applying CPR and first aid. In speaking to Ambulance Officer Michael ‘Destiny’ Jones, who happens to be a Liverpool FC supporter, I had initially spoken to him first of the Hillsborough Catastrophe. On that fateful day on 15th April 1989, a day when 97 football supporters died and hundreds were injured, a line of police officers, all expertly trained in CPR and first aid techniques, stood across the half-way line linking arms, while casualties galore were sprawled out on the pitch and in the pens of Leppings Lane. Likewise, ambulance officers outside the stadium, again all expertly trained in CPR and first aid, were purposefully prevented from entering into the stadium to help the injured and the dying. What use was their training then, when all along there was a hidden political will that deliberately did not want their skills to be applied on the fateful day, because the police-state UK needed to have casualties in order to fulfill a secret political agenda?