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A Vigil Not In Vain

Jayne Wink caught my attention most this week when I noticed her one late afternoon on 19th December 2023, while wandering along Main Street. Unbeknown to me, Jayne had organised a peaceful vigil for all the children in the world suffering and dying from war and conflict. I found myself wanting to stand in solidarity with her and her companions from “Caring Gibraltar”, so I chose to do so, and I was heartedly glad I did. I was struck by how Jayne was at pains to point-out to all and sundry that this was not a politically motivated vigil.

Caring for Gibraltar holds vigil for peace

For the most part, this was a silent vigil for peace, lasting seven hours. Towards the end of the night, two well-known GBC news broadcasters came to chat with some of the members of the peace vigil – first, there came Iain Triay, then there came Jonathan Scott. Both gentlemen mingled with members of the charity, and away from the camera shared some thoughtful sympathetic support and encouragement from their own individual standpoints. I found their discourse rueful, respectful, sensitive, and contemplative, operating as they were with greater freedom than they automatically would do had they been in front of a censoring camera of the GBC state sponsored propaganda machine.

By the time midnight came along, I had learned that Jayne Wink had every intention to leave behind on display the candles and the children’s teddy bears for potentially the duration of the festive season. To my mind, that seemed like a perfectly decent idea. Several hours later, on what was a beautiful warm sunny morning, to my surprise Jayne, contrary to the previous evening’s plan, was seen packing everything away. Jayne told me that in the interim period lasting no more than several hours, people in high places on The Rock had exerted pressure on her to abandon the peace-vigil. She told me that she had a family to think about. Aghast by the turn of events, I felt desperately sad, particularly as Jayne had gone to such great lengths to make it a non-political peace vigil for the innocent children who are suffering. Suffice to say, the rapid and unexpected turn of events came as an immense disappointment. Like the two GBC presenters the previous night, I thought the peace vigil had been a kind-hearted and thought provoking initiative that surely no right-minded person would object to. How wrong I was. On the night itself, my own lament had only been that not more Gibraltarians had felt a compulsion to stand in solidarity with the peaceful vigil, given the gravity of the world’s situation. Displeased by the inexplicable crackdown, I don’t think it bodes particularly well for Gibraltar when people in high places here, think it acceptable to exert pressure on such humble and inoffensive acts of humanitarian expression. The verses of Martin Niemöller’s “First They Came” were justifiably evoked as I listened to Jayne Wink’s tale of woe.

Days later, and with further dismay, no comfort whatsoever was taken from hearing the Governor David Steel’s Xmas message. With David’s distinguished service in the Royal Navy, he is someone who had previously and quite openly nailed his colours to the mast, first in his role in promoting the poisonous Pfizer inoculation programme on The Rock and then in choosing sides when the war in Ukraine broke out. The Monarch’s ambassador in chains said as follows:

“The difficulties and relatively small issues just sometimes dominate our minds more than we should possibly allow them to do. Social media is a technological triumph, but it can also be a triumph of misplaced or misjudged anger that is deeply upsetting to those who are mentioned. At a time of great anxiety in the world, perhaps it is time not to speak or to tweet but just to listen and to reflect upon how best to serve our community, rather than wantonly criticise aspects of it.”

For the record, while not disliking the Governor, and having been brought up differently in the same era and in the same Lancastrian county in England, I find myself holding vastly different views from the governor over some deadly serious spiritual and earthly issues in high places (Eph. 6:12). At the time of great anxiety in our world, I could not disagree more with David Steel’s supposition that perhaps it is time not to speak or to tweet but just to listen and reflect upon how best to serve our community, rather than wantonly criticise aspects of it. No David, when global tyranny is at work, silence isn’t golden, it’s yellow and your xenophobia equates not to the xanthophylls of the yolk of my pepper-sprayed fried eggs on toast, which you jovially made such a meal over, the other day.

Eph. 6:12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places].

I listened to Ian Tarrant’s interview on GBC. About the World at War, Ian alluded to the Holy Lands. And in his Xmas message he did address the world situation.

“But of course, we are concerned about the peace which is lacking in other parts of the world. There is still the war in the Ukraine. There is still war in The Sudan, and of course there is still war in The Holy Land, which of course is the worst place we would like to see any warfare going on.”

What seemed strange to me was the above was said with a peculiar smile on Ian’s face amidst a pregnant pause thereafter. [I had engaged with Ian recently. This was over the movie which is currently showing in the Kings Bastion cinema here. The movie is called “Journey to Bethlehem”. That’s quite another story though.]

Next up was the Roman Catholic Bishop Upon This Rock. Carmel Zammit, said as follows:

“Now I heard some people commenting who are suffering in the Holy Land, etc, that they never lose hope because they have that faith. What is faith? Faith in a way is to make yourself believe that God is with you and could look after you.”

God’s anger burns hottest against those who harm children because children are the most helpless and impressionable members of society.

Do no wrong or violence to the resident alien, the fatherless, and the widow, nor shed innocent blood in this place (Jeremiah 22:3).

“You shall not mistreat any widow or fatherless child. If you do mistreat them, and they cry out to me, I will surely hear their cry, and my wrath will burn, and I will kill you with the sword, and your wives shall become widows and your children fatherless” (Exodus 22:22-24).

While I was myself participating in the peace vigil outside the Roman Catholic Cathedral, mostly in silence, I watched intently the various mixed reactions of the many passers-by. I wondered how the Jewish community passing-by would view the vigil. Would they support it, or would they be against it, I asked myself rhetorically.

Reflecting on this same sensitive question, on 25th December 2023, my thoughts again turned to the GBC and so I wondered whether some words of wisdom could be found from listening to one of the regular featured guest speakers on Thought for The Weekend. I turned to Levi Attias. I have never spoken to the Jewish gentleman, but his talks on the GBC are always worth listening to in my opinion. Earlier in December, Levi Attias spoke of candles of light, and an eight day Jewish feast, and referred to the historical New York murder case of Catherine Kitty Genovese. The murder incident from 1964, prompted inquiries into what became known as the “bystander effect”, or “Genovese syndrome”, and the murder became a staple of U.S. psychology textbooks for the next four decades. Levi Attias had commented upon how 38 witnesses, observed the murder, yet failed to report anything to the New York Police department.”

Irrespective of the veracity of this account, and researchers have since uncovered major inaccuracies in the New York Times article. Police interviews revealed that some witnesses had attempted to call the police. Nevertheless, the interesting scenario, as depicted by Levi Attias, made me reflect on how most Gibraltarians remain deathly silent upon witnessing the Gaza atrocities, and the deathly silence on The Rock. I ask myself, how do the people of Gibraltar not render themselves complicit in the mass murder of innocent women and children in Gaza, when they effectively quash any and all dissenting voices?

After eleven weeks of warfare, the death toll, injuries, starvation and planned genocide of 2.3 million Palestinians being inflicted by the Israeli Terrorists could easily be equated to being tantamount to wiping out the combined population of Gibraltar and La Linea, in one fell swoop, without so much as anyone here effectively batting an eyelid, “Caring for Gibraltar’s valiant first efforts, notwithstanding.

So Sir David, if you have learned anything about me, you will know me as someone who refused to peddle the UK Government lies about 9/11 and the 7/7 London Bombings while working for the police. Given they were both carried out by the Israelis, and the latter atrocity was perpetrated by Mossad, and the British and Israeli Security Services, I will not stay silent, whatever you may advise me to do: so help me God.

I may never have been to The Holy Lands, but I have spent a quarter of a century working in the city of Sheffield, where the police force there, has long since lost the plot. It’s the city where JAH in His new body, with a new name, Who is The Spirit Being of The Second Coming of Christ and known here as The Gibraltar Messenger, was also born. This occurred on 22nd April 1948 in accordance with Bible prophecy, as you have been repeatedly told by me and many others.

Sheffield Town Hall, in the building where I used to work for eight years, became the first public place in the UK to have protestors forcibly remove the Israeli flag, replacing it with the Palestinian flag. The decision to fly the Israeli flag was made after a request from central government, both Sheffield City Council and Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council said. Here on The Rock, as reported on the GBC facebook pages, the government of Gibraltar did something similarly unwise, and in so doing, faced a backlash of critical comments.

You, Sir David, in your folly, have repeatedly shunned Christ in your three-and-a-half-year-old tenure as the Governor of Gibraltar, yet you were all too willing to turn to Rome, to prop up the Babylonian Market System, while no doubt bending the knee to Satan’s Servant the Jesuit priest Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

If Chief Minister Fabian Picardo, is permitted to stand with Israel unchallenged, then I, without fear or favour, should likewise be allowed to stand by the Palestinians, who are currently being massacred in Gaza, while leaders on The Rock, by their insipid deathly silence, condone Israel’s actions, rather than condemn the democide. To remind you all yet again, First They Came . . . wrote Martin Niemöller, so says Martin SleuthER.

Yesterday, someone from the Gibraltar Messenger Team sent me a link to a sermon given by a pastor here named Michael Aguilera from New Life Church. Michael is not someone with whom I have had any particular dealings, in stark contrast to my position with certain other so-called Christian leaders on The Rock. I listened to Michael’s sermon pivoting around The Old Testament Prophet Isaiah. In speaking of Christ, Michael said the following.

“On The Throne of David, and over his kingdom, to establish it, and uphold it, and so, all throughout David’s reign is this promise of this Heir that is coming, and it is going to be fulfilled, and has been fulfilled in Christ. He is the one who will step on David’s Throne, as one born in The House of David, and He is going to fulfil all the wonderful promises to David, He is The King of kings and Lord of lords.

The zeal of The Lord of Hosts will accomplish this. At the very end of verse seven: The zeal of The Lord of Hosts will accomplish this. Again we are told that it is something that is not going to be realised in the ordinary course of affairs. That we are not going to be able to bring this about ourselves, but it is something that God Himself is going to do in His zeal. His passion is going to bring about His purposes. And it is one of those cultural things, that we are not going to automatically get better or develop or grow as humanity or in wisdom, in our accomplishments. I was at home talking to my children about AI this morning. Where it is going, and they made me think that the natural course of affairs are just going to get better. They are not. They are not. Things are not getting better. Things are getting worse. We are finding ourselves in a declining, deteriorating society. This is what would happen. This is what we are told is going to happen, but we know that God has not abandoned His creation. That God is that wonderful title in Isaiah 7. He is Emmanuel – “God is with us” – and the promise is that The zeal of The Lord is going to accomplish all these things. We know that the zeal and purpose accomplished the birth of Jesus, the death on the cross, and we know that the promise is that when He returns, He will make all things new, and restore things. No more worries about climate change, or any of these things that are the result of us being out of sync with our Creator. But God is going to restore all things and all things will be made new. The zeal of The Lord will accomplish this. We are not in a place where we can defeat such powerful enemies, but we have these amazing promises and all we are called to do is to believe and trust that He will accomplish His word.”

I don’t think Pastor Michael got absolutely everything correct here, but I’m no teacher. However, I do think his message was much closer to the mark than yours happened to be, or those of the other faith leaders on The Rock during the not so merry month of December. I for one listened intently to what he had to say.

The Gibraltar Messenger has added a comment to correct Michael’s own misunderstanding expressed in the following statement Michael made: “We are not in a place where we can defeat such powerful enemies, but we have these amazing promises and all we are called to do is to believe and trust that he will accomplish His word.”

Gibraltar Messenger: “Whilst you all sit back and do nothing, showing your complicity in the evil, instead of enforcing God’s Law, as you are COMMANDED to do, and thereby eradicating the evil from within your midst.

Men become COMPLICIT in the evil they fail to oppose.”

Tony Farrell
Disciple of The Gibraltar Messenger.

PS. On Xmas day this year, I read a letter to Bibi sent from Nigeria. It was read with much interest. PDF: Nigeria: FFK’s Open Letter to Benjamin Netanyahu (Bibi). Gibraltarians should read it; as they need to wake up to The Truth before it’s too late.

PPS. Christ condemned Christmas in Revelation X-MASS – YULETIDE A PAGAN FESTIVAL