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Mistakes Were NOT Made

I stick my head up above the parapet, and deliver a poetic justice message to those on The Rock in positions of authority in Gibraltar who are now wanting the public, against overwhelming evidence, to simply move-along, nothing to see here, and brush it aside by simply acknowledging that mistakes were made in the Covid Response across Gibraltar, as part of a Covid Inquiry.

First inspired by Dr Tess Lawrie’s initial reading of Margaret Anna Alice poetic compilation of “Mistakes Were Not Made”, on 21st March 2023, I previously dispatched Tess Lawrie’s reading of the poem to The Commissioner Richard Ullger, as a gentle reminder of the fact that Dr Tess Lawrie has been an eminent scientist and highly credible opponent to many of the Covid Plandemic measures being unleashed on the public across the globe. Dr Tess Lawrie was featured in Policing The Corona State as delivered to The Royal Gibraltar Police on 7th July 2021.

Three months ago, I received an almost instant email reply of appreciation from The Commissioner Richard Ullger.

With my court hearing now fast approaching, I adapt the poetic message in some Alice Through The Looking Glass imitational style, and offer up a special visually enhanced Gibraltar flavour to the no punches pulled veritable vocalised verses. But for those coming under the spotlight like Fabian Picardo, Dr Helen Carter, Krishna Rawal and Christine Vasquez at The GBC to name just a few, the stern message to be imparted may well carry a very bitter taste indeed, because as I say, contrary to all the new normal rhetoric from the perpetrators in question, “Mistakes Were Not Made”. 

By this mantra, what I am saying here on The Rock is that this Covid Response was a deliberately engineered genocidal plan in action, insidiously acted out against the people of Gibraltar by an evil tyrannical government regime. Tony’s final words, repeated three times, implores the people of Gibraltar with seven short words “DON’T LET THEM GET AWAY WITH IT!”

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