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Gibraltar’s “Christ Under The Rubble” Display Explained

I share the letter that I emailed on 11th of January to Gibraltar’s Chief Minister Fabian Picardo about some choice words of his and some choice words of mine.

Dear Fabian,

Good evening and good wishes.

Having listened to you speak about the GBC exhibition, only to hear you use the term “the fly by nights of social media”, it now seems right and fitting for me to bring directly to your attention, the following article, as posted earlier this week on the Gibraltar Messenger website. This was about an incident which your beloved GBC, initially INCORRECTLY headlined as “vandalism”, despite it being nothing of the sort. But why should I criticize the GBC for being a government propaganda, lie-telling institution, when you yourself are such a polished liar?

From Samuel’s “Christ in The Rubble” Project to
 Sleuther’s 95 Point Theses on Gaza

By the way, I wish to stress that no member of the Gibraltar Social Democrats (GSD) knew in advance that I would choose the GSD office doorsteps for the Gaza-like scene with the imitation rubble deposit and other associated props. From its inception, it was a scene created on a shoe-string budget of less than £30, which took less than 24 hours to implement. In my voluntary attendance at New Mole House, the following day, I explained my motives. I was asked why I chose the GSD instead of no 6. I happily gave my reasons to the police, and more importantly shared intelligence which I had gleaned earlier from the night of the vigil for peace held on 19th December 2023, by a charity known as Caring 4 Gibraltar. It was this intelligence which compelled me to produce Sleuther’s 95 Theses on Gaza. This contains analysis, the likes of which is off limits for the less than impartial GBC.

You may also be interested in an even more recent article from the Gibraltar Messenger. The author of that article has scrutinized the antics of Fleur Hassan-Nahoum regarding some of her recent broadcasting contributions about the Gaza conflict. From reading it tonight, it ought to prove insightful to all parties and none.

Fleur Hassan-Nahoum: “No Christians in Gaza”

Finally, I see that the COVID vaccines are back in the news today. This is downright evil, and without any hesitation whatsoever, I declare you to be fully complicit in the evil within our midst.

Tony Farrell.

The Diarioarea Campo site got the message, given its headline: ‘Gaza war’ arrives at the gates of GSD’s headquarters in Gibraltar – La ‘guerra de Gaza’ llega a las puertas de la sede de GSD en Gibraltar.

My letter is available in Spanish: Explicación de la exhibición «Cristo bajo los escombros» de Gibraltar