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Palestinian Ambassador: UK must correct damage caused by Balfour Declaration

Palestinian Ambassador to Ireland, Jilan Wahba Abdalmajid is interviewed by Anadolu Agency, a news agency headquartered in Ankara, Turkey, of which its article and video are posted below.

• UK has to rectify what it did over 100 years ago and support Palestinians to have their own free state, says Ambassador Jilan Wahba Abdalmajid
• US ‘supports, administrates, participates’ in Israel’s ‘vicious’ military campaign in Gaza, says ambassador
• Israel given permission by US, UK, EU nations to continue genocide of Palestinians, Abdalmajid tells Anadolu    

Her interview and recent speech is included on Gibraltar Messenger for two reasons:
(1) She tells the Palestinian side of the story, which is quite different from the stories by Jerusalem’s deputy mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum.
(2) What she says gives the opportunity to present truths about our situation with hyperlinks and notes inserted, such as what occurred in 1917 was prophesied.

(AA – London) – The UK has to take responsibility for its historic role in the Israel-Palestine issue and rectify the damage caused by the Balfour Declaration, according to Palestinian Ambassador to Ireland Jilan Wahba Abdalmajid.

In an interview with Anadolu, the ambassador also called on the UK to make efforts to halt Israel’s “vicious” war on the Gaza Strip. (video is less than 3 minutes)

“You have to think about how to correct this and support the right of the Palestinians,” she said, referring to the Balfour Declaration. issued by the British government in 1917 (Enoch; Dan. 12:7; Luke 21:24; Rev. 11:7), which led to the establishment of The State of Israel.

Taken from The Master’s Plan – In the year 604 B.C. Nebuchadnezzar started the subjugation and eventual destruction of Jerusalem and The Temple. The captivity period of Judah came to an end in 1917 [JUDAH 604 B.C. + (2,520 years) = A.D. 1917], and that generation witnessed the deliverance of Jerusalem from Gentile (Turkish-Edomite) domination in a campaign conducted by General Allenby and his British-Israel forces (Luke 21:24) on the 9th of December in 1917 (Hebrew date – 24 Kislev 5678 – Hagg. 2:18), as prophesied by God (Ezek. 25:14). The year 1917 was followed by a short time of unparalleled trouble – itself being a transitional period, heralding the near approach of the Kingdom of God on Earth. The ‘fig tree’, emblem of Jewry, would suddenly blossom forth in leaf, though still in unbelief (‘no fruit’ – Parable of The Fig TreeMatt. 24:32). This latter sign (the Jewish State in Israel1948) has materialised in our generation and was further emphasised by the Israeli-Arab War in June 1967. Of this period he said, “And except those days be shortened there would be no flesh saved, but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.”

“This is our land and we have the right to be free. We have the right to live in peace in our land. This is our right to self-determination.”

The declaration, regarded as one of the most controversial documents in the modern history of the Arab world, is generally viewed as the main reason for the creation of Israel in 1948. (Matt. 24:32)

Palestinians call that the Nakba, Arabic for “catastrophe,” referring to the forced displacement of over 700,000 Palestinians from their homes and lands, and the destruction of their society, culture and identity.

The declaration, made in 1917 during World War I, was part of the terms of the British Mandate for Palestine.

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Palestinians made up more than 90% of the entire population in Palestine at the time, while only 9% were Jews, according to historical records.

At the start of the mandate, the British government began to enable the immigration of European Jews to Palestine, with the aim of creating “a national home for the Jewish people” at the expense of the native Palestinians.

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“You (the UK) have to correct what you did more than 100 years ago and to support Palestinians to have their own free state of Palestine,” Abdalmajid asserted.

Regarding Israel’s ongoing war on Gaza, she called on UK Prime Minister Rishi Sunak to respect the wishes of the millions of people who have been protesting in support of Palestine in London and other cities across the country.

Bibical Code Words: EARTH – Downtrodden people (oppressed and poor). EARTH-QUAKE – Great upheaval of the EARTH.

She emphasized the importance of bringing the “voices of the British people to the official position of the British government and to support the Palestinians.”

“We are human beings and not less human beings than any other nation on this earth. We deserve freedom and we will continue our struggle for freedom,” she said. 

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US, UK, EU nations permitting Israel’s genocide. (Rev. 11:10)

The ambassador pointed out that millions around the world have taken to the streets to protest Israel’s “barbaric war.” (Mark 11:23; Luke 21:11)

“The problem is that when it comes to their governments, there is a different story,” she said. (Eph. 6:12)

She said some nations have recognized that Israel is not only violating international law, but rather violating “humanity itself in Gaza.” (Matt. 10:21; Luke 12:51-53).

However, the lack of response from the US, UK and EU really shocked Palestinians that humanity and the international community could fail us to such an extent, said Abdalmajid.

Rev. 8:12 And the fourth angel sounded, and the third part of the “sun” was smitten, and the third part of the “moon”, and the third part of the “stars”; so as the third part of them was darkened, and the “sun” shone not for a third part of it, and the “moon” likewise.

Bible Code Words: SUN – The Throne of David – (Psalm 89:36) – which is the British Throne. MOON – Reflects the light of the SUN. The SUN is the British Throne and the “Commonwealth” reflects her light and power (like the moon does to the sun). STARS of heaven – U.S.A. (50 on their flag, “STAR spangled banner” etc.)

She said some countries in Europe go against everything that has to do with the Palestinian cause, but refused to name them, saying the world “knows who they are.”

Then we have France, Germany, Italy and others that have given their unconditional support to Israel to wage war on Gaza “without any framework or any constraints,” she said.

In other words, Israel has been given permission by the US, UK and EU nations to continue this “genocide and the killing of Palestinian people without any respect to international humanitarian law,” she said.

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Some countries within the EU like Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Belgium and Luxembourg had a very strong position toward Palestinians before the war, she said.

After the war, there have been “slight differences among those countries,” she said, but they support the call for immediate cease-fire, with Ireland leading on that front.

Sinn Féin’s annual ard fheis in Athlone, Co Westmeath on 10-11 November 2023. They chant “we are all Palestinians, in our thousands, in our millions.” (video is under 6 minutes)

Ireland is one of the very few Western countries with a long history of supporting Palestine, becoming the first EU state to endorse Palestinian statehood in 1980.

For Abdalmajid, there is a parallel between the Palestinian and Irish struggle for freedom.

According to her, Ireland was subjected to a similar “apartheid system” that Palestinians have been facing since the creation of Israel.

The Irish people endured British colonialism for more than 800 years, “so they know exactly how Palestinians are really suffering from the occupation and from the colonization,” she added. 

Ireland could help end this struggle once and for all by leading the campaign to recover The Ark of The Covenant. This means coming up against so-called archaeologists and other individuals in high places trying to keep it hidden.

‘US a participant in war on Gaza’

Regarding the US, Abdalmajid said it has not just supported but has been actively participating in Israel’s deadly campaign in Gaza, which has now killed more than 23,200 people, most of them women and children.

“The United States not only supports (Israel), they participate in this war, they administrate this war against the Palestinians,” she asserted.

From 2018 – Although the members might change, those with dual citizenship control Congress.

T.H.E.Y. are following orders from the Grand Sanhedrin (1492):
“As for the other vexations you complain of: arrange that your sons become advocates and lawyers, and see that they always mix in affairs of State, that by putting Christians under your yoke you may dominate the world and be avenged on them.”

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The international community in general failed the Palestinians, allowing these atrocities against innocent people “without putting in any practical effort to stop this war,” she said.

In a message to Washington in particular, she urged for the world to see the strength and resilience of Palestinians, specifically that they will continue to stand strong for their right to self-determination despite all the suffering.

The US must realize that the Palestinian people will never accept to be forcibly displaced and never allow a repeat of the 1948 Nakba, she said.

Daniel 12:11 And from the time [that] the daily [sacrifice] shall be taken away, and the abomination that maketh desolate set up, [there shall be] a thousand two hundred and ninety days (ended on 22/April/1948).

Referring to the current crisis as the “2023 Nakba,” the ambassador emphasized that Palestinians “will not be moving from our land.”

“This is our land. Our aspiration for freedom should be respected. Our aspiration for freedom to be in our state of Palestine should be respected. We have the right to self-determination and we have the right to be a free state,” she said.

WW3 started in 1991; and will end in Israel. What’s happening is a Sign as to where we are in the Biblical timeline. The war will broaden until the world is divided into two camps. True Israel will be defeated as punishment for not keeping The Covenants.

Rev. 16:14 For they are the spirits of devils, working miracles, [which] go forth unto the kings of the Earth and of the WHOLE WORLD, to gather them to The Battle of that Great Day of God Almighty.
16:15 Behold, I come as a thief. Blessed [is] he that watcheth, and keepeth his garments, lest he walk naked, and they see his shame.
16:16 And he gathered them together into a place called, in Hebrew, Armageddon (the mountains of Megiddo, in Israel).
16:17 And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air; and there came a great voice out of The Temple of heaven, from the Throne, saying, It is done.

Source: Andolu Agency – INTERVIEW – UK must correct damage caused by Balfour Declaration: Palestinian envoy to Ireland

Abdalmajid’s keynote speech at Ireland’s Sinn Féin’s annual ard fheis in Athlone, Co Westmeath on 10-11 November 2023. (video is under 7 minutes)

Ireland is also featured in Tony Farrell’s 95 Theses on Gaza: PART 10 – THE IRISH BACKLASH AGAINST ISRAEL