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“The Leaders: In the Spotlight” or “The Sleepers and a Cockfight”?

The following covers some of my reflections on my favourite and least favourite moments from the Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation’s: Gibraltar Election CoverageThe Leaders: In the Spotlight, as broadcasted on Thursday 28th September, live from the John Mackintosh Hall. The debate is between Keith Azopardi of the Gibraltar Social Democrats (GSD) and Fabian Picardo of the Gibraltar Socialist Labour Party-Liberal (GSLP). General elections are scheduled to be held in Gibraltar on 12 October 2023 to elect all 17 members of the fifth Gibraltar Parliament. Audience members were able to ask questions, and I posed a question to them about the United Nations agenda.

“It was the best of GBC shows, it was the worst of GBC shows, it was the stage of wisdom, it was the stage of foolishness, it was the epoch of belief, it was the epoch of incredulity, it was the season of Light, it was the season of Darkness, it was the spring of hope, it was the winter of despair, we had everything before us, we had nothing before us, we thought were all going direct to Heaven, we were all going directly the other way…”

What the Dickens was going on last Thursday Night at the John Macintosh Hall? Shakespeare’s Merry Wives of Windsor notwithstanding, it seemed like the start of a French Revolution.

“We Have Spies Everywhere!”, said Keith Azopardi.


Undoubtedly, the most memorably funny moment for me was when Keith Azopardi marvellously put down young Mel over an accusatory question about Andorra.

Mel:“How can the electorate trust you with your Andorra solution statement, since what you state in your book is exactly the opposite…” Grunts of “Hear, hear!” from the GSLP contingent close to Mel.

Keith retorted with a twinkle in his eye:“I could say the same about you, as I took a picture with you very recently at the GSD BBQ by the way. We have spies everywhere!”

Like an experienced schoolteacher giving a valuable life-lesson to one of his unruly pupils, Mel’s face became in an absolute picture, after Keith’s marvellously worded put down. It was a delightfully funny moment.


Another second delightful moment came after compère Ros Astengo’s patience had been tested to the absolute limit after an over-heated exchange between Mr. Picardo and Mr. Azopardi, eventually abated.

The tension in the air was palpable.  Ros had been rattled. The audience had been left flabbergasted. Azopardi had been agitated. Picardo had been over-bearing. On the estates, the RGP have been called out for lesser disturbances. Momentarily, I had wondered whether Mr. Picardo had committed an offence of breach of the peace. 

Next up for a question, was Janet. Hers was on climate change. Sigh. Whatever one thinks about the opposing and complex views on that particular topic, and I’ll keep silent on that for the purposes of this lament, Janet found in an instant the perfect expression to help Ros quickly restore a semblance of order and decorum after Mr. Picardo’s filibustering.


In proclaiming himself as a beacon of truth as he did on the night, Mr. Picardo recklessly played the anti-Semitism card, and would not let up on it. That was in relation to the new GSD appointee Yousef El Hana. For Keith Azopardi, this was obviously inflammatory and one of three steps too far.

Notwithstanding the many problems with the concocted, and horribly misused and deceitfully woke term “Anti-Semitism”, before any potential oscillating voters jump in to judge and condemn Yousef El Hana for his unacceptable words from over a decade ago, the condemners should humbly first watch this splendid informative series about the Palestinian Catastrophe – Al Nakba, and review the actions of the British and Israeli Zionist governments for over the last hundred years, and then, and perhaps only then, think again, and look at it instead from their brother’s perspective. This is not written to condone in any way, shape, or form, whatever it was that Yousef El Hana wrote, or said, which has been deemed as offensive and for which he appears to have apologised profusely to the Jewish community and in public before Ros Astengo on GBC’s Viewpoint. Yousef told me his views on the Holy Land have not changed. Mr. Picardo, on the one hand talks about love between and across all faiths, but on the other hand, by his forceful actions, demonstrates an unforgiving spirit.

Al-Nakba: The Palestinian catastrophe – Episode 1 | Featured Documentary


At a personal level, I was grateful to the GBC for having an opportunity to ask a question to Keith Azopardi in connection to the work of The United Nations, against a disconcerting backdrop where the John Mackintosh Exhibition Rooms were awash with UN propaganda. Beware of The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing.

For those with eyes to see, The Gibraltar Messenger has covered the sinister agenda of the United Nations, extensively. Readers will do well to familiarise themselves with their evil agenda as part of a global coup d’état. The Sleepers Must Awaken.

The United Nations is Globalist Trojan Horse

Members of the GBC will know that I have been historically critical of some of their decision-making in terms of what news they will and won’t cover.

For those that know me, my targeting of the United Nations and its drive towards a One World Religion as the subject of my question, may have surprised, as most would have expected me to raise issues regarding the Covid Measures or possibly the McGrail Inquiry. Perhaps my choice of questioning was influenced by having recently watched, and cried through, Tim Ballard’s The Sound of Freedom shown in the Cinema in Gibraltar.

Deliberately or otherwise, Ros Astengo prematurely interrupted me and made it difficult for me to provide the necessary context, as a prerequisite to my line of questioning to Mr. Azopardi. Notwithstanding Ros’ over-ruling, Keith gave my question a go, but understandably he missed the deadly serious point I had been trying to make.

Later on in the show, I became concerned by the degree to which the Mr. Picardo Punch and Judy show was consuming the limited time left for the public’s questions.

Ros Astengo’s polite and assertive plea: “Mr. Picardo, you must obey the rules!”, and such like, all too often fell on his deaf ears.

From my own vantage point, Mr. Picardo’s actions became somewhat self-indulgent, trivialising and devaluing the importance of the wider public event, as excellently organised by the GBC. Credit where credit is due on that. Mr. Picardo turned this unsavoury part of the evening into a glorified cockfight which became sickening to watch. There were important questions still to be asked, and valuable time was being dissipated in the pantomime process. Eventually, weary of the slurs and the slapstick, I got up in utter disgust and left the hall. It was a sad, but a necessary act. Vitally important questions still needed to be asked of The Leaders. None more so than this critical one below.


I wrote to Ros to explain why I had walked out. I copied in Fabian and Keith. The content of that email is shown below as I want it on the public record.

Dear Ros,

The reason why I walked out of the Spotlight event last night was that I was appalled by Fabian Picardo’s anti-Semitic slur directed at Keith. I don’t have any allegiance to either party but from my vantage point, Fabian’s slur lowered the tone of the event in an instant. At that point, you, through no fault of your own, lost control of Fabian’s unacceptable conduct thereafter and for too long it degenerated into a PUNCH AND JUDY show, and there was a clear and present risk that if left unchecked, the quarrel would deprive the public of any further opportunities to ask important questions. I got up and left to enable you to regain control of Fabian who was plainly out of order. The anti-Semitic slur deployed by Fabian is all too often deployed deceitfully, and by their own admission, it is a well-known trick. If you don’t believe me, please watch this short video.

Former Israeli Minister Shulamit Aloni said “anti-semitic – it’s a trick; we always use it”

I will copy this email in to both Fabian and Keith so as to minimise risk of any misrepresentation of the reason why I felt so repulsed that I left before the end. Had it not been for that, the GBC and you personally did well in its coverage. The cheering and the applause became a little over-the-top, when, in my opinion, it needed to be dampened down and more dignified. Very best wishes Tony Farrell PS. I believe you did not understand my question because you cut me off from giving the necessary context.

The sexual perversion being promoted by the UNITED NATIONS includes but is not limited to this: “Children should have sex partners” – The UN agenda to normalize pedophilia

The implications are dire for Bible believing Christians and Muslims who follow The Koran.

The New American – UN Report: World Religions Must Accept Sex Perverts

I hope that helps clarify matters.

Reviewing this GBC event in the wider stream of time in a crazy and insane global situation, and the cock-fight I witnessed in the John Macintosh Hall on Thursday evening, the following quote from Abraham Lincoln, who “Died Suddenly”, seems so very apt to share in the moment at a deeply profound and spiritual level. James Neish, and Dr John Cortes ought to get my meaning.

It was Muad’Dib who said “THE SLEEPERS MUST AWAKEN, LONG LIVE THE FIGHTERS”. Muad’Dib is The Gibraltar Messenger.


Clips can be found on Tony Farrell’s JAHTalk video channel.