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The UNGodly United Nations Promotes Perversion

Here is another example of the Satanic New World Order United Nations Pushing Abominations:

UN Report: World Religions Must Accept Sex Perverts

by R. Cort Kirkwood

An “independent expert” who toils for the United Nations has demanded that Christians reorder their teachings to accept and accommodate homosexuals, “transgenders,” pedophiles, and other freaks, weirdos, and perverts. (Deut. 23:17; Lev. 20:13)

The demand came in a report to the UN from Victor Madrigal-Borloz, the “Independent Expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity (UN IE SOGI).” 

That mouthful of polysyllabic puffery is UN speak for “Head Groomer.”

Aside from telling at least one big lie, Madrigal-Borloz expostulated at length about how tough perverts and groomers have it because of religious authorities, and that “states” must set straight religious figures. So religious freedom and rights for perverts are incompatible.

“Religious conservatives” — meaning traditional Christians — must change and toe the UN’s line. Or else.

Religion? It Doesn’t Mean Anything

Early in the report, Madrigal-Borloz delivered a whopper about the nature of religion.

“Within a human-rights framework, the term ‘religion’ does not describe a homogeneous, static entity,” he wrote:

Religious norm, tradition, and community are not part of a single institution, and religion describes a multitude of dynamic, contested, and evolving beliefs and values that inspire hope, guide action, imbue identity and help people make meaning of their life experiences.

The “expert” also explained that religions that don’t accept sex perversion are discriminating, and implicitly suggested that such “discrimination” is “violence.”

“The State obligation to adopt measures to eradicate such violence and discrimination continues nevertheless to face opposition,” he wrote. The UN must eliminate that opposition.

He’s quite disturbed that a “state’s human rights obligations must be calibrated against the dominant religious and belief or cultural orthodoxies in national contexts,” and that “the right to be free from discrimination and violence based on sexual orientation and gender identity conflicts with national religious and belief sensibilities.”

As well:

Notions of “traditional values,” “public morals” and “national values” are commonly used in discourses that are hostile to the human rights of women, LGBT persons and religious and belief minorities, and often rely implicitly or explicitly on religious and belief norms and values, also linked with patriotism and patriarchal gender and family norms.

Another of his concerns is the “autonomy” that churches and religions enjoy, and protections against state interference with their beliefs and practices. That “principle” often ends in sex perverts “being excluded” from participating with normal people in normal activities. That’s bad for the perverts, who are “marginalized” and “stigmatized.”

Thus, “states have a duty to create ‘an enabling environment’ where dissenters, dissidents, progressive reformers and activists are protected against violence and harmful practices from the larger religious community, so that they can assert their agency and participate in religious discourse on an equal footing.”

In other words, the state should force churches to permit — and pastors to perform — homosexual “marriages.”

The UN is of course worried about sex perverts who are forced, or those who feel forced, to leave churches or faith communities, the author wrote. Because “alienation from organized religion” affects “the ability of the individual to seek happiness through spirituality.”

Disorganized religion is always available, but anyway, we must “shift narratives claiming that the exercise of freedom of religion or belief is incompatible with the equal enjoyment of human rights.”

Another thing the UN doesn’t like: states that permit religious exemptions to providing health care and services to sex perverts.

“United Nations human rights bodies have recognized conscientious objection in the limited context of military service,” the report observed, yet the “the Human Rights Committee has advised States to remove all barriers to effective access by women and girls to safe legal abortion caused as a result of conscientious objections by individual medical providers.”

But “states cannot permit conscience-based refusals of healthcare to infringe on the rights of patients, including the right to reproductive healthcare.” If they do, then those objections are limited to “individuals,” not “institutions.” That would include Catholic hospitals that refuse to murder the unborn or castrate young men who falsely believe they are the “wrong gender.”

Though the report doesn’t mention them, one wonders what it means for pedophiles who now identify as “minor-attracted persons.” Normalizing pedophilia and adult-child sex is a longtime goal of the homosexual movement and its weirdo enablers.

We’ll Decide What Your Teachings Mean, and You Will Obey

In a news release, the UN summarized Madrigal-Borloz’s report with this headline: “Freedom of religion or belief not incompatible with equality for LGBT persons: UN expert.” That’s the opposite of what the report clearly says.

After that, the globalist sexpert claimed that “religious narratives have been deliberately used to justify violence and discrimination — often in defiance of the doctrine of those faiths, and also beyond the scope of the right [to] freedom of religion or belief.”

What the “doctrines” are is unclear, given that the world’s two main religions, Islam and the Christian faith, explicitly condemn sexual perversion. That small truth aside, here’s one possible reading of that claim:

We’ll decide what you believe, and you’ll like it.

Source: The New American – UN Report: World Religions Must Accept Sex Perverts

Excerpts from The Way home or face The Fire:

12:67 The next step, was to get the eunuchs and homosexuals/sodomites in government, to make sodomy legal, and, with that, came queer liberation, which, combined with women’s liberation, and the general emasculation of men, has brought about an almost total, and complete reversal of GOD’S order of things. The world, now, instead of learning to be good, and advancing towards being like Jesus; with women learning to be perfect women, so that they can eventually EARN their right to become men; is now going BACKWARDS, with the castration (metaphorically) of men (Deut. 23:1), and their emasculation, and men going BACKWARDS, reverting to being women.

12:78 Legalizing homosexuality/sodomy has, naturally, brought about an increase in the molesting of little boys.
12:79 Along with all this emasculation of mankind, and women’s effect on things; by allowing themselves to be used UNWITTINGLY, by Satan, to get God’s Laws changed; capital and corporal punishment have been abolished, in many countries, which has brought about a further perversion of God’s Plans.
12:80 God created the bodies, so that He would be able to punish, and discipline the souls/Beings, and people have reversed that, by abolishing the punishing of the body, and have gone to Satan’s standard – money.

12:69 The world; just like in the times of Noah and Sodom and Gomorrah; is rushing headlong to its own destruction, on the Last-Day, except that, THIS TIME, there will be NO MORE SECOND CHANCES. You have already had thousands of years, and millions of chances to get it right, and you are still here.

Return to God’s Law or continue on the UN-road to Hell-fire.