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A Global Gibraltar – That’s The Plan

For Gibraltarians who are flabbergasted at the actions of the government; and who cannot wrap their heads around why Government of Gibraltar (GoG) politicians and officials are acting outside and above their domain – using Covid19 as a political platform to usher in all kinds of draconian measures, coupled with sustainability goals – you need to first understand that your politicians are one of three things:

1) Globalists – wealthy individuals who make millions off scamming their own and robbing others, even entire nations (like in Africa); while at the same time, working toward the goal of creating a one world government – where a few get to rule everyone else.

2) Puppets of globalists ­–well-paid individuals who are placed in positions to facilitate the directives of the globalists. Think home-grown, but who have an appetite for power and money; and who readily accept bribes and benefits through shell-companies and money-laundering.

3) Afraid of globalists – These are the ones who join them because they don’t have the courage to fight them. They don’t want to become targets that could lead them to ruin. Think intimidation and blackmail.

If you want to falsely believe that Gibraltar’s politicians and other ruling officials actually care about locals, then go ahead and keep your head in the sand. See where that gets you. So far, they have managed to sell-off the ground you walk on; mortgage the house you live in; and create a debt that’s impossible for you to repay.

It’s going to get darker and more oppressive until you seek The Light.

In the Bible God commanded you to fight evil wherever you find it. Would you recognize it if it were standing in parliament?

Sitting at home wishing and hoping for a “return to the old normal” isn’t going to cause that to happen.

Admit it; even the old normal wasn’t great – you were still a struggling debt-slave; spiritually void with a fixation on materialism. Now, you are just imprisoned labor or subjects to socialism. To get your parliament members to actually take your concerns into account and act on them is like asking a prison governor and its guards to take inmates grievances seriously. They may hear the inmates squabbling, but with their noses held high, they can easily “keep calm; and carry on”, dismissing any protest to their way of thinking – which is “that they are simply better equipped to rule”.

Why are all these “new normal dystopian” measures being enacted? Why is the government using Covid19 to “rebuild” Gibraltar into something they consider “better”? And why in hell are they not taking your concerns seriously?

In order to understand the WHY, of why Gibraltar’s politicians are enacting all these restrictions and plans, you may need to place any emotional attachment to your captors/overlords aside.

The reason why Fabian Picardo and other Gibraltar politicians, like Joe Bossano, seem impervious to you is because THEY DON’T ANSWER TO YOU.

They answer to their masters. And their masters expect results in ushering-in The Global Plan – which is a one-world government with only the top echelon running the show. Gibraltar’s politicians are more than likely just like those of the Nazi party in days of old – just wanting to be taken care of, by the party, and have privileges and the nicer things in life. It’s called looking out for number one. They are materialistic and driven by money/greed, so much so they’d sell out their own people for a piece of the pie. They would also ignore gross human-rights abuses, in order to make deals that benefit them.

An example in history: Stalin starved millions of his own people in the Ukraine during 1932-1933, stealing and exporting their grain, whilst adding insult to injury by making them load it on trains. Wheat was considered Stalin’s gold. Stories of how the Ukrainians were being starved to death in the Holodomor were hidden by the government, and any news of this abuse was censored. If word did get out, it was discredited. Today: we hear stories of how the Chinese Communist Party is abusing their own, the Falun Gong, Uyghur Muslims and Chinese Christians – and the stories are horrific. Yet, again, British (and Gibraltar) politicians choose to ignore this gross abuse, in order to make deals that financially benefit them.

Matthew 6:24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and materialism.

You may wonder why British politicians and ruling elite can align themselves with communists. It is Marxism that binds them. They have the mark of the beast in their foreheads (which means in their minds). Please read Revelation Chapter 13 in the King of kings’ Bible for the correct interpretation of prophecy. Hitler wanted to rule the world for 1000 years; and his way of thinking led to the formation of the European Union (the fourth Reich), with its central base in Brussels to hide its German Nazi origins, although it’s really led by Germany; but more specifically by the top echelon of what we consider the rich elite. It’s a tiered system.

Satanist Marxism is the enemy of God. And if you love God, fight His enemy. Understand Marxism is anti-God and they want all allegiance to God diverted to the worshipping the State Government. We’ve seen His enemy write their own versions of the Bible to be more “politically correct” and “inclusive” – Blasphemy. And more recently, the Synagogue of Satan is hell-bent on labeling The Bible Anti-Semitic and others calling it hate speech/crime – Blasphemy. Now, the CCP wants to write its version; where the higher power is essentially re-interpreted as the Party – Blasphemy. Do you see where this is leading? T.H.E.Y. want to ban God and The Bible.

We are at spiritual war in Biblical proportions; and if you are not on God’s side, you are against Him. You will be judged by the real Governor of this prison planet on your deeds or actions and thoughts, so it might be prudent to check your own heavenly score against the Bible’s Criterion; and start adding “good” deeds to counter your rap-sheet of evil and complacency.

To know locally who is betraying you and ushering in a communist way of life, it’s easy to identify a few players by looking at who is “friendly” with and helping the Chinese Communist Party to infiltrate Gibraltar. It’s no secret that Albert Isola and Joe Bossano praise China or romance CCP companies. Also worth noting is the CCP uses “friendship groups”, as described in China Uses “Friendship Groups” To Infiltrate And Divide Europe. The Gibraltar Chinese Association, set up to build friendship, is supported by the Chinese Embassy in the UK. And Gibraltar politicians were quick to look at the commercial side of such an association.

Stories are coming to light about how the CCP has been stealing trade secrets and technology from The West. Does Gibraltar engage in any technological activity that would benefit the CCP in knowing or understanding, or even influencing its direction? Could they use this knowledge for financial gain to pay for and usher in a communist take-over? It’s happening worldwide on a global scale, so do you think it’s not happening in Gibraltar too?

Although you need to be aware of the CCP presence, this post is about traitors in The West, but the CCP plays a part in the overall scheme. And while Hong Kong Al and China Joe are readily identifiable, others are not.

Please pay special attention to this quote from Marcus Tullius Cicero: “A nation can survive its fools, and even the ambitious. But it cannot survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and carries his banner openly. But the traitor moves amongst those within the gate freely, his sly whispers rustling through all the alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself.”

You could identify them by a few markers – and understand that it’s about the ruling class and then everyone else.

Marxists like the CCP model. After all, they invented communism and its been tested and considered successful in The East. Make no mistake, it is the model T.H.E.Y. want for the world; and all this technological advancement with the Internet of Things is going to allow them to control you through digital money, vaccine passes ­– basically total surveillance.

While you need to be aware of the CCP for several reasons, you need to be more aware of traitors within your own gates. To know locally who is betraying you from within, examine ties to the enemies who sit in think-tanks, boardrooms, parliament houses, banks, non-governmental organizations, and secret societies. T.H.E.Y. are the ones who have carpet-bombed Gibraltar and the rest of the world with a fantastical pandemic.

It’s only going to get worse according to Christ, until you repent and turn to Him for help and governance.

Controlling the food-supply is another area they are manipulating. T.H.E.Y. have purposely created food shortages using Covid19 as an excuse. T.H.E.Y. have closed farms, where food has been ploughed-under or destroyed; T.H.E.Y. have shut meat-processing plants – all in the name of this political virus. T.H.E.Y. have even destroyed Beirut’s grain supply with the latest bombing. You don’t think they are manipulating these food shortages? WAKE UP. What’s coming is the price of food items will sky-rocket and none is grown in Gibraltar, even though Christ advised you years ago to grow food on every available piece of ground. So, people will become dependent on The State, which is why some are stocking-up like in Washington State, and they are the ones who are really emptying the shelves. You will be told that if you want to eat, you must OBEY. Do you see where entire groups are going to starve? We are talking Biblical proportions. This is happening because they have made you scared of a boogeyman virus, that you have to be tested for to even know you have it. You are likely to test positive if you have antibodies for the common cold in your system. T.H.E.Y. are going to force you to take a deadly vaccine. Do you not see where this is going? If you don’t think food shortage and higher prices are already happening, research it. Months ago Romania stopped exporting its grain. Ask local distributers are they experiencing backlog on orders.

Gibraltar, like the rest of the world, was hit with a Covid19 bomb; and while it wasn’t nuclear, it has been just as devastating. And all these restrictions, that have been incoming like missiles out of nowhere, are to prepare you for the next step in the global plan, which is to rebuild and recover – something globalists are calling Build Back Better (B3). It’s become a mantra for the globally-minded like Joe Biden, Boris Johnson, the Arab Region, even the International Telecommunications Union. Look out for it being used in Gibraltar too, like the “New Normal” Mantra.

In fact, if you look at the We Mean Business Coalition, you’ll see the “pressure” from companies (200+ UK, 330+ US & still hundreds worldwide) for governments to conform. You’ll also notice the Prince of Wales Corporate Leaders’ Group and CLG Europe are involved: read its Green Recovery Knowledge Hub. Afterwards, ask yourself, who do your politicians really answer to? You are not only dealing with Marxists, you are dealing with Corporate Fascists.

According to a must-read article featured on ZeroHedge, entitled Beware Plans To Build Back Better:

The mess wrought by extreme government intervention has been magnified by coronavirus. The central planners took a bad situation and made it dramatically worse. They destroyed the economy so they could build back better. Central planners, no doubt, love this kind of stuff. They find meaning and purpose in it. What’s more, it makes them feel smart…especially when they can use fake models and fake science to support their decrees…”

Read also: ‘Build Back Better’ – The Latest Code Phrase for Green Global Tyranny

It’s a catchy, fine-sounding, optimistic phrase but it’s not one he invented himself. And its meaning, unfortunately, is a far cry from what you might hope to hear from a Conservative prime minister rebuilding a wrecked economy.

Build back better” is actually an United Nations invented phrase and what it actually means is more world government, more green taxes and regulation, more expensive energy, more identity politics, more corporatism/fascism — and, of course, less freedom and entrepreneurialism.”

See: What does ‘build back better’ really mean? by the UN.

Yes, Build Back Better is another step forward in the Globalist’s Plan. This phrase was used in describing how to build back better the Middle East after years of war and destruction – and it is related to the UN’s Agenda 2030 (UN-Habitat, WorldGBC and Chatham House Join Forces to Develop a Regional Agenda for Sustainable Recovery, Regeneration and Reconstruction for The Arab Region).

UN-Habitat, World Green Building Council and Chatham House signed an MoU during the 1st UN-Habitat Assembly to develop a regional agenda for sustainable recovery, regeneration and reconstruction for the Arab region.”

The MoU will lay the groundwork for a regional agenda for sustainable recovery, regeneration and reconstruction in which the re-built environment contributes to healthy, resource-secure and climate-resilient societies. This regional agenda will be aligned with principles of sustainable development and build back better anchored in the UN Agenda for Sustainable Development 2030…”

You need to get familiar with these plans, because they, like other global initiatives, represent the real manifesto of the Government of Gibraltar, and ones that these conceited politicians are striving for. Politicians are not in their positions to get kudos from the public, but to obey and get the recognition from their masters.

1) Building back better: A sustainable, resilient recovery after COVID-19 by The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

2) Build Back Better: Innovating Through Partnerships by SustainAbility

3) Green Stimulus can repair global economy and climate, study says

The findings of the study, published in the Oxford Review of Economic Policy, provide academic backing to the calls for a “green recovery” that have been made by leading experts amid the Covid-19 crisis.”

To Gibraltar politicians, these reports outline the roadmap they are to take, just like in keeping step with the Rockefeller Foundation’s LOCKSTEP to create a top-down authoritarian government.

For more on LOCKSTEP, please read: Phase Three of the Lockdown is Lethal – Rockefeller’s LOCK-STEP Explained.

They are selling the rebuild as “GREEN” with key words like “sustainability”. This is why the Gibraltar government is moving forward with plans that seem outside and over and above what is needed to address Covid19. They are rebuilding Gibraltar with green-sustainability into something they consider “better” – this is how your enslavement is being sold to you. They spin it to make it sound “better”, but it’s actually “stricter”.

When Fabian Picardo met with the Spanish Minister of Foreign Affairs, they talked about a “future of shared prosperity”. This means they are on the same page, bowing to the Globalist Plan and their shared roles in ushering it into The Campo. The globalists will demand an agreement, because getting countries on the same page is paramount, especially in terms of using Covid19 for their environmental initiatives. Again, see the We Mean Business Coalition website, “Governments working on plans to rebuild their economies should pair recovery action with climate action to ensure that they, and the companies they support, emerge stronger than before.” What are Picardo’s talking points?

Local politicians are rebuilding Gibraltar into an authoritarian police-state under the pretext of Covid19. Many have figured this out. But you’ve got to see where they are coming from and heading, and where you fit in. Your enslavement and dependence on The State must be accomplished. And every time you give-in to their incrementally imposed restrictions (Fabianism), they know they have you just a little bit more; then it’s time to move the goalpost, from lockdown, curfews, debit-cards, fines and face-mask and vaccination regulations. When Covid19 first hit Gibraltar, did you expect that they’d get away with legislating life imprisonments for infractions to their demands? If you think it can’t get worse, buckle up. The darkest hour comes just before the dawn. There are too many Gibraltarians blindly following them into hellfire. So Father will allow it to get darker and darker, until more of you seek The Light; and do it His Way – but as always it’s a free-will choice to keep doing it your wrong way. How’s that working out?

Right now, how hard is it for a few politicians “to entertain” and distract some 30,000 people, as the New World Order slowly closes in? Other puppet politicians in the UK (like Boris Johnson) are in charge of much higher population numbers. Gibraltar hardly needs such globalists’ attention, as long as their puppets are moving ahead at a pace reasonable to the overall plan.

Your politicians are too busy brown-nosing their superiors, kissing their backsides and grovelling for a crumb in the coming regime to take too much notice of, let alone, answer to all of the common folk beneath them, whom they are supposed to serve, but have inverted the relationship to become their masters.

It is this fatal conceit that will eventually cause their undoing. Don’t let them wear you down so much so that you give up. This beast, or dragon, isn’t going down without a fight.

What is fatal conceit?

In the movie Star Wars, Princess Leia tells Governor Tarkin, “The more you tighten your grip Tark, the more star systems will slip through your fingers.”

We see that starting to happen in Gibraltar – more and more people are seeing the traitors for who they really are. And just like Tarkin, the lying, conniving, back-stabbing politicians are too conceited to see their own destruction coming. Seriously, they don’t see it – they are way too smug and arrogant.

But more and more Gibraltarians are waking-up. The Facebook group “5G Gibraltar Under Attack” became a group with a wider focus because everyone had time to look around and call foul. That group-page started featuring posts about Covid19, vaccines, Chemtrails and more. Eventually, Defending-Gibraltar was set up, so that we all could share information without being banned by the Tech Giants or shills, because like other freedoms, the globalists plan to ban freedom-of-speech.

Next, came the Open Your Eyes Group (OYE) that took the fight to the streets, and to the doors of the government. Hats off to them.

The Gibraltar Panorama’s Leo Olivero gave OYE a voice – without a government spin. He has been diligent in reporting the issues and concerns of these locals; as well as questioning the actions of the GoG himself. Hats off to him as well.

Here are some of his recent short articles:

1) Decisions still being taken under Covid seal of approval

The question is, ‘how does the government know this and how can anyone including Picardo, possibly know, if the countless decisions taken so far, or since March, have been the correct ones, or if the barrage of measures and actions introduced were proportionately appropriate, considering the Gibraltar Covid stance?”

Answer: Fatal Conceit, as described below.

2) Post Covid ‘New Normal’ controversies!

Controversially, the government has adopted and introduced policies and plans that have put into question ‘what kind of post-Covid Gibraltar’ we can expect, but not necessarily wanted by the majority. Do these national planners really know, how they come up with these extraordinary strategic conclusions, like the ‘environmental angle’ to the closure of Line Wall Road, as a classic example.”

Answer: The environmental angle is part of the next phase, as per the global roadmap.

3) Politics of today not enough to placate independent-minded public!

A disturbing situation marked by a scenario brought about in my opinion, by months of Covid lockdown and how decisions on public health, but also government plans and policies drawn up to unlock Gibraltar, including previously unannounced government policies that have clearly become unpopular.”

Leo Olivero’s assessment of what is going on and really pointing out is the fatal conceit of the Gibraltar politicians; and it’s clear that hidden agendas are at play, like described in the Beware Plans To Build Back Better article.

Politically, U.S. Senator Rand Paul described it best in terms of how a few local men or small group is making decisions for the whole; but how their “predictions” if wrong could have devastating effects.

Paul said, “Fatal conceit is the concept that central planning with decision making concentrated in a few hands can never fully grasp the millions of complex individual interactions occurring simultaneously in the marketplace. It’s a fatal conceit to believe any one person or small group of people has the knowledge necessary to direct an economy or dictate public health behavior.”

DGTV – US Senator Rand Paul on Fatal Conceit

Or you can read-up on what he said here: Fed-up with Fauci, Rand Paul shreds him for treating Americans like sheep! ‘When are we going to tell people the truth?’

Sen. Paul isn’t the only one pointing out that the small group of people in control is guilty of fatal conceit. Read this article at the Washington Examiner: The bureaucrats’ fatal conceit

The fatal conceit manifests whenever government goes beyond the sensible bounds that the framers established. And his apparent expectation is that everyone will simply bow in obedience to whatever he says.

In the end, this seemingly inexorable march is toward leftist authoritarianism.

The expansion of government power over virtually every aspect of our lives by bureaucrats and government officials is just another way to make people bow before power and authority.

The fatality in Friedrich Hayek’s The Fatal Conceit is simply that no society that attempts to regulate an economy through some dimwitted central authority can survive.

The bureaucrats interposing their ideas in every aspect of our lives are simply replacing each person’s individual choices and will, with that of the bureaucrats.”

Gibraltar politicians take their orders from local Palomas and other masters in London – like those hiding in Chatham House.

With all this secrecy and unanswered questions in Gibraltar, one has to ask, “Does Chatham House rule Gibraltar?” It may well be the first reigning tier above local politicians and officials, but Elizabeth is its head patron? Chatham House “experts” are on the scenes to chime in about many topics concerning Gibraltar –whether they be about Brexit, or the Iranian Tanker, or Covid19.

They even use the mantra “Build Back Better” in an environmental focus report: “Building Back Better: The Low Carbon Transition and the Role of the Financial Sector.”

Gibraltar might as well consider Prof. David Heymann, fellow at The Chatham House Global Health Programme its own Minister of Public Health. Have you noticed that what he says goes? Why pay Sohail Bhatti when Gibraltar relies on Heymann?

1) Virtual Meeting with WHO

Minister for Public Health Prof John Cortes and Director of Public Health Dr Sohail Bhatti, accompanied by Civil Contingencies Coordinator Ivor Lopez, this afternoon attended a virtual meeting of the World Health Organisation’s Strategic and Technical Advisory Group for Infectious Hazards (STAG-IH). This was at the invitation of its Chair, Prof David Heymann, who holds regular briefings with Public Health Gibraltar and GHA representatives.”

2) Minister Cortes Statement on Covid19

On Thursday, together with Minister for Health and Care Paul Balban, Director of Public Health Dr Sohail Bhatti and Dr Krish Rawal, GHA Medical Director, and thanks to Dominique Searle our London representative who also facilitated it, we had the second of our video conferences with Professor David Heymann.”

3) A second Minister Cortes Statement on Covid19

I had the opportunity, together with Paul Balban and Sohail Bhatti, to have a private video conference with Prof David Heymann, a top advisor to the World Health Organisation. We were able to get a first hand update on the latest WHO thinking as well as to discuss our past actions and possible next steps.”

“… he (Heymann) was attending a WHO meeting at which the latest advice on immunity was going to be agreed; and we got a fascinating preview of it.”

Bhatti’s wishy-washy flip-flop stance on face-masks mimicked Heymann’s.

Heymann originally said face-masks don’t really help, but social distancing is better.

Heymann then changes his mind; and said face-masks may work and might be better than social distancing.

Prof David Heymann CBE, a World Health Organization (WHO) adviser, said, “I think that wearing a mask is equally effective or more effective than distancing.”

His flip-flop thinking is in part due to the hamster study out of Hong Kong, China; and now Heymann wants to put hamsters on planes.

Seriously, and people want to hold him in high esteem for his expertise, which actually may be more in the area of COINTELPRO. These recommendations about face-masks and social distancing oppose each other, which will purposely cause people cognitive dissonance and confuse them; which will lead to them just following what they are told, because they can’t decide what is Truth.

Think about it, PRO-VAXXER Heymann – who spoke to Elizabeth 2 on Ebola and malaria at Chatham House – promotes the very vaccines that were and are paid for by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and GAVI, like yellow fever and polio.

For more on the evils of the polio vaccine, see Vaccine Impact News.

Is it any surprise that the Global Health Programme at Chatham House receives funding from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Rockefeller Foundation, World Health Organization and more? Would you consider this involvement to be conflicts of interest?

Would it surprise you that The Chatham House also contributes to the WHO’s Global Preparedness Monitoring Board. Here is its annual report released in September 2019, which features none other than the corona-virus on its cover. How prescient of the GPMB authors of the report to have such a clear-cut vision about what was to come two months later? Obviously they had foreknowledge of the plandemic.

While these organizations seem like different entities, their initiatives, goals, people and funding are linked somewhere in the layers. And all together, they form a hydra that is strangling the world. And they use their puppets as front men.

Boris essentially receives kudos from the higher ranks in this propaganda piece: Scientists give cautious support to Johnson hints that face masks could be mandatory in shops

If you want to know more about how the public is being manipulated, read the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) report. Do your own research on how they design psychological techniques for behavioural change/manipulation. You can start here:

1) Independent Scientific Pandemic Influenza Group on Behaviours (SPI-B)

2) Options for increasing adherence to social distancing measures (22 March 2020)

The UK was listening to SAGE advisors, but the group has since been downgraded – which probably had to do with them being exposed for their secrecy, conflicts of interest, and SAGE advisor, Neil Ferguson, breaking lockdown rules (maybe he knows more than the general public about this so-called virus). Thus, it was time for the UK to distance from SAGE and rebrand into the secretive Joint Biosecurity Centre.

David Heymann heads the Global Health Programme. And the Global Health Programme at Chatham House is delivered by the Centre for Universal Health, which seeks to advance the health-related Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), engage in the political economy of health and health sector reforms and support better governance, leadership and accountability.

Previously, Heymann worked for the World Health Organization (WHO), as assistant director-general for health security and environment, and representative of the director-general for polio eradication. He’s also worked for the U.S. Center for Disease Control (CDC) with Public Health England (PHE). Yes, he can be identified as one of the global players who make the rounds within the order.

What you may not realize is The Chatham House is part of the New World Order and only one head of the Hydra that controls Gibraltar. Chatham House, formally the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA) was identified as a branch of the Committee of 300, exposed by Dr. John Coleman.

Please read: Conspirators’ Heirarchy: The Story of the Committee of 300

I was thoroughly familiar with all of the well-known secret societies such as the Royal Institute for International Affairs (RIIA), the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the Bilderbergers, Trilaterals, the Zionists, Freemasonry, Bolshevism- Rosicrucianism and all of the spin-offs of these secret societies.” – Dr. John Coleman.

You may wonder how the CCP ties in with the UK and the New World Order. As already brought up, Marxist Ideology binds them, but they are not necessarily best of friends. Each is playing the other (the Westerners like the money; and the CCP likes control).

Before you continue to fall for all the non-sense, let an independent doctor weigh in. Please read Dr. Jim Meehan’s article, Physician and Medical Journal Editor: Healthy People Should Not Wear Face Masks, which is well-written and sourced about the bad science of the pandemic.

Meehan even addresses the hamster study out of Hong Kong, asking, “Does this study of ‘masking’ hamster cages sound like the kind of solid scientific evidence that supports recommendations or mandates for everyone to wear masks during the CoVID-19 pandemic? No. The experiment did not create the same conditions experienced by masked humans.

He continues, and this is where Dr. Heymann may want to take note:

“Those citing this study to support wearing masks in the community are inappropriately extrapolating and conflating the experiment’s findings to contrive a conclusion the experimental methodology does not allow.”

All this is going to come to a head.

The Synagogue of Satan’s grand orchestration of the “Great Game” will blow up in their faces. T.H.E.Y. think they are going to be in control, but the kings of The East have other hidden plans. Gog and Magog are being prepared by God to destroy The West, for its treachery against Him, including the counterfeit State of Israel. Read Ezekiel 38. God is going to use them to prove He is the God of Israel – True Israel, the British and Americans and related nations.

Before this happens, a lot of them are going to die as cannon fodder, because the Synagogue of Satan is using China to destroy the real British Israelites (Anglo-Saxons – Isaac’s sons). The counterfeit State of Israel, whose leaders have been mainly of Russian Ashkenazi counterfeit-Jewish descent, have been back-stabbing the West by robbing them and selling their military and technological secrets to the Chinese for decades. Think of them as a broker. They want the West to destroy Iran and their other neighbors, so that they can expand.

The tables will turn. The kings of the East (Russia and China) will overcome and destroy the Two Witnesses, just as Christ prophesied. Please read The Four Horseman and The Two Witnesses.

The New World Order is moving everyone around on the chess-board; and they use their hydra to control what is happening – whether it’s Chatham House in the UK, or the Council of Foreign Relations in the U.S.; whether it’s the United Nations or the World Health Organization (both now controlled by China); whether it’s the Rockefellers in the States; or the Rothschilds in Europe; whether it’s the Hidden Hand; Illuminati or other secret societies; whether it’s this think-tank group or that think-tank group – they all bow to one master; and that is Satan, Lucifer, the Opposer – who is an absolute control-freak and opposed to all that is free, good, kind, honest, and beneficial. And unlike Jesus Christ, who didn’t accept the Devil’s worldly offers, many fallen men and women have exclaimed, “Where do I sign?” Like some in the Music Industry have admitted publicly on stage, for fame and fortune.

Gibraltar has already been told how to get out of the mess it is in, that the people still refuse to fully see the gravity of what we are up against. You will not be able to win without God on your side. Do you want to test this theory? If you want to exclude God from your plans, He can easily exclude you from His. In order to be Freemen, you must learn the Weirding Way – it is this Way that will literally obliterate the satanic NWO and its plans for The Rock. Please read Dune Gibraltar.

The Lord knows that you will not come to Him in repentance until it is very, very, dark and you are very oppressed, frightened and suffering-enough* – you are not there yet. He knows you have, thus far, rejected Him. But He waits patiently. He has warned you. And He will continue to warn you until the very END. And like in the days of Noah, when the rains finally came: The Fire will finally come.

*Hosea 5:15 I will go [and] return to My place, till they acknowledge their offence, and seek My face: in their affliction they will seek Me early.

If you want a quicker recovery from this nightmare that the Government of Gibraltar is calling “better”, reach out to The Lord. You should know by now how to reach Him.

Need courage? Read The Way home or face The Fire.

If you want to rebuild Gibraltar properly, select the Corner-Stone that the builders rejected.

This report was given as the August 2020 edition of Gibraltar Messenger.