Gibraltar Messenger

Bible Prophecies Have Always Been Fulfilled

by O. Kalu

Dear Charles Phillip Arthur George Battenberg/Windsor,

I hope this my letter finds you well and in good Spirit.

I’m sure that you might have heard or do know that CHRIST The King, Redeemer and Saviour of mankind is on Earth in His Second Coming in a new body with a new name – JAH, as it is written in the Bible book of Psalms 68:4. (Sing unto God, sing praises to His name: extol Him that rideth upon the heavens by His name JAH, and rejoice before Him). And I’m also sure you are no doubt aware that He Christ is to sit on the British Throne from where He would rule the entire world forever in this Second Coming.

With this in mind, I would like to refer you to a video of one of the preachers of the gospel of Christ Jesus, the Late Billy Graham when he was still alive and preaching; referred to the old video of the coronation ceremony of your beloved late mother, during her coronation to the British Throne in the nineteen fifties. In that video, in summary, he said that the then Archbishop of Canterbury after laying the Crown on her head, reminded her that the wearing of the crown by any crowned sovereign of the British Empire was temporary, until the return of Christ the rightful owner of the British Crown. You know quite well that this is a part of the history of the British Empire.

Billy Graham – The British Crown and Christ

Therefore, I am writing this in support and in line with His Royal Decree, that you should go kneel before Him, CHRIST – JAH, and surrender the Crown to Him at St. Michael’s Cave at the Rock of Gibraltar, on the 22nd of April 2023, in fulfilment of all the Bible prophecies, which have gone forth before His return.

Just as we were taught and some of us are privileged to understand and know, that He will come again in a time like this, as it is written in John 14:28 and Revelation 3:3: etc.

Even the prophecy of Prophet Ezekiel in the Bible book of Ezekiel chapter 21:25-27 also attests to the fact that there would no longer be an overturning of the British Crown when Christ returns as He is the rightful owner of The British Throne.

So Christ is here in fulfilment of these Bible prophecies and it behoves you, for the love of humanity, and if you truly love, honour and reverence the supremacy of God Almighty, Your Creator, and The Creator of the heavens and the Earth, and His laws and words as it is written in the Bible, to do the needful by surrendering the crown to Him, Christ – JAH, so He can put the world in the right order.

Just in case you are not aware or might have forgotten, I want to let you know or remind you that the words of God and 99% of the Bible prophecies have already been fulfilled. And the remaining 1% will unfailingly happen.

Only Him, JAH The CHRIST has the only survival plan for all human+Beings.

Please, I implore you to trust Him and give my request a trial, so as to avoid doom for the entire world.

Sincerely from me,

O. Kalu

This letter has been added to Crown Prince Michael in Gibraltar.