Gibraltar Messenger

An Extraordinary Action Needed to Heal Britain

by Jim F.

Dear Charles Battenberg/Windsor,

I write to you, to encourage you to submit to Christ’s Royal Decree, entitled, A ROYAL DECREE BY THE BRITISH KING OF ISRAEL through which action, you will at long last be able to fulfill, once and for all, that which you have stated in the past, has been an extraordinary feeling you have had, of having a personal duty and wish to try and find a way to improve things for everybody and their lives:

“I’ve had this extraordinary feeling, for years and years, ever since I can remember really, of wanting to heal and make things better,” he explained. “I feel more than anything else it’s my duty to worry about everybody and their lives in this country, to try to find a way of improving things if I possibly can.”

This implies an important personal responsibility and calling, to be willing to do what ever would be required in order for it to become not just a feeling, or a hope, but a reality. Such an improving and healing of things, can indeed become a reality, and what is more, it can happen in the here and now. Only, you will need to aim higher than any of your predecessors have done before you and then, follow through with it, by appearing before, and then handing over, the reigns and Crown to Christ, Who is here, now.

On The Way to Emmaus Again (Scripture explained again at the end of the 20th Century)

Only Christ is capable, as also only He is Eligible, of bringing that about in the world, the very wish that you have had for so many years and to make it into a reality.

I have personally known Christ in His Second Incarnation, for over 16 years and do testify to you, that He truly is Who He says He is and that you can trust Him implicitly, and completely, to do what is best for all, including you. I therefore encourage you Charles, to have no doubt.

This is your opportunity, to do now, that which no one before you, has ever had both the courage, or the opportunity, to bring to a fulfillment. To kneel, before the King of kings Himself and then hand over the British Crown, to Him – the One to Whom it rightfully belongs.

I hope, that you will take this sincere encouragement and admonition to heart. Have the courage and seize the opportunity to do, what none before you has done, for the real and true benefit and healing, of all.

Only Christ can do this and you need His help, now more than ever, as do we all!

Final note:

Jesus Christ said you cannot be saved unless you are born again as your spirit being, find out what that really means by digesting the hidden manna found in The Little Book (Rev. 10:2).

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Peace be upon you.
A disciple of Christ,
Jim F.

This letter has been added to Crown Prince Michael in Gibraltar.