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Charles and Britain’s Constitutional Crisis

by Darren Smith, The Light Paper; with added hyperlinks and references to Charles being King removed.

Charles may put our system of democracy in danger.

WEF, Klaus Schwab, speaks with, Prince Charles, 4th Industrial Revolution, The Great Reset, New World Order

CONSTITUTIONAL researchers are warning of a crisis should Charles be crowned next month without formally retracting his endorsement of globalist policies and agendas.

The researchers have written to the Duke of Norfolk regarding the King’s declared backing of the World Economic Forum agenda in a major policy speech in 2020. They say this is in contravention of the Coronation Oath – a cornerstone of the British constitution that the monarch is required by law to take, and which for centuries has guaranteed the freedoms and rights of the people, and their position as sovereign over parliament and therefore government.

Researchers Justin Walker and William Keyte claim that King Charles’s allegiances to policy initiatives connected to the United Nations and many other unelected globalist organisations {ie. WEF, Trilateral Commission} will further remove the remaining freedoms that have been whittled away over the centuries.

They say these policies cannot be consistent with one swearing an oath to ‘uphold the ancient laws and customs’ of the land. The pair have called for a public retraction of such support before the Coronation is to take place on May 6 at Westminster Abbey.

While it is highly unlikely the Palace is going to issue any such statement, public awareness of such an important matter regarding the future direction of the nation can only grow.

And the pressure may build for Charles to retract his allegiance and endorsement of ‘green’ agenda policies in the coming months ahead, as public opposition to travel restrictions and yet more surveillance, including a digital ID system, grows even louder.

Fearmongering about the weather has been shoehorned into public consciousness for decades, and it is based on nothing more than provable deceptions, paid science and propaganda techniques.

But now we are seeing these manufactured beliefs evolve into policy in our towns and on our streets, affecting our everyday lives, and as the people of Thetford and other towns and cities are showing, there is already strong public resistance to this agenda, which is both unnecessary and extremely damaging to local communities. Our ancestors were well aware of the potential for tyranny in any centralised government, which is why they framed the constitutional principles in the articles of Common Law of the Great Charter of 1215.

It is this which binds all future governments, and Charles is duty-bound to refuse to give Royal Assent to laws which are ‘to the prejudice of the people’.

Walker and Keyte state: “The law of the land takes absolute precedence over any statutory legislation that has been passed by Parliament, especially if it is contrary to the fundamental principles and the effective protection that is our Common Law Constitution.

“Unless the people wish to experience outright tyranny, common sense dictates that Parliament must never be allowed to write itself into constitutional authority.”

The original ancient Law that ruled the British People was their Covenant with God. Under that Covenant the monarch is prohibited from using their position for personal material gain of any kind and from making up their own laws and taxes and economic policies; either themselves or their politicians.

Faithfully serving God means obeying Him and His Law, and, the first time monarchs give “Royal Assent” to any piece of legislation, they break that solemn Coronation Oath, and are no longer the monarch with immediate effect. – The Truth about the British Monarchy.

Source: The Light Paper, April 2023

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