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Charles and The Great Retraction – The WEF Technocracy is Unconstitutional

Most of us know about the nefarious endgame to the Great Reset – it’s time to learn about the Great Retraction, which aims to disavow foreign entities like the World Economic Forum from governing the British Nation.

While this campaign isn’t about Re-instating God’s Law, which must be done for ultimate success; it’s about educating the British nation about its identity; which can be a stepping stone to educating Britain about its Biblical heritage; using the Coronation Oath of its monarchs.

What is the Great Retraction?

It’s a campaign started by an Open Letter to Edward William Fitzalan-Howard, Duke of Norfolk, The Earl Marshal, who is overseeing Charles’ coronation ceremony. The letter is featured below, as well as a PDF to download.

Recently Richard Vobes spoke with its authors Justin Walker (Hardwich Alliance) and William Keyte (Common Law Constitution), both returning guests on The Vobes show.

DGTV – The Great Royal Retraction – Is Charles Compromised?

Let’s look at the leg that they do stand on, by presenting the goals of their letter and the concerns they have:

The letter is a REMINDER to the Duke, and to the British Nation, that there is a potential Constitutional Crisis at hand.

“The first problem with the coronation is we think the political machine of government might be involved in the writing of that coronation oath – that in itself would be technically unlawful and unconstitutional,” said William Keyte.

“We are a little bit concerned about what the oath itself will eventually contain. I can go into what it must contain,” he continued.

Portion of the Open Letter.

Justin Walker also said the letter serves as a REMINDER about British citizens’ rights to Trial by Jury. “It means the people have the final say over the politicians who are coming up with their statutory rules and regulations… It’s basically saying we the people are in the driving seat, not career politicians,” Walker said.

Keyte explained: “You can’t have the political part of government sort of writing itself into constitutional authority. That’s the problem. They are meant to be bound by The Constitution. So, if they start messing around in the very mechanisms that underpin that constitution, then they are going to have all sorts of ways of getting in there and inverting it, and turning it upside down, and doing all the things they have done. It’s been incremental (Fabianism) as we talked about over a long time.”

Currently, Keyte and Walker believe the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (now DCMS) will be releasing the wording of The Oath; which is again a concern, because this cabinet office has its hands in implementing The Great Reset plan on Britain. “There is meant to be a clear separation between the political machinery of government and that which is constitutional,” said Keyte. The constitutional mechanisms are ABOVE the political machinery.

Walker explained, “We have got extremely powerful people, very wealthy people, people who are technocrats who are people at the cutting edge of technologies, who have been working together, for something like 50-60 years, coming together as the WEF, which meet annually at Davos. We just had one of the Davos meetings; and it’s being brought together under a gentlemen called Klaus Schwab and his family. His wife, son and daughter are all involved with it. And after the pandemic (and we won’t go into all that now), they’ve decided to bring about a thing called The Great Reset with the phrase ‘Build Back Better’, beforehand; and we’ve started noticing that politicians, all around the world, from the US president, to the Canadian Prime Minister, to Boris Johnson when he was PM, to the Archbishop of Canterbury – everybody uses this phrase, ‘Build, Back, Better’.”

“The technocracy they are planning to implement has been assembled before our very eyes – talk of central bank digital currencies, digital IDs, a Social Credit System, AI – you name it, but all these things go beyond our national sovereignty.”

We’re being taken outside of our national security, which is obviously what common law, and the constitution protects, Walker explained.

“And we are starting to find ourselves; like with the WHO and others, who are starting to take powers; where they can make sovereign decisions that will affect sovereign nations,” Walker said.

The moment that the monarch stops representing the British people, its sovereignty, its identity and customs, is the moment that the monarch nullifies his or her office, Keyte expounded.

“An important aspect to it would be to make sure the royal assent mechanism, sometimes known as the royal prerogative, is kept in place as well and used,” Keyte noted. “Not only is it the right of the monarch to use it, but also to refuse royal assent. The monarch is meant to throw out any proposed legislation that would be repugnant to the constitution, or infringe on the people’s liberties. And that mechanism isn’t operating correctly either. It was never used by Elizabeth.”

Note: Elizabeth broke her Coronation Oath and nullified her office when she gave her first royal assent to the very first piece of legislation, in contravention of God’s Law that she swore to maintain to the UTMOST of her power, which trumps Common Law.

Gibraltar Messenger’s Brighteon Channel – ELIZABETH 2 GO RIPPLE EFFECT

In the interview, they discuss her oath being signed at the top, as shown in the image above.

WEF, Klaus Schwab, speaks with, Prince Charles, 4th Industrial Revolution, The Great Reset, New World Order

Perhaps in his efforts to give Charles the benefit of the doubt, Walker gives too much credit to Charles’ innocence in this technocratic plan, since he authored the Green New Deal, saying of Charles:

“He’s somehow managed to get himself involved with being a champion of the Great Reset; and he helped launch it, from his website. He launched it, and sadly, it’s all to do with the fact that he buys into the fact we’ve got too much CO2, allegedly, and that the man-made global warming is a reason for curtailing everybody’s freedoms for the future. We’ve had 15-minute cities. We’re starting to see legislation coming in to restrain our freedoms, because we must protect the planet. Well, I’m sorry that is bad science; and as we speak, there is a conference taking place in Florida, where they are absolutely exposing the science behind that. In other words, we want more CO2, not less. Charles has been taken-in by this bad science; and as a result he is now supporting this Reset.”

Richard Vobes clarified, “You’ve written an open letter which effectively says, unless he retracts his involvement with the WEF and the WHO – The Great Reset – you feel he cannot properly continue as king, he cannot take The Oath, because it would not be in our interest. Is that correct?”

“We’re asking for a Great Retraction or what we call it: ‘A Great Royal Retraction’,” said Walker. “He’s been taken down a path that is not the correct path, and it’s certainly not the correct path for our freedoms; and our ancient liberties.”

Keyte: “It (his involvement) would actually be unlawful under our constitution.”

The interview ended with them encouraging Brits to read the letter, share it with their MPs, and even share it with their friends and neighbours, to educate themselves and others about The Constitution.

The Gibraltar Messenger would like to take it to the next, higher level – People need to understand The British Nation is bound by The Covenant it made with God. And unless it returns to that CONTRACT with God; they will be punished for their own treason against Him. It is the British King of Israel who can re-set this world as it was meant to be. Christ is also giving Charles the benefit of the doubt by outstretching His Hand to Charles, still, to protect His People. Find out how – Crown Prince Michael in Gibraltar.

Please watch the entire 33-minute video as the above are only excerpts from it.

PDF – A Royal Retraction is now required for the Coronation Oath to be taken.

About The Men in the Video:

Richard Vobes is an English entertainer, actor, independent filmmaker, writer and award-winning podcaster. He has produced close to 3,000 audio podcasts since January 2005. He has worked in both the corporate and broadcast sector. He trained in mime, was self-taught in various circus skills and experienced in both 16mm film and video production. About Richard Vobes. His YT Channel.

Justin Walker; of Hardwich Alliance, is also co-founder of The New Chartist Movement (the campaigning wing of the British Constitution Group) and a keen political ecologist; participated in this event, and suggested a working collaboration that would counteract the current abuses of the democratic process, by upholding the practice and virtues of Common Law; putting an end to the private debt-creating central banking system; and promoting real ecology in place of the current corporatized, fear-based and lie-ridden ‘green’ version being promoted by the corporate globalists, through their so-called ‘Green New Deal’.

William Keyte, teacher and constitutional expert, associated with both The New Chartist Movement and Common Law Constitution Organization.


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