Gibraltar Messenger

Evil has engulfed us because we have not kept The Law

by Corrion

Dear Charles Philip Arthur George Battenberg/Windsor,

This letter is written in support of Crown Prince Michael/The Christ, The King of kings and Lord of lords, The True British King of Israel, The High-Priest.

He has summonsed you by a Royal Decree to appear before Him in Gibraltar. In which you are commanded to come kneel before Him and give Him the British Crown on 22 April 2023, in St. Michael’s Cave at His Fortress of The Rock of Gibraltar.

It is with high hopes that you take this Royal Decree seriously to heart, along with all the supporting letters from around the world, encouraging you to give the crown to He whose right it is, by the authority of Father (the “I AM”).

The world cannot continue on its insane, lunacy-driven, self-destructive path, nor will it be allowed to. It is heading at warp speed to total annihilation (Armageddon). The ONLY way to stop it, is to return to keeping The Perfect Royal Law of Liberty, given to The British Nation Israel (True Israel), by The King and Ruler of The Universe Himself (via Moses), THE “I AM” THAT “I AM” in Horeb, Mt. Sinai.

Absolutely every evil that exists in the world today is precisely because we have not kept The Law. That is the truth and there’s no way around it. There is ONLY One True God, therefore there is ONLY One True Law, God’s Law. He gave us The Law to protect us from evil and prevent the very darkness we are engulfed in today. The choice is quite simple, we either return to keeping and living by The Law, or we shall die by The Law. All the glitter and pomp in this world is not worth that grievous penalty.

EliJAH/Muad’Dib/The Gibraltar Messenger is Crown Prince Michael/The Christ incarnated in His Second-Coming and there is no way in this hell to change course without Him. He is the One and ONLY incarnated Son of God and The Light of the world.

Note well, if you reject The Christ, you will be rejecting The King and Ruler of The Universe, The “I AM” THAT “I AM”. Make the honourable and right decision, please. Give The British Crown to its Rightful Owner.

Peace be upon you and within you,


This letter has been added to Crown Prince Michael in Gibraltar.