Gibraltar Messenger

Time for a Major Change – in you

24 August – by a Determined Student; published by Tony Farrell.

In light of the proposal for Mrs. Elizabeth Battenberg (alias queen) coming to Gibraltar to lay down her crown at Prince Michael’s feet, and letters of support written to you, Mr. David Steel, please consider the following:

At her fraudulent coronation, Elizabeth swore and signed an oath before God and the British people stating “I will to the utmost of my power maintain the Laws of God and the true profession of the Gospel”, which she promised to perform and keep, “so help me God”. To date she has NEVER performed nor kept this promise, IF she was ever queen which, of course, she definitely is not, nor ever was.

You claim to derive your power from Elizabeth Battenberg, under the erroneous assumption that she is the lawful monarch, which she obviously is not, having been coronated on a fake stone that clearly wasn’t the true Stone of Destiny. Based on the above facts, can you not plainly see that you cannot possibly be the lawful Governor of Gibraltar given your position and power is based upon Elizabeth’s criminal fraud? Fraud vitiates everything.

Mr. David Steel, do you know how many homeless people live on the streets, solely dependent upon handouts and soup kitchens for their next meal please, while Elizabeth Battenberg lives in the lap of luxury, while pretending to be queen? If you did not previously know this, you should know now, after the numerous letters written to you to bring this to your attention.

Mr. David Steel, are you aware how much silver and gold, found in the Jewel House at The Tower of London, has been hoarded and continues to be hoarded by Mrs. Battenberg, since she unlawfully assumed the throne, following a premeditated fake coronation on a fake stone, on the 2nd of June in 1953, please? Mrs. Battenberg’s crown alone is made of gold and set with 2,868 diamonds, 17 sapphires, 11 emeralds, 269 pearls and 4 rubies. Are you aware that if all the silver, gold and other precious metals and jewels that Elizabeth Battenberg has accumulated over the past 70 years, including the crown with an estimated value of between 3 to 5 billion pounds, were sold, how many British people could be lifted out of poverty? How could any Godly monarch live in Buckingham Palace, or Windsor Castle, or Holyrood Palace, or Balmoral Castle, or the Sandringham Estate, or Hillsborough Castle, much less all of them, while some of their alleged subjects live in cardboard boxes?

Are you starting to see the problem here Mr. David Steel? Christ plainly stated it’s impossible for anyone to serve God and materialism, so Elizabeth Battenberg clearly doesn’t serve God. Which raises the question: whom do YOU serve?

The King of kings’ Bible

Christ always has been the rightful owner of Great Britain and the entire world and has been promised the British Israelite Throne of David by God Himself (Ezekiel 21:26-27, Luke 1:32-33). Christ is therefore the Rightful and Lawful Monarch, NOT Elizabeth Battenberg, who has done nothing but line her coffers while running the entire British Empire into the ground. Please see Deuteronomy 17:15 in the exact same Laws of God that she and you both promised to keep and do.

Are you aware of the Divine Order according to God (1 Corinthians 11:3)? Do you not know the head of EVERY man is Prince Michael/Christ?

Prince Michael/Christ is here now, on this planet we call Earth. This has been shown to me, by both God and Prince Michael, many times and in many ways. There is no question in my mind that He truly is The Christ (Psalm 2), particularly after personally experiencing His Protection against the many harms that have crossed my path, and His Loving ways of teaching The Truth. Please do NOT make the foolish and costly mistake of brushing off these letters and the proposal they support, which are being brought to your attention for your own benefit, as well as the benefit of every Gibraltarian. You NEED Christ now, and could do yourself and everyone else a favor by acknowledging that fact, and choosing to help Christ instead of continuing to work against Him.

The Last day, Judgment Day, will be here sooner than any of us believe, and on that Day it will be Christ, The King of kings and Lord of lords (Revelation 19:16), Who will judge us all according to our works (Matthew 16:27).

Please review the irrefutable proof of Crown Prince Michael’s identity in the PDF presented with the proposal labeled: The Scriptural Marks of Christ.

And please choose wisely how you wish to spend not only the next few years, but the rest of eternity.

Thank-you, and may peace be upon you,
A Determined Student

This letter has been added to Crown Prince Michael in Gibraltar.