Gibraltar Messenger

Are You Ready to Join Christ in His Father’s Work?

August 23, 2022 – by Catherine Rose; published by Tony Farrell.

Is God Sending You a Clear Message from Christ to come and join Him in His Father’s Work? On behalf of the author, Tony Farrell has posted this letter.

Dear David Steel,

I hope this finds you well, in good spirit and having a good day.

I too am one of The Lord’s followers, writing this letter to you today in support of Tony Farrell’s earth-shaking proposal that Elizabeth should come to Gibraltar, lay down her crown and kneel at The Feet of The Gibraltar Messenger, CHRIST, on 22nd April 2023, in St. Michael (Christ)’s Cave, Gibraltar, The Rock of His Defence.

David Steel I can honestly assure you Christ is the Son of God, Son of Man (John 3:17). There are none so blind as those who refuse to see. He is Who the Bible says He is, the Genuine Christ Who walks with us. He is the Spirit Being named Prince Michael inside the human body named JAH, (Psalm 68:4) sent down from Heaven and I have personally felt His Power, and seen His Force of Love at work in my life and others who follow His Teachings. Today He is sill my Spiritual Guide, my Beloved I rely on to show the way back to heaven, because you may not know it, but we’re all living in hell, satan’s world, a living HELL on Earth without Christ in your heart to guide you. Accepting and following Christ is paramount to escape Hell-Fire. Christ’s gentle wonder-working power of LOVE has brought many changes, all for good in my life, and is still doing so today. (Luke 20:47).

Christ said in Matthew He came to fulfill (Gk. pleroo – fully preach) His Father’s Law, not destroy it (Matt. 5:17). The privilege to fight man-made up rules, which are designed to steal through fraudulent legislation, presented its self, and I along side Christ fought them like any one would Who stands for truth and real Justice, knowing they do the opposite, but truthfully there is NO real Justice without God’s Law being enforced (Deut. 4:12; Deut. 12:32). God’s Law supersedes all satanic rules made by man, and is what everyone is being judged by daily regardless of what they believe. For many years now I’ve seen Christ’s Examples, He does not disappoint in any way, but instead holds true to His Father’s Commandments and enforces His Father’s Law, everywhere, everyday, all the time, and this truth wins every time. Please stop to think seriously about what you’re doing, where you are headed. Your eternal life or death depends on it.

David Steel, in light of all that has been shared with you, while thinking logically, who on Earth would want to be a part of the unGodly reign of Elizabeth Battenberg, aka “The World’s Greatest Criminal”? Open your spiritual-eyes, and see things as they REALLY are. Don’t believe your own human-eyes, because Satan uses them to deceive you, and lie to you. Can’t you see she is the head of the largest crime syndicate on Earth, and is infamous for her leadership role in the illicit drug trade and in the fraudulent BAR system, the theft of trillions from the British people, and for murdering her own daughter-in law. The list goes on and on here: SleuthER’s 95 Theses of Elizabeth Battenberg. She is clearly NOT “the defender of the faith” and is, in fact, an abomination to God and Christ, enriching herself in defiance of The Laws of God that she swore to maintain to the utmost of her power at her fraudulent coronation. Please also see: E2Go.

Christ walked the face of the Earth inside the body of Jesus without the desire for wealth or worldly power, and still does today, inside the body of JAH, the Gibraltar Messenger. He and His Father (God) own this entire planet, and everything in it, (to include each one of us Psalm 24:1), including Gibraltar, His Rock of Defence. They want nothing from it other than for all of us to learn to love and share with each other in accordance with The Laws God gave us for our protection against all of the evil, oppression and injustice that has flourished and now fills this world because, as Edmund Burke said, (relatively) good men do nothing.

Our heavenly Father and His Christ allow everyone to live on Earth, showing Their Love for all, enemies alike, unlike the richest woman on the planet, who falsely claims to own 1/6th of the planet, while knowingly causing poverty that has left many British homeless, living on the streets in cardboard boxes. How can she continue to multiply wealth to herself and live in mansions, paid for by British people, while all of this goes on, again in brazen defiance of God’s Law (Deut. 17:14)? Is this loving your neighbor more than yourself as Christ taught and exemplified?

Hopefully you will come to your senses while there is still time, become a true “defender of Faith”, and see how you could best serve the people of Gibraltar, the United Kingdom and the entire world, by turning over the reigns to Christ, the TRUE Governor of Gibraltar. This process begins with your humble admission to Christ that you too have promised to uphold God’s Law but have not, instead helping Mrs. Battenberg foment the biggest fraud to ever have taken place on planet Earth, causing pain and suffering on the British-Israelite people and others throughout the world, on an immeasurable scale. Learn to destroy your ego and turn to Christ for help, before it (your ego) destroys you.

Christ promised His Disciples He would return, and upon His Second Coming He would speak no more in proverbs and parables, but would show them plainly and clearly about God, in an extraordinary “little book” (Rev. 10:7-10), to be published to all nations (Mark 13:10). That little book, which contains the ONLY Survival Plan for Gibraltar and all of mankind, is entitled The Way Home or Face The Fire. The title is self-explanatory.

Please take the time to read, digest and put all of this into practice, for everyone’s benefit, including your own.

Peace be upon you.

God bless,
Catherine Rose

This letter has been added to Crown Prince Michael in Gibraltar.