Gibraltar Messenger

The Lawful British King is Christ in His Second Coming

28 September – written by an American Jedi; published by Tony Farrell.

Dear David Steel, Gibraltarians and Britons,

David, you are being contacted with this letter in regards to your current and temporary position as Governor of Gibraltar. Your power and authority is supposed to be derived from the LAWFUL British monarch. But do you know the Divine Significance of The Stone of Destiny? If not, please see the recent article at the following link:

The Divine Significance of The Stone of Destiny

Accordingly, it is being brought to your attention that Elizabeth A.M. Battenberg/Mountbatten was NEVER lawfully crowned, because God took The Throne – The Stone of Destiny – away from her beforehand, on the 25th of December in 1950.

Ezekiel 21:27 I will overturn (1), overturn (2), overturn (3), it: and it shall be no [more], [overturned] UNTIL he come whose Right it is; and (4) I will give it [him – Shiloh (Genesis 49 v 10)].

Subsequently, any and all of Elizabeth’s offspring, including “Charles III” are similarly cursed by God, and without The Throne/Stone can NEVER be lawfully coronated, nor be “the defender of the faith”. And without any lawful authority, none of these impostors can swear anyone into any perceived positions of power, including the Governor of Gibraltar.

How could someone who has been cursed by God claim to be “the defender of the faith” or the one anointed by God to rule over His People? It’s a sick joke.

The Faithful and True Authority in the United Kingdom, Gibraltar and the rest of the world is CHRIST, Who is here NOW, in His Second Coming, with a NEW NAME (JAH), exactly as prophesied. He (Christ) is your Faithful, True and Lawful King, so you can either kneel and begin to serve The King of kings and Lord of lords, or your evil deeds will catch up with you, just as they are about to catch up with Charles.

Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, THAT shall he also reap. – Galatians 6:7

Please, for your sake and for everyone else’s benefit, do the right thing and contact JAH/Christ today, so that He may advise you and properly defend Gibraltar and the Faithful.

There is no better example to follow than Christ, and those that are not with Christ are AGAINST Him, which is a place no one in their right mind would want to be.

Please, for your own good, the good of the people of Gibraltar and the good of all mankind, please read and digest the little book entitled: “The Way home or face The Fire” by JAH. It is the TRUTH that finally explains the mystery of God, which you will hopefully find as exhilarating and dynamic as I have.

This is your best, last and only hope to truly and lawfully serve The True King and the people of Gibraltar and, by extension, the rest of the world. You NEED Christ’s Help, whether you realize it or not.

For the Love of God and His Christ, act now, before it is too late. Judgment day is fast approaching and there will be NO MORE SECOND CHANCES to avoid The Fire that awaits most of mankind for their continued treason against God.

Have faith, put your trust in God Almighty. Fear no man; fear only God and the Last Day.

Thank you for your time and consideration. Please choose wisely.

Peace be upon you and within you. God Bless.

An American JEDI

This letter has been added to Crown Prince Michael in Gibraltar.