Gibraltar Messenger

He is a true Champion of God, and for God’s Laws

22 August 2022 – by Jim F.; published by Tony Farrell.

David Steel
Governor’s Residence
The Convent
Main Street

Dear David Steel,

We hope this finds you well, in good spirit and having a good day.

We write to you, in support of The Proposal sent to you in August 2022, by Tony Farrell, in The Governor’s Dossier regarding “Crown Prince Michael in Gibraltar and a Proposal For Elizabeth”. JAH, The Gibraltar Messenger, is the Second Coming of Christ:

On The Way to Emmaus Again

Who is JAH?

We should, certainly, now all be able to see, from the current state of the world, and all that is happening, that we are indeed living in the End Times, therefore, Christ in His Second Coming must be here NOW, as it was prophesied.

The “SIGNS” of The “END” Times

Therefore, we ask that you would please thoughtfully and thoroughly consider the information that has been provided to you by Tony Farrell, regarding “Crown Prince Michael in Gibraltar and a Proposal For Elizabeth” with the due seriousness that it rightfully deserves.

JAH, The Gibraltar Messenger, has also published “The King of kings’ Bible”, as a part of His Life’s Work, and has made it available and free for all to read and digest online, along with His Website and Enlightening Book “The Way home or face The Fire, The Survival-Plan for all human+beings”, with the objective of ending all conflict and establishing World Peace and God’s Kingdom on Earth.

The King of kings’ Bible

The Way home or face The Fire

Further, JAH, The Gibraltar Messenger, has already established a long track record of proving, time and time again, to be correct about the course of world events and what is going to happen, as is evidenced, although only in part, by His online newsletter publication entitled “The Gibraltar Messenger”. This, even if it were to be taken by itself, could not simply be ignored by any rational mind.

It is therefore asked, and sincerely hoped, that this request will be well received and that it will be considered in the right spirit and frame of mind, so that it can be correctly acted upon, for the benefit of all.

I personally first came to know JAH, The Gibraltar Messenger, during the spring of 2006, after finding and studying various articles from His Website. Since then, I have been afforded the privilege, of being able to get to know Him better, to genuinely be someone who is always trustworthy, truthful, and upstanding for all that is right, as someone who truly cares for the well-being of others, no matter their present standing or position in life, and as a true Champion of God, and for God’s Laws and His Righteousness to be upheld. I have witnessed many people, who have been helped by Him and His Teachings, in various ways, through the years, myself included. Many, even without the privilege of meeting or getting to know JAH personally, and even just through coming into contact with His Teachings at a specific time, and/or through contact with others, who have had the privilege of getting to know JAH, have also been helped. He shows a true Character and Example, of how every person on Earth should be, in loving and serving God and loving their neighbour, as much as, or preferably even more than, they do themselves. JAH always stands up for what is right and what would be the best for everyone, and in all the time I have known Him, I have never seen Him deviate from this or His selfless Character and behaviour. He is one, that is always standing up for the people and for them to hold fast to the rights that God has freely given equally to all men and women, whether they personally know Him or not. There are many, many people, who have met and come to know JAH in various ways, who can testify to this and much more, all being true, with their own experiences and testimonies. I would therefore like to encourage and urge you, to know, that you can trust JAH, and to listen to what He says, implicitly.

I believe, that your timely and positive action, of forwarding “The Proposal”, as sent to you by Tony Farrell, on to Elizabeth, may have a massive positive impact and effect, not only for the benefit of Gibraltar itself and its immediate future, but also for the benefit of the World at large.

We now see and hear almost daily of reports in the media, that warn of an impending potentially global and truly horrific WW3 scenario, which promises to be utterly devastating, and which at this point, may very well be too late to prevent completely. The Gibraltar Messenger, JAH – Christ, has been warning about this for decades, urging people to turn around and back to God, before it is too late.

However, you are being presented here with an unique opportunity to act, to, if still possible, potentially help to turn the ship around, or at a minimum, possibly help lessen the eventual impact of such a horrible outcome and blow. If not for the world at large, then at a minimum, it could truly be a Saving Grace for Gibraltar.

Given your current position as governor, and considering the dire present state of the world, you are therefore in an unique position to be able to have an effect towards potentially lessening such an outcome, at minimum. Possibly, it might even bring a bigger positive effect, if you choose to act rightly and soon. Not only is it therefore a personal responsibility for you, to ensure the successful forwarding of this critically important information to Elizabeth, as far as you are able to do so, it should also be an easy choice for you to make, on how you should act, given all of this. David, you are therefore encouraged, and it is sincerely hoped, that you will see this as the golden opportunity and chance that it is, to be able to take a big step in the right direction, towards having a positive impact, not only for yourself, but for many, by choosing to serve Christ. It is hoped, that you will be able to see this, and not miss this truly great opportunity. May you choose wisely.

Thank you,

May Peace be upon you,
Jim F.

“And even he shall rule, [Christ] whom they look not for that dwell upon the Earth” – King of kings’ Bible, 2 Esdras 5:6

This letter is being mailed to Steel and has been added to the dossier-proposal page – Crown Prince Michael in Gibraltar