Gibraltar Messenger

On this Gibraltar’s National Day – Sign of the Times?

10th September 2022

Dear David Steel,

Re: On this Gibraltar’s National Day – Sign of the Times?

We hope this finds you well, in good spirit, and having a good day.

I write to you again if I may please, to share with you another sign about Gibraltar: related to its national day.

You know already that Gibraltar will be the starting point from which the Kingdom of Heaven – under Christ as King and God’s Laws (Deut. 4:2, 12:8, 12:32, Matt. 5:17-20), will expand, and encompass the whole world (Dan. 2:34-35).

The head of the kingdom of men whom you pledged allegiance to is now officially no more.

In the Starwars movies IV- VI (fact not fiction) Gibraltar is represented as the City in the (Levanter) Clouds (Sura 52:1-8) with Lando (Llanito!) Calrissian as its head.

And YODA in those stories obviously represents a method of teaching, and the Gibraltar Messenger; Christ, has incorporated YOur DAily spiritual teachings into His Armageddon Survival Kit for His JEsus DIsciples (JEDIs). Seems beautifully obvious doesn’t it.

And this morning’s YODA reading – on Gibraltar’s national day! – pertinently suggests that it (led by you?) has a significant choice to make:

God or Mammon? – September 10
You must be ready to stand apart from the world. Do you want the full and complete satisfaction that you find in Me, and the satisfaction of the world too? Then you are trying to serve God and Mammon, or if not trying to serve, then claiming the wages of both God and Mammon.
If you work for Me, you have your reward. But then you turn to the world, to human+Beings and expect that reward too. This is not right.

Do not expect love or gratitude or acknowledgment from any. All reward necessary I will give you.

You may also know that the 4th Gibraltar Messenger, entitled “Gibraltar’s Choices on War Strategies & God’s Protection“, that was delivered to all post boxes in Gibraltar in November 2014 relates the following:

“In 1988 a lady from the Bethel church had a vision of a large diamond (Christ – the Light of the World) in Gibraltar giving off a beautiful light, but leaves (priests and politicians) kept falling over it, trying to cover it up. It eventually threw off the leaves and illuminated the whole world.

Which again fits the Prophecy about Gibraltar that you’ve seen by now:

Deuteronomy 33:20 And of Gad he said, Blessed [be] he that enlargeth (Campo and then the rest of the world) Gad (Gibraltar): he dwelleth as a lion, and teareth the branch with the crown on his head (Christ).
33:21 And he provided the first part for himself, because there, [in] the position of The Lawgiver (Mal. 4:1-6), [was he] seated; and he came to the heads of the people, he executed the Justice of the “I AM”, and His Judgments with Israel (God’s Kingdom with God’s Laws obviously – not human kingdom fraudulent legislation where everyone is a bond-slave including you sir).

Do you see the golden thread running through it all please?

Yours sincerely,
Philip – Under discipl(in)e of Christ

This letter has been added to the Governor’s Dossier Page – Crown Prince Michael in Gibraltar.