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Charles has the ability to willingly hand over The Throne

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Charles, willingly hand over The Throne to Christ

by Cyria

Dear Mr Charles good day.

I wish this letter finds you well in Christ Jesus.

My name is Cyria from Nigeria West Africa. This is to tell you that Christ has returned in His second coming as it’s prophesied in the scripture, that The Throne of David will be given to the Christ Who is living among us in this present time (JAH).

The Throne of David of the House Israel will be given to Christ JAH, Who will rule the House of Israel and the whole world with the perfect Law of God.

Therefore I do advise you to swallow the pride and willingly handover the Throne to Christ JAH, as King of kings and prince of peace, Who will rule us with golden Law of Liberty, Who will bring peace to the mankind.


You have the ability to do something that no other human+being has the ability to do

by T.A.T.W.

Dear Mr. Charles,

I hope this finds you well, in Good spirits, and having a Good day.

I am writing this letter in support of Michael the Archangel, Christ, JAH, to be given the crown, that your lineage has held in trust, all the way back to King David.

Only one dynasty was given this privilege, and the crown, WILL be given to Christ, one way or another.

You know it, and we all know it.

The purpose of me writing to you specifically, is to point out the great opportunity that you have in this moment, and time.

YOU have the ability to do something that no other human+being has the ability to do, and no one else, most likely, will ever have the ability to do it again.

THINK, Sir, you can go down in history as the only human+being, that gave the crown to Christ, which was being held for Him, all these thousands of years.

What history you could make.

Your great, great, great, grandmother, Queen Victoria spoke of it, “I should so love to lay my crown at His feet.” Were her words.

Your mother, and your grandfather, were very aware that the real stone, Jacob’s Pillar, The Throne of Destiny, was taken December 25th, 1950, from Westminster Abbey.

The Creator would not allow ANYONE to be coronated on that stone while His son, Michael the Archangel, was already here, in His second coming.  

All of Britain was aware of this happening at the time.

Many, many, articles were written about it, therefore, I am to believe, that you are aware of it.

I implore you Sir, to show up at St. Michaels Cave, on April 22nd, the year of our Lord, 2023, and make history, as the ONLY human+being to give the Crown to Christ, in his second coming.

THINK, what YOU could do.



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