Gibraltar Messenger

Charles, Christ Awaits His Throne

by Mary

Dear Charles Philip Arthur George Battenberg/Windsor,

Hope this finds you well, well-rested in good spirit and having a good day.

I, Mary, am a follower of JAH/Prince Michael the Arch-Angel/Christ/Muad’Dib; The Way, Truth and Light of The World (John 14:6, Psalm 68:4).

I got to know Christ/JAH when God revealed His truth to me through reading His extraordinary little book, The Way home or face The Fire, aka the White Stone (Mathew 13:44, Rev 2:17) and accepting and believing it. I also got to know Him when I interacted with Him through emails and seeing/judging from His word and conduct, He is exactly who He says He is, i.e. Christ in His second coming/reincarnation Malachi 4 to separate the sheep from the goats. Please read The Scriptural Marks of Christ to trace more evidence of His second coming. No one but Christ could fulfill all of these prophecies.

I humbly appeal to you, do what is right and in support of the Lord’s Rightful and Just Decree to come and kneel down before Christ in St. Michael’s Cave in Gibraltar on 22/04/2023. Lay down all your perceived worldly powers/crown and give them to the rightful owner: the King of kings’ and Lord of lords, to help Him put the world right, establishing God’s kingdom on Earth beginning from Gibraltar, His fortress and Rock of defense, eventually spreading across the entire world. There is no other way to do God’s Will here on Earth, as it is in heaven.

This is being sent because you and your predecessor Elizabeth were not appointed by God to be the rightful monarch. Your mom’s coronation was on the fake so-called stone of scone. She then did the opposite of her solemn vow made before God on that day by imposing fraudulent man-made legislation via “royal assent”, to steal from the British people therefore making the entire royal family a pack of criminals, including herself and you, her son. And in doing so, she didn’t implement, maintain and administer God’s Royal Laws of Liberty ONLY, given to Moses on Mount Sinai, as she swore to do to the utmost of her power. That by itself made her a fake queen and you a fake prince, if she ever was the queen, which she obviously was not.

Now you are in the position you find yourself in as the new, pretended king of the United Kingdom, to provide you with the opportunity to do the right, loving thing for the people. The opportunity extended to you, to kneel down before the rightful King Christ, would be the very best for all concerned, especially you, because you could then become a real defender of faith, by following Christ. Whether you realize it or not, Christ WILL be given the Throne of David and He WILL Rule, so you can either kneel and learn to follow Him wherever He goes, or you can continue attempting to further enrich and empower yourself for the very brief time you have left, after which you will face The Fire that awaits most of mankind (those who obstinately refuse to do God’s Will).

Conclusively, I would suggest that you do as Christ says for not only your own sake, but also for the British people whom you claim to want to defend and help. This is the ONLY Way in which you can actually help them, something you are powerless to do without helping Christ.

Please give this offer the serious consideration it deserves, and make the only wise decision there is to avoid bringing God’s wrath down on you, by not obeying Christ’s COMMAND.

Thank you for reading and hopefully doing the right thing.

Mary Patience.

This letter has been added to Crown Prince Michael in Gibraltar.