Gibraltar Messenger

An Agreement with Christ

by David O.

Dear Charles Phillip Arthur George Battenberg/Windsor,

It is my heart-felt desire that this letter of mine meets you doing well and in good spirit.

I’m writing as one of the believers and followers of The Way of CHRIST JESUS, whom I’m sure you are aware has returned, and is in His second coming now, with the new name JAH, as foretold in the book of Psalms 68:4.

This is in accordance with His latest Royal Decree, which He has issued to you, that you should go kneel before Him, CHRIST – JAH, and surrender the British Crown to Him, at St. Michael’s Cave at the Rock of Gibraltar, on the 22nd of April 2023.

I’m very sure you are very much aware that this is in line with the history of the God-given Empire of Great Britain, that Christ Jesus, as The Rightful and True Owner of The British Crown, will one day come back, and sit on The British Throne, according to the promise which The Lord God Almighty, The Great I Am made to your ancestor King David…

You know what I’m implying here; from whence He would rule and put things back in the right order in this world, so as to save all, if you would heed, and not do like your predecessor, your late mother.

Without taking you through much Bible prophecies and history, I implore you to please, give this Royal Decree of JAH, The CHRIST in this second coming, and our numerous letters your agreement and do the needful thing, tentatively to save all mankind at this point in time.

And history should be kind to you and your entire family.

Thank you.


David O.

This letter has been added to Crown Prince Michael in Gibraltar.