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Charles – Let My People Go

by Richard

Dear Charles,

Nine separate times did Moses go before Pharaoh saying those four words – LET MY PEOPLE GO.

Nine separate times, have we been told precisely how Father progressively punished Pharaoh and Egypt for each and every time Pharaoh refused to obey God’s commandment. Believe it or not, those exact same words were directed towards your body’s mother in Glasgow City Centre in 2017.

Unwisely, your mother missed all her golden opportunities to help set aside evil from our midst. She missed the boat, so to speak, because she neither took heed of God’s commandments, nor upheld her promise to God, as she swore on The Bible to do, during The Coronation Oath ceremony.

Those exact same four words – LET MY PEOPLE GO – are now directed towards you, Charles, the latter-day self-appointed Pharaoh. The four words manifest themselves implicitly in the underlying presentation of The Royal Decree as submitted by none other than Christ in His Second Coming, Who is The Laird of lairds and King of kings. In simplistic terms, that means that you are required to remove the diadem from your body’s head, kneel before Christ, and by doing so LET THE BRITISH PEOPLE GO. This must be done as an act of contrition and repentance for the years of British monarchical misrule during the last three-quarter’s of a century.

It is my own understanding that The Laird’s Decree presents you with a golden opportunity to do the right and proper thing in the presence of The Laird Himself in Gibraltar, The Rock of His Defence, seventy-five years on from when His body was born in the City Sheffield in fulfilment of Bible Prophecy. It’s not as if you Charles, are unfamiliar with the British territory. You infamously honeymooned on The Rock on 01/08/81.

Do you know that Gibraltar has a famous well? It’s named after Joshua’s dad, Nun. Joshua son of Nun was in part famous for blowing the shofar to bring down the walls of Jericho. He did that in the presence of The Ark of The Covenant. For my part, over the years I’ve blown the shofar with seven blasts, on many different occasions, as not only a personal act of repentance, but also as a cry-out to God for help in order to free the British People – The People of The Covenant – from their enslavement under the Windsor’s years of unGodly rule. During the last decade, the ram’s horn has been blasted out by me in key places such as Edinburgh Castle, Sheffield City Centre, Hillsborough, Westminster Abbey, and Buckingham Palace. Personally, I have even been known to have blown the shofar seven times in Hyde Park close to where the Diana Memorial Fountain was built.

At a personal level too, I have had the enormous privilege of not only spending time with The Laird both north, and south of the border, but I have also spoken one-to-one with Ian Hamilton, who died last year. Ian Hamilton did most to remove The Coronation Stone from Westminster Abbey in fulfilment of the riddle of the prophet Ezekiel’s four overturns, and you won’t need reminding that he did that on 25th December 1950.

On the 22nd April 2023, Father willing, I fully intend once more blowing the shofar seven times. I hope to do it a bit like Joshua son of Nun did at Jericho, and wherever I may lay my head that up-and-coming day, my hope and prayer is that an event of monumental importance goes well for you, which it will, provided that you do the right and proper thing in the sight of our dear Laird in St Michael’s Cave, which in case you don’t know was a temporary place of rest for The Ark of The Covenant after the fall of Jerusalem.

Peace of The Laird Be Within You, and Upon You, Charles.

Richard, an oft-time shofar-blowing servant of The Laird

This letter has been added to Crown Prince Michael in Gibraltar.

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