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Norway: The Russian Northern Fleet set sail with nuclear missiles

SUMMARY – “Russia has begun deploying tactical nuclear weapon-armed vessels in the Baltic Sea for the first time in the last 30 years, the Norwegian Intelligence Service said in its annual report…“The key part of the nuclear potential is on the submarines and surface ships of the Northern Fleet,” the Norwegian intel noted…The Northern Fleet warships regularly went to sea with nuclear weapons during the Cold War era, but this is the first time the modern Russian Federation has done the same, the report added”—and that followed the leftist American media article “Is The Biden Administration Late To WWIII?”, wherein it observed: “Not once in Biden’s speech did he reference the pressing need for the U.S. to urgently go on a wartime economic footing…This, despite the recent call in Davos, Switzerland by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg for the organization to do just that…Stoltenberg, in clear terms, framed the war in Ukraine as an existential “fight for democracy”…When is the Biden administration going to recognize that we are essentially in the equivalent of World War III?…It has been “game on” for some time…We are, arguably, (quite) late to World War III and seemingly blind that we are caught in the eye of a hurricane…It may move rapidly at any moment now”

In the News 14 February – For the first time in 30 years, Russian warships and submarines of the Northern Fleet set sail armed with nuclear missiles. A few hours ago, the Norwegian Intelligence Service (NIS) informed NATO about this development.

This is a very serious development which comes after the revelations by S. Hersh that Norway actively participated in blowing up the Russia Nord Stream pipelines. It follows the deployment of anti-aircraft systems within the capital city of Moscow.

THE OPERATION – Norway was the perfect place to base the mission. In the past few years of East-West crisis, the U.S. military has vastly expanded its presence inside Norway, whose western border runs 1,400 miles along the north Atlantic Ocean and merges above the Arctic Circle with Russia. The nuclear submarines of the Northern Fleet are the ones that carry the Bulava ballistic missiles and can hide under the ice in the Arctic and from there invisibly launch a retaliatory nuclear strike. How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline

Several Russian ships and submarines of the Northern Fleet also operate in the Baltic.

These events show that Russia’s strategic nuclear deterrent forces have been put on hight alert, which seems to be confirmed by Yars ICBM movements and tests.

The Norwegians note that sending ships equipped with tactical nuclear weapons to sea is an extremely serious signal to the West that Russia is ready to act extremely seriously in case of the slightest threat.

The command of the Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation have not yet commented on the Norwegian intelligence report, published yesterday.

Russia’s Nuclear ICMB RS-24 Yars missiles. RS-24 Yars missiles. The Russian Mobile Yars missile regiment is put on combat duty in Bologovsky Strategic Rocket Forces’ formation in Tver region – sonjy van den ende (@SonjaEnde) December 17, 2022

Russia’s Yars Thermo-Nuclear intercontinential ballistic missile on the move for the first time since April last year. – Terror Alarm (@ Terror_Alarm) January 21, 2023

Norway: The Russian Fleet sailed with nuclear missiles

In more detail, Norway’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) said in its annual report that warships of Russia’s Northern Fleet began to put to sea with tactical nuclear weapons, for the first time in three decades.

The Norwegian report also notes that during the Soviet era, warships of Russia’s northern Fleet regularly went to sea carrying nuclear weapons.

However, no such cases have been reported since the Cold War!

At the same time, after the start of the special operation in Ukraine, the importance of nuclear weapons for Russia has increased significantly, the report states.

Norwegian intelligence also reports that submarines and surface ships of the Northern Fleet play a central role in Russia’s nuclear capability.

“Nuclear weapons pose a particularly serious threat to the options for operations in wich NATO countries may participate,” the NIS report stated.

They also report that the Swedish Ministry of Defence has taken “a number of measures” to prepare for a possible nuclear attack by Russia.

Mikael Klasson, Chief of Staff of the Swedish Armed Forces, said Russia had an “unpleasant habit of doing what it says”.

While Russia also has submarine capabilities, anti-satellite weapsons and cyber capabilities that could threaten Norway and the NATO military alliance, tactical nuclear weapons are “a particularly serious threat in many operational scenarios in which NATO countries may be involved”, the report stated.

NIS also noted that an escalation of local war into a wider conflict involving the US, NATO and Norway cannot be ruled out.

The nuclear doctrine approved by Russian President Vladimir Putin lists the follwing conditions for the use of such weapons:

• receiving reliable information about the launch of ballistic missiles attacking the territory of Russia and/or its allies

• the enemy’s use of nuclear weapsons and other type of weapons of mass destruction on the territory of Russia

• attacks by the enemy on critical state or military facilities of Russia, the result of which will lead to the cessation of the reaction of nuclear forces

• aggression against Russia with the use of conventional weapons, when the very existence of the state is threatened.

At the same time, Putin in late September promised to use all means to protect Russia and pointed out that threats to use nuclear weapons are coming from the West.

“We use all means to protect our people. It’s not a bluff. Our independence and freedom will be ensured by all available means,” the President stressed.

With nuclear weapons and the frigate “Admiral Gorshkov”?
Russian Submarine Test Fires Ballistic Missile – Warning To NATO

Norway has not clarified whether the frigate “Admiral Gorshkov” which recently sailed from the Northern Fleet also carries nuclear missiles. According to the Norwegian report, the answer is yes.

We remind you that recently the frigate Admiral Gorshkov hit with a Zircon missile a naval target at a distance of more than 400 kilometers in the White Sea.

The Russian Navy’s new frigate Admiral Gorshkov, which carries a new generation of supersonic cruise missiles of the Zircon type, participated in February in a joint exercise with ships of the Chinese and South African navies.

These missiles travel at nine times the speed of sound and have an effective range of more than 1,000 kilometers, according to the Russian Defence Ministry. They feature the most important of the new Russian supersonic missile arsenal, along with the Avangard-type glide vehicle, which entered service in 2019.

The frigate Admiral Gorshkov performed another test firing with an hypersonic missile Zircon – Ministry of Defense of Russia (@mod_russia) November 29, 2021

We publish footage of the firing of the Admiral Gorshkov after the frigate went to combat duty – Avia.Pro (@avia_pro) – January 4, 2023

New Putin: Launching frigate Admiral Gorshkov into combat service, Putin boasted of its hypersonic missiles: ” no country has an equivalent… such a powerful weapon allows Russia to be defended from potential external threats & contributes to guaranteeing our national interest.” – Emma Burrows (@Ej_Burrows) January 4, 2023

Source: WarNews24/7 –Norway Informed NATO: The Russian Northern Fleet Set Sail Armed with Nuclear Missiles for the first time in 30 years!

Vladimir Solovyov calls for missile attack on British Parliament

Daily Mail – Vladimir Solovyov, who hosts shows on state-owned Russia-1, regularly unleashes tirades about how the country should wipe out its enemies with nuclear attacks. Solovyov addressed the possibility of the British government sending warplanes to Ukraine. Kyiv has pleaded with Western nations for fighter jets amid reports Russia is planning a renewed onslaught to seize the country.

“No, no, no – only at military targets, he continued, as if reacting to someone taking issue with his suggestion. Well, at the Parliament too, he added.”

“Well, they [Britain] are going to give planes [to Ukraine] to strike deep into Russia’s territory,’ he added, as if to justify striking London. Solovyov went on to take issue with the fact that Britain – along with almost all members of the UN – recognises Crimea as being part of Ukraine, and not Russia.”

“What do they want to tell us? That is, you will now determine what Russia is for you? Not the people living in Russia will determine it, not a referendum, not a vote, but you will determine what Russia is for us?”

“In that case, we will not recognise at all – for us there is not England at all. No France. No Germany.”

“Instead, there are Nazi states united by hatred for everything Russian,” he said, aligning with claims by the Kremlin that Ukraine and its Western allies are run by Nazi governments.

“And so let’s get serious. Do they think there are no red lines?”

Source: Daily Mail – ‘Can’t we finally strike at London?’ Putin’s top TV propagandist calls for missile attack on Parliament and lashes out at Rishi Sunak in furious rant over Zelensky’s UK and EU visit

“When Washington overthrew the Ukrainian government in 2014, Washington installed a Nazi government.” – The Coming War: How Many More Red Lines Can Be Crossed Before Armageddon Arrives?

First, it’s of paramount importance to understand that the Ukraine, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, France, Italy, Spain, Finland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and the Baltic Nations are all at war with the Russian Federation, to varying degrees of engagement, of course. Cabal Forcing Russia into Full-Scale World War with NATO


Scandinavia, the Netherlands and the Baltic States are Israelite countries (The Abrahamic Covenant). And in the final war, all of Israel will be punished by God, using Russia and its gathered allies – East vs West. It is going to be The People Israel scattered in the four corners of the world who will be punished, for following evils, Satanic elites, instead of The Law of God. We will see the division of the two camps further develop in the coming days.

Ezekiel 38 (extract)
Thus says the Lord God; behold I AM against you Gog the prince of Rosh (Russia) Meshech (Moscow) and Tubal (Tobolsk) – the Western and Eastern Capitols of the U.S.S.R. (now called the C.I.S.): I will turn you back (from seeking peace) and put hooks into your jaws (hunger), and I will bring you forth, with all your armed forces and Persia, Ethiopia, Libya, Gomer, Togarmah and ALL the earth with them against My people Israel (Britain and the British Commonwealth; America; Scandinavia; the Netherlands; the Baltic States; Northern France; Northern Spain and the Jews) to the lands of unwalled villages (walls of untempered mortar) without bars or gates (no defences because of defence cuts after the “so-called” peace dividend), when they (the politicians – foolish prophets) say peace, peace and there was NO peace.


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