Gibraltar Messenger

Learning The Hard Way

To: David Steel, Governor of Gibraltar

Dear David,

Good morning and good wishes.

This is no April Fool’s Day joke. Two years ago to the day you kindly replied to me about the subject of The Gibraltar Messenger. Please see below.

Initially, it all began so promisingly, as verily you led me to believe that you would gladly show a willingness to listen and learn, as to what I could reveal to you about The Gibraltar Messenger’s work here on The Rock of Gibraltar. I dropped hints galore to you, all in an effort to help you to do the right and fitting thing. 

Sadly, the governor doth protest too much, methinks. So, I guess you will now have to simply learn the hard way.

In your arrogance, and because of your office’s institutionalised snobbery, you subsequently listened to satanically inspired pro-vaccine priests and mad professors at the Anglican Cathedral, rather than The Lord’s best advice on Earth, and by so doing, you abjectly failed to keep your word to me, and instead you lamely kept coming up with one excuse after another, in order to delay our meeting, while you busied yourself by performing all manner of banal and unGodly Babylonian fruitless duties to satisfy your selfish false idolatry inclinations.

When the depth of your insipid insincerity became all too visible for us to see, you accused me of being unkind to you, when as The Lord told you, the exact opposite was the case.

Because you have personally rejected Christ in His Second Coming, you are now going to be given a glaringly obvious glimpse of the outcome arising from your wretched tenure where you will be shown why you will now almost inevitably go down as the most disastrous governor in the entire history of Gibraltar.

A Night Visitant Strikes

Dr. Aseem Malhotra: A Message to The Government of Gibraltar

Top UK Cardiologist Dr. Aseem Malhotra spoke at RESTORA-TIVE: Safe and Effective? – a 3-hour Gibraltar Event held on 30 March 2023. With over 350 Gibraltarians in the audience, he said, “I call on the Gibraltar Government and the Director of Public Health Helen Carter to make sure they make a public announcement stating that there needs to be a suspension and investigation of these COVID mRNA vaccines in Gibraltar.”

Just to hear that clarion call reverberate around the walls of King’s Bastion was well worth the entrance fee alone.

Men and women become complicit in the evil they fail to oppose, and the best you can do now, given the evil you have unleashed upon the people of Gibraltar via your own logistical role in the killjab Pfizer roll-out programme is to resign from your post forthwith and repent from your complicity in the crimes against humanity. With respect you ought to ask for leniency and compassion while you still can.

Stand down, Vice Admiral. As a trained killer, you have played your wicked part in the treason on The Rock!

Tony Farrell
Disciple of The Gibraltar Messenger

The longer version of the special event can be watched below:

Gibraltar Chief Minister Fabian Picardo and Public Health Director Helen Carter –
Beware The Tides of March.

14 April Update: The video above has been replaced with Oracle Film’s high-quality version. View both parts at the links below:

RESTORA-TIVE: Safe and Effective? An Evening in Gibraltar | Oracle Films | PART 1/2
RESTORA-TIVE: Safe and Effective? An Evening in Gibraltar | Oracle Films | PART 2/2

Also shown at the event was Safe and Effective: A Second Opinion (2022) | Oracle Films