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Tony Farrell – My Day in Court on 25 April 2023

In this short episode, I summarize my recent encounter before Charles Pitto, the Magistrate and Coroner of Gibraltar.

Pitto was the man who had previously, in January 2021, sent me to Windmill Hill prison for a few days for contempt of court for my flat refusal to put on the health harming mask in the courtroom.

In striving to unmask the harming facemask scam, I am attending these fraudulent courts as a litigant in person, so as to hopefully position my case into the high court for a future trial by a jury of my peers.

Before this hearing on 25th April 2023, I had previously updated The Lord on all the developments with my ongoing court case; explaining I was producing a court bundle for a trial; and compiling evidence as to why face masks are unlawful, irrational and even tyrannical. The Lord kindly helped me by writing a two-page argument to explain my demands for a jury trial under Article 29 of Magna Carta in accordance with God’s Law.

PDF of the 2-page document submitted in court – Regina V Anthony Farrell April 2023.

I was pleased to embrace this help from The Lord; and unleashed it in The Court room.

Charles Pitto, under sufferance, eventually read it, but remained adamant that he was denying me a trial by jury. In doing so, Charles Pitto explained the issues as to why he was not prepared to grant me His/Our request, but explained the options seemingly left open to me in my ongoing crusade.

A trial date has been set for 30th June 2023, but it’s only in the Magistrates Court, which is unacceptable to me, and to The Lord.

As I left the courtroom, after the deliberations and the Magistrates’ trial directions, and before the door closed behind him, I heard Charles Pitto say to the other officials in the courtroom: “I am very worried . . .”.

I’m left pondering what is it that Charles Pitto is very worried about?

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