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Statement of Truth: Anthony of the Farrell Family V The Fraudulent Regina QE2

The following is a combined updated and revised Statement of Truth document and overhauls the original one which was hand-delivered to “the not sanctioned by God” Magistrates Court of Gibraltar on 29th April 2021. A stamped copy of the Statement of Truth was then taken to RGP HQ, and the OCPL.

Statement of Truth

Anthony of the Farrell Family V The Fraudulent Regina QE2 (290421)

30 April 2021

In a “Not Sanctioned by God” Magistrate’s Court hearing held in Gibraltar on 12th July 2021 in which I, Tony Farrell, refused to attend, it is my understanding that in my absence, five unlawful warrants were issued for my arrest by the “Not Sanctioned by God” Magistrate Karl Tonna.

All five unlawful arrest warrants were linked to my repeated non-compliance with the health-harming face-mask regulations, including all the “Not Sanctioned by God” unlawful (Deuteronomy 4:2; 12:8; 12:32) fixed penalty notices and unlawful court summonses to which I had been repeatedly subjected.

The only reason why I was not present at this particular “Not Sanctioned By God” Magistrate Court hearing, and indeed other related hearings, all of which had been scheduled for the first three weeks in July 2021, was because they are unlawful and I was acting on a principle. Basically, I refused to actively participate in an unlawful judicial process which to my mind currently endorses, rather than opposes medical tyranny, in furtherance of a wider global genocidal plan.

Part 1 – Introduction

1) This Statement of Truth is primarily concerned with the following issues:

(1) The unlawful arrest for “refusing to wear a health harming face mask” 2, as perpetrated on me by “the not sanctioned by God” law-enforcement officer Mr. John Victor on the 19th January 2021;

(2) The unlawful conviction for “contempt of court”, and an unlawful criminal act of “false imprisonment”, as perpetrated on me by “the not sanctioned by God” magistrate Mr. Charles Pitto on 20th January 2021;

(3) Five separate criminal acts of “attempted theft”, as perpetrated on me by pretend law-enforcement officers from the fraudulent pretend law-enforcement agency that goes by the name of The Royal Gibraltar Police;

(4) Three separate fraudulent Magistrate Court summonses, as perpetrated on me by “the not sanctioned by God” Magistrates staff in furtherance of the five separate criminal acts of “attempted theft”;

(5) An unlawful summons to a criminal trial hearing scheduled for either 12th or 13th July 2021, as perpetrated on me by “the not sanctioned by God” magistrate Mr. Charles Pitto on 20th January 2021;

(6) A global genocidal conspiracy involving crimes against humanity, which is being enacted out on the world stage under the auspices of entities such as: The World Economic Forum; The World Health Organisation; The United Nations; The Rockefeller Foundation; and Big Pharma; alongside global individual figureheads such as: Bill Gates; Dr. Anthony Fauci; Matthew Hancock; Boris Johnson; aided and abetted locally by some of the following principal and unprincipled perpetrators emanating from Gibraltar:

2) This Statement of Truth ideally needs to be read in conjunction with an earlier Statement of Truth, compiled by me on 25th December 2020. That earlier Statement of Truth followed an unlawful arrest, as perpetrated by pretend law-enforcement officer and detective constable Paul Gache on 20th November 2020. (See Appendix A on PDF-version).

3) These are law-enforcement officers who “are not sanctioned by God”, and are fraudulently masquerading as such and enforcing fraudulent legislation, and thus are all criminals.


4) The core part of this Statement of Truth mainly relates to events surrounding 19th January 2021, where I found myself being unlawfully arrested, while attempting to walk the body across the airport runway.

5) “A not sanctioned by God” law-enforcement officer from The Royal Gibraltar Police, named Mr. John Victor unlawfully arrested me without lawful authority after I refused to put on a health-harming face-mask outside, when “the not sanctioned by God” law-enforcement officer unlawfully ordered me to do so.

6) There were three main reasons which led to my refusal to obey Mr. Victor’s unlawful order.

(1) A plethora of well-documented research on the Defending Gibraltar Forum was already convincing me long before January 2021, that these health-harming face-masks were doing far more harm than good. Rather than being deployed as an option to protect vulnerable people’s health, face-masks were instead being unlawfully mandated, as a component part of a wider genocidal plan, controlled by Big Pharma and a global elite.

i. Big Pharma, with full Government of Gibraltar complicity, are using health-harming weapons of mass deception, which involve various criminal acts, crimes against humanity, medical tyranny, and all sorts of unethical medical malpractice.

ii. The Big Pharma toolkit doing the rounds globally, and embraced by the Government of Gibraltar, and the Director of Public Health includes, but is not limited to the following:

  • The widespread deployment of various experimental poisonous vaccines in violation of the Nuremberg Code;
  • The wrongful deployment of health harming PCR tests that the inventor Kary Mullis states cannot detect viruses;
  • The implementation of lock-downs, curfews and quarantines as a mass psychological experiment;
  • The application of Social distancing measures coupled with inconsistent, ever changing social gathering restrictions;
  • The incessant use of brainwashing via repetitive mainstream news propaganda perpetrated by the likes of The Gibraltar Broadcasting Corporation, and The Gibraltar Chronicle with their never ending political fear-mongering strategies, to coerce compliance with unlawful mandates;
  • The deployment of contact tracing methods and the imminent threat of the introduction of health passports to take away yet more of our civil liberties;
  • The widespread application of poisonous cancer causing hand-sanitizers;
  • The facilitation of widespread business shutdowns thereby purposefully causing bankruptcies, unemployment and the debt-enslaving of forced loans from the international banksters behind this scam, who want to bankrupt everyone to then buy everything up at firesale prices, and end up owning the whole world with their “Great Reset“;
  • The suppression of free speech and abolition of rights to protest;
  • The introduction of harmful 5G technology by stealth and deception;
  • The rigorous enforcement of health harming face-mask wearing.

To appreciate just how warped these tyrants are, Dr. Fauci’s recent farcical call for doubling-down or even trebling-up on the wearing of face masks, needs to be seen to be believed.

(2) The notion that I must obey the nanny state in Gibraltar’s unlawful mandates, unquestioningly, is repulsive to me. Gibraltar may not yet be quite on a par with the rapidly emerging police-state in the UK, but with Picardo well and truly in the Rockefeller (Banksters) Foundation lockstep programme with its vaccination roll-out, it is not far behind. I declare this from the rooftops, from first-hand experience of being a well-known whistle-blower within the UK police service. Suffice it to say, blind obedience to Fabian Picardo’s directives, especially the ones that are palpably evil in their intent, as the following ridiculous mask wearing examples itemised below, clearly demonstrate:

i. On The Rock of Gibraltar, the government here try to make us all unlawfully wear silly health-harming face-masks to stand-up, but not to sit down.
ii. On The Rock of Gibraltar, the government here try to make us all unlawfully wear silly health-harming face-masks to walk, but not to run.
iii. On The Rock of Gibraltar, the government here try to make us all unlawfully wear silly health-harming face-masks in one street, but not the next.
vi. On The Rock of Gibraltar, the pretend law-enforcers here rigidly unlawfully enforce silly health-harming face masks on the public, but do not always apply the same rules for themselves. This has been witnessed personally most notably at Western Beach Cafe.
v. On The Rock of Gibraltar, pretend judges here unlawfully require silly health-harming face-masks to be worn in a court-room, and will commit criminal acts of false imprisonment upon those not consenting to their madness.

(3) The Peelian principles summarize the ideas that Sir Robert Peel developed to define an ethical police force. The approach expressed in these principles is commonly known as policing by consent. In this model of policing, police officers are regarded as citizens in uniform. They exercise their powers to police their fellow citizens with the implicit consent of those fellow citizens. I refuse to give my consent to “not sanctioned by God” law-enforcement officers fraudulently masquerading as such and enforcing fraudulent legislation. They are thus all criminals, as are the politicians who write such fraudulent legislation which prevents us from breathing God-given fresh air unimpeded. The notion of being forced into doing things, which so blatantly harm people both spiritually, and physically is categorically rejected.

7) Returning now to the specific personal circumstances of my unlawful arrest on 19th January 2021.

They can be detailed as follows:

(1) In the days leading up to the unlawful arrest, I had not been looking for any direct confrontation with the police over the issue of mask-compliance or otherwise.

(2) In order to minimize the possibility of any conflict with the police, a bicycle was regularly used to avoid being harassed by over zealous “not sanctioned by God” power-crazed law- enforcement officers.

(3) The day before the unlawful arrest, a spoof International Chess Festival had been organised for a few of the ethnically diverse homeless folks, given the prestigious Gibraltar International Chess Festival had sadly been canceled for 2021 because of the “plandemic”. The venue was at Western Beach portacabins, rather than The Caleta Hotel. Sensibly the RGP chose not to intervene.

(4) A bicycle tyre puncture at Western Beach meant a return to the venue the next day would have to be on foot and that’s when I fell foul of the unlawful regulations.

(5) The unlawful arrest happened while attempting to re-cross the runway on foot to retrieve and repair the bicycle left behind the day before at Western Beach.

(6) Upon seeing that two uniformed “not sanctioned by God” law-enforcement officers were stationed at the runway crossing, and looking at me approaching from afar, resentment about this unlawful nanny-state tyranny grew. “The not sanctioned by God” law-enforcement officers were about to infringe on my God given liberty to breathe fresh air outside unimpeded.

(7) Once I got close to them, “the not sanctioned by God” law-enforcement officer immediately ordered me to put on a mask while his colleague remained silent throughout and just watched proceedings. Distinctly unimpressed with the lead “not sanctioned by God” law-enforcement officer’s abrupt tone and rude manner, I replied by simply saying there’s a little word that goes an awfully long way.

(8) However, when the officer rebuked me and arrogantly explained that his was an order, not a polite request, no longer was this a public SERVANT policing by consent, but an arrogant tyrant ordering me about, so I stood my ground and an unlawful arrest soon ensued.

(9) Mr. Victor, the arrogant arresting “not sanctioned by God” law-enforcement officer hand-cuffed me, but had time for some friendly enough philosophical discussions, about our different interpretations of freedom and liberty. Physically and vocally, the unlawful arrest was quite a mild affair.

8) In unlawful RGP custody, no signature of consent was given, and “the not sanctioned by God” law-enforcement officers in the custody suite refused to formally interview me for the unlawful charge, despite me repeatedly requesting to have a recorded interview. I referred to the recorded-interview that had taken place on 20th November 2020, and asked them about the reason for the process change. They told me that they did not need to interview me, as they already had all the evidence they needed and that the interview was for their benefit, not mine. I had in my possession the following exhibits, which I was at least allowed to have with me for reading material, in the RGP’s finest custody suite cell which had been freshly cleaned out.

[The Challenge To Sovereignty and Jurisdiction]

9) It should first be noted that in the subsequent time spent in unlawful RGP custody; in “the not sanctioned by God” Magistrates Court; and even in the Windmill Prison; further refusals to put on the health harming face-mask, consistently and repeatedly, ensued. However, the treatment dished out for having the courage and conviction to push-back against such medical tyranny, varied starkly, across each of these three important components of the Gibraltarian criminal justice system.

10) With respect to my time unlawfully spent in the RGP custody suite, and to my immense surprise and pleasure, the RGP custody sergeant at the end of his shift, set aside all Covid 1984 Orwellian protocols and opened my cell door, just so that he could shake my hand, while saying that he was a family man, and that he was openly declaring great respect for my stance. This was done in front of his work colleagues, who had been similarly engaging and respectful, during the entire period of my pleasant but unlawful detention.


11) With respect to the Magistrate’s Court appearance on 20th January 2021, before Mr. Pitto, which was essentially just a plea hearing, I had the pleasure of first being escorted to the courts by two friendly RGP “not sanctioned by God” law-enforcement officers. One of whom was a female. During the escort, in a friendly manner, I quietly informed the female “not sanctioned by God” law- enforcement officer, that she might just be about to witness something very educational, in the plea hearing proceedings, which were soon to unfold. When quizzed about what exactly had I got planned, I assured PC El Yettefti, and the other friendly male “not sanctioned by God” law- enforcement officer, that despite what I had planned, I would be behaving myself in court, impeccably.

12) The subsequent rapport with “the not sanctioned by God” Magistrate, Mr. Pitto, contrasted sharply with the banter I’d enjoyed having with a few of the friendly brigade from the RGP.

13) Somewhat harshly, and without lawful jurisdiction, “the not sanctioned by God” Magistrate Mr. Pitto demanded that a silly health-harming muzzle-mask must be worn upon my escorted entrance into the courtroom and “the not sanctioned by God” Magistrate warned me, in advance, that any refusal on my part to wear a mask would be a contempt of court, so upon hearing that, I refused and set about challenging the sovereignty and jurisdiction of the court.

14) “The not sanctioned by God” Magistrate, Mr. Pitto quickly proceeded to the main business of the fraudulent hearing, which was the plea.

15) Mr. Pitto was himself wearing a silly health-harming muzzle-mask, and since my body is somewhat hard of hearing in one ear, I explained my difficulties with hearing him, given he was muzzled-up. Instead of sensibly removing his muzzle-mask, so that I could hear him better, it was me who was asked to twist and turn my body awkwardly, in an attempt to try to better hear. All that being said, I could hear well enough to know that “the not sanctioned by God” Magistrate Mr. Pitto had invited me to make a plea, and so when I declined to make any such plea, while trying to give reasons, the “not sanctioned by God” Magistrate Mr. Pitto abruptly announced that a “Not Guilty” plea had been made.

16) All subsequent attempts to explain to “the not sanctioned by God” judge Mr. Pitto that I had made no such plea, fell on deaf-ears.

17) Again, I was trying to explain that I did not recognise the Sovereignty and Jurisdiction of The Court, and so making a plea was inappropriate. That is the truth of the matter.

18) In fairness to “the not sanctioned by God” Magistrate, Mr. Pitto did explain that this was not the time for him to hear such arguments, but he nevertheless proceeded to try to rebut my point about God’s Law without giving me any right to reply.

19) Be that as it may, “the not sanctioned by God” Magistrate Mr. Pitto set a date for the unlawful trial for 13th July 2021 (possibly 12th July), and then he unlawfully announced, for my earlier refusal to wear a health-harming mask in court, a prison sentence of five days for “Contempt of court”.

20) Once “the not sanctioned by God” Magistrate Mr. Pitto had his jurisdiction challenged, he was unable to convict me of “Contempt of court”, or anything else, without first proving to an impartial jury that he had jurisdiction to do so.

21) He therefore broke The Law by so doing and committed a criminal act of false imprisonment. Mr. Pitto cannot decide he has jurisdiction, and neither can anyone else, because it is a maxim in law that “No man can judge in his own cause, or a cause to which he is a party“.

22) The Challenge to his jurisdiction, stays all proceedings, and can only be lawfully decided by an impartial jury. The challenge to jurisdiction can be made at any time, before, during, or even after conviction.

23) I was therefore unlawfully convicted, of “Contempt of court”, in a criminal act perpetrated by “the not sanctioned by God” Magistrate Mr. Pitto, who has yet to prove to an impartial jury that he is a lawful judge and has jurisdiction over anyone.

24) After leaving the courtroom, in thoughtful silence, I whispered to the two “not sanctioned by God” law-enforcement officers escorting me away downstairs, the following words: “Welcome to The Nazification of Gibraltar”. I said this with a deliberate forlorn expression on the face. The male “not sanctioned by God” law-enforcement officer somewhat apologetically said to me, “We are only following our orders”. Quietly, I said, “I know, I know, that’s what they said at Nuremberg, too”. I wasn’t being at all hostile towards either of these nice “not sanctioned by God” law-enforcement officers, and I think both officers fully appreciated what I was trying to say, in a round about friendly kind of way.

25) With respect to my subsequent unlawful imprisonment, the prison officers at reception accepted my position on the health harming face masks, and as a result simply isolated me in the cell. While in prison, I was offered the fraudulent unfit-for-purpose Polymerase Chain Reaction Test, and the poisonous Pfizer jab which isn’t really a vaccine but an offensive depopulation bio-weapon. Both were declined. After three days spent in a room with a view, I was released having spent the time resting peacefully in splendid isolation, equipped with nothing more than a tattered and torn Gideon Bible to read.

26) Upon release, a taxi-driver informed me that the case had made the news, and the RGP had even published an article about my arrest.

27) Sure enough, some “not sanctioned by God” law-enforcement officers from the RGP had written about the arrest on social media even before any unlawful trial had taken place. Whatever happened to the maxim “Innocent until proven guilty”? Details here of A Room With a View for The Wandering Blue.

28) Since this unlawful arrest, nothing whatsoever has happened over the last three months, to persuade me that I was wrong in standing in opposition to this mask-muzzling tyranny. In fact, given the vast array of mounting weighty evidence the already strong beliefs held back in January 2021, have only been massively strengthened and fortified.

29) At this point, it seems to me entirely appropriate and hopefully helpful, to signpost a number of scientific studies about face masks, as such studies are seemingly off-limits for the likes of Dr. Sohail Bhatti, and the so-called medical experts here on The Rock.

30) Here below is an important abstract and a conclusion from Baruch Vainshelboim, from Stanford University, California.


“Many countries across the globe utilized medical and non-medical facemasks as a non- pharmaceutical intervention for reducing the transmission and infectivity of coronavirus disease-2019 (COVID-19). Although, scientific evidence supporting facemasks’ efficacy is lacking, adverse physiological, psychological and health effects are established. It has been hypothesized that facemasks have compromised safety and efficacy profile and should be avoided from use. The current article comprehensively summarizes scientific evidences with respect to wearing facemasks in the Covid-19 era, providing prosper information for public health and decisions making.”


“The existing scientific evidences challenge the safety and efficacy of wearing facemask as a preventive intervention for Covid-19. The data suggest that both medical and non- medical facemasks are ineffective to block human-to-human transmission of viral and infectious disease such as SARS-Cov-2 and COVID-19, supporting against the usage of facemasks. Wearing facemasks has been demonstrated to have substantial adverse physiological and psychological effects.

These include hypoxia, hypercapnia, shortness of breath, increased acidity and toxicity, and stress response, rise in stress hormones, immunosuppression, fatigue, headaches, decline in cognitive performance, predisposition for viral and infectious illnesses, chronic stress, anxiety, and depression. Long term consequences of wearing masks can cause health deterioration, developing and progression of chronic diseases, and premature death. Governments, policy makers, and health organisations should utilize prosper and scientific evidence-based approach with respect to wearing facemasks, when the latter is considered as preventive intervention for public health.”

The full report can be read here, or alternatively in Appendix B on PDF.

31) Elsewhere, in the UK, an UK government science team paper on masks does not show any protective effect.


32) Since the start of these unLAWful Civil Contingencies (Mask Wearing) regulations, I have ludicrously received five separate unlawful fixed penalty notices demanding payment of fines in sums of £100 each. This constitutes the criminal attempted act of “Obtaining Money by Menaces”. These all have one thing in common. They were all issued to me by “not sanctioned by God” law-enforcement criminal officers, when I was going about my lawful business while the body was breathing God-given fresh air unimpeded, as God intended.

33) Masks are merely a symbol of control and enslavement, and the unlawful fines imposed by the Government, the Court Service and The Royal Gibraltar Police makes them all criminals.

34) The five incidents of attempted theft are itemised as follows:

i. PC 78 Cooper – 20th October 2020 in Main Street;
ii. PC 223 Fidock – 15th November 2020 in Main Street;
iii. DC70 Gache – 20th November 2020 in Casemates Square;
vi. PC 151 Kells – 24th November 2020 at New Mole House;
v. PC Victory – 19th January 2021 at the eastern side of the airport runway.

35) Unlawful arrests followed on from the third, fourth, and fifth incidents, as itemised in paragraph 34 above.

36) With respect to the unlawful arrest by “the not sanctioned by God” law-enforcement officer DC70 Gache, which the subsequent RGP docket file was later to show up for ‘Obstructing Police in the Execution of Their Duty Contrary to Section 177 (2) (a) of the ultra vires and thus unlawful, Crimes Act 2011, I subsequently decided not to show up at the police station, given the unlawful charge and bail conditions.

37) This was partly because the RGP had deliberately, or otherwise, written down the wrong year on my bail slip, and when I later accompanied “the not sanctioned by God” law-enforcement officer DC70 Gache to “the not sanctioned by God” police station headquarters in order to receive the papers prepared for “the not sanctioned by God” court plea hearing, and I subsequently read their content, a decision was taken, not to attend the unlawful plea hearing before some “not sanctioned by God” judge or magistrate.

38) A Statement of Truth dated 25th December 2021, was compiled to cover this unlawful arrest which had taken place a month earlier on 20th November 2020.

39) Details of this unlawful arrest, and my subsequent follow-up action, taken in an attempt to help enlighten “the not sanctioned by God” law-enforcement officer DC70 Paul Gache and advise him how to serve as a real law-enforcement officer, have been publicised on-line.

40) With respect to the fourth incident outlined in paragraph 34, which involved an unlawful arrest which took place in the reception area of New Mole House, since a de-arrest soon followed within a few short minutes, I won’t dwell on it. Except to say that, I had been trying to report a minor incident in Casemates tunnel involving a knife threat, but “the not sanctioned by God” law-enforcement officers at “the not sanctioned by God” law-enforcement headquarters reception, including, but not limited to PC Kells, seemed blinkered and solely preoccupied with mask wearing, at the expense of all else.

41) However, there have been other times both in between, and around these three unlawful arrests, when the police have more sensibly chosen not to try to impose these unlawful draconian and health-harming face-mask wearing measures upon me.

42) One interesting example of this occurred on 13th January 2021, during an unusual high profile rooftop protest at The Convent. “The not sanctioned by God” law-enforcement officer Kells was again involved. For my part, I was politely asked to assist the police in the recovery operation, and duly obliged. Sense prevailed on that particular occasion, and the not sanctioned by God law-enforcement officers involved sensibly chose not to impose the Government’s unlawful Civil Contingency Regulations (Mask Wearing) on me, and so a satisfactory outcome for all concerned, seemingly was attained.

43) It was originally my understanding that Mr. Pitto is already very familiar with the details of that entire incident and protest, and my helpful contribution to its successful outcome. Originally, I had been led to believe that Mr. Pitto had seen my draft Amicus Curiae brief, and according to the accused, he commented on it favourably, before dropping all charges against the accused. I have since learned from the accused himself that my understanding about the actual status of the Amicus Curiae brief was erroneous, through no fault of my own.

44) A second interesting example occurred one evening shortly after my release from prison, when the body fell off a bicycle and sustained a hamstring injury. Stranded by the roadside, with the body temporarily immobilised, three “not sanctioned by God” law-enforcement officers got out of their van and initially demanded I put on a mask, because I was nolonger sitting on my bicycle, but sprawled out on the pavement.

45) The incident had the potential to escalate into a ludicrous situation, as the body was sat stranded on the pavement, where I was unable to get to my feet of my own accord.

46) Instead of obeying the initial unlawful orders to put on a mask while stranded on the pavement, I asked “the not sanctioned by God” law-enforcement officers to kindly help pick me up off the floor instead, so I could get back to base and attend to my leg injury. That way they need not unlawfully arrest me, and they could at least hopefully go about their Peelian principled duties of policing by consent.

47) With respect to the five unlawful fixed penalty notices I have received, needless to say that on each and every occasion, after receiving them, I have flatly refused to contribute a single penny to the attempted theft. I don’t pay money to governments perpetrating criminal and terrorist activity, and genocidal practices.

48) Not to beat about the bush here, with respect to the wider “plandemic”, I believe the Government of Gibraltar, to be both thieves, and murderers, breaking at least three or possibly four commandments, as given to Moses, for us, by our Creator in The Book of Exodus.

20:13 Thou shalt not murder (kill un-Lawfully).
20:14 Thou shalt not commit adultery [neither personally, nor nationally].
20:15 Thou shalt not steal [nor make up thine own laws to enable thee to do so by fraud (deceiving people)]. 20:16 Thou shalt not tell lies [not even to thy “Self”, neither to, nor] against thy neighbour.
20:17 Thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s house, thou shalt not covet thy neighbour’s wife, nor his manservant, nor his maidservant, nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any thing that [is] thy neighbour’s.

49) In summary, on each and every occasion, after receiving unlawful Magistrate Courts’ summonses for non-payment of these fines, I have flatly refused to countenance the perpetuation of the attempted theft of my money by the government, and “the not sanctioned by God” law-enforcers.

50) In other words, I have made in-principle decisions to ignore the entire series of court summonses, on the simple maxim that no law breaker can be a law enforcer.

51) These are law-enforcement officers who have not been sanctioned by God, and are nolonger abiding by the Peelian principles of policing by consent, and fraudulently masquerading as such whilst enforcing fraudulent legislation, and thus are all criminals, as are the politicians who write such fraudulent legislation. Thus there is no lawful case against me to answer.

52) What’s the point of turning up at these courts, especially when “not sanctioned by God” Magistrate Mr. Pitto, might feel once again obliged to ask me to put on a stupid health harming face-mask, and to go through the same motions again just to hear me again make a no plea statement to “a not sanctioned by God” court that he knows full well that I don’t personally recognise as standing over me, in terms of Sovereignty and Jurisdiction. We would be back to square one, and I don’t want to ever again have to listen to “a not sanctioned by God” judge Mr. Pitto announce that my plea is equivalent to a “Not Guilty” plea when it plainly is not.

53) Of course any and all attempts to articulate the importance of Sovereignty and Jurisdiction to “the not sanctioned by God” Magistrate Mr Pitto, particularly in relation to The Monarch’s Oath, were in vain, as “the not sanctioned by God” Magistrate Mr. Pitto simply rode rough shod over me in his “not sanctioned by God” courtroom, and seemed to me at least to be quite dismissive of the singularly important issue of God’s Law. If anything, “the not sanctioned by God” Magistrate Mr. Pitto came across as being irked by the mere notion of God’s Law.

54) Mr. Pitto cannot decide he has jurisdiction, and neither can anyone else, because it is also a maxim in law that “No man can judge in his own cause, or a cause to which he is a party”.

55) As far as I am aware, and to the best of my knowledge, judges in Gibraltar do still take the following oath:

So help me God. Judicial oath. I, swear by Almighty God that I will well and truly serve Our Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth II, Her Heirs and Successors as a judicial officer, and will do right to all manner of people after the law and usages of the City of Gibraltar, without fear or favour, affection or ill-will.
14 Jun 2007

56) The court’s jurisdiction still comes from the Monarch, if I am not mistaken, and the current Monarch Elizabeth 2 is a fraud. The Gibraltar Court’s jurisdiction does not come from the Government of Gibraltar, it derives from the Oath of Allegiance to The Monarch in the Judicial Oath.

57) Why else is the British Coat of Arms displayed high above the benches in Gibraltar’s courtrooms, and displayed on the rooftops of the court building?

58) It follows that this Oath of allegiance to Elizabeth is intrinsically linked to The Coronation Oath, where sixty-eight years ago, Elizabeth swore on The Bible to maintain The Laws of God to The Utmost of Her Power. This much, the fake queen has never done, despite her promise, and for sure, God’s Law prohibits all this anti-God legislation, as explained in The fifth Book of The Torah.

DEUTERONOMY 4:1 Now therefore hearken, O Israel, unto the Statutes and unto the Judgments, which I teach you, for to DO [them], that ye may LIVE, and go in and possess the land which the “I AM” God of your fathers giveth you.
4:2 Ye shall not ADD unto the word which I command you, neither shall ye diminish [ought] from it, that ye may keep the Commandments of the “I AM” your God which I COMMAND you.


59) I have recently spoken very briefly to a barrister and director from Wilkinson’s “Not sanctioned by God” Law Firm about my case. The gentleman’s name was Suresh Mahtani. Suresh Mahtani explained to me that he was actually in court observing proceedings on the very day when Mr. Pitto unlawfully sent me to prison. Suresh explained to me that he knows all about me, and that in his opinion, he thought I was belligerent before the Magistrate. He advised me not to adopt a similar approach for the up and coming trial.

60) What I will say, in response to Suresh Mahtani, is that when stood before “the not sanctioned by God” Magistrate Mr. Pitto in the plea hearing, I spoke only when asked by him to do so, and whilst I was clearly trying to let “the not sanctioned by God” Magistrate Mr. Pitto know that I was challenging the Sovereignty and Jurisdiction of the court, which by certain definitions, could be construed by itself as belligerent, I was nevertheless merely trying to get my points across, when allowed to do so.

61) I endeavored to do this in a perfectly respectable and calm and controlled manner. I am not a trained barrister, but I was formerly trained as a strategic criminal intelligence analyst. I did not once shout, or say anything remotely personally disrespectful to “the not sanctioned by God” Magistrate. This was not and is not a personal thing, and I want to stress that I want to help “the not sanctioned by God” Magistrate, Mr. Pitto in such a way that Charles makes better decisions on the important matters at hand. While, I may conclude that he blundered on the grand strategic chessboard, by trying to unlawfully criminalize and criminally imprison me, he can still redeem himself in what time he has left, especially since there are so many ethical issues at stake surrounding correctly and honestly attributing the real cause of death in a Covid Plandemic / Post vaccine era where depopulation is ever more clearly becoming the overarching goal.

62) I want to take this opportunity to mention a couple of other unusual encounters I have experienced since the temporary recent relaxation of the Covid-1984 measures here in Gibraltar. These concern my encounters with Louis Pitto Snr, whom I understand is “the not sanctioned by God” Magistrate’s older brother.

63) Louis Pitto has been friendly towards me, “whenever he has seen The Wandering Blue” out and about in Main Street, and he has said to me on more than one occasion, that I remind him, of the Old Testament prophet Jeremiah.

64) While I do not feel remotely worthy of such a comparison, Louis Pitto’s comments remind me about the time I lost my job at South Yorkshire Police for speaking Truth To Power to the Senior Command Team there, back in 2010. It reminds me of that incident, because back then, “Jeremiah18” was my police password for accessing the police computers, as their Principal Intelligence Analyst, when I got fired for refusing to peddle government lies.

65) There is an Irishtown connection to all this, as it was to Ireland, where Father led me to go and reside, near to where the body of Jeremiah, the major prophet once journeyed and died.

66) It was in Ireland, where Jeremiah’s great commission was completed, after He planted Teia Tephi, and The Ark of The Covenant containing God’s Law on The Hill of Tara.

1:10 See, I have this day set thee over the nations and over the kingdoms, to root out, and to pull down, and to destroy, and to throw down, to build, and to plant.

67) It is in Ireland, where The Ark of The Covenant and the original scrolls of God’s Law, currently rest.

68) It was in Ireland, where my own calling to become a Disciple of The Gibraltar Messenger, first happened. The location of that event was in the town of Kells.

69) It was from Ireland, where Christ sent me to Gibraltar, on 28th July 2018, with a remit to help Him expose the corruption on The Rock of His Defence.

70) To that end, calling upon in part, well-documented scientific evidence from a scientist appropriately named Baruch, who has insightfully written all about face-masks in the Covid-19 era, I, alias The Wandering Blue, intend with Father’s help, to fully expose the Covid 1984 plandemic, and the Genocidal Plan, before Mr. Pitto’s hearing on 12th or 13th July 2021, that’s if it proceeds, and I am “forced” to attend.

71) Given it was Christ, The Gibraltar Messenger, Who from his base in Ireland, did most to get me fired from South Yorkshire Police, through His brilliant 7/7 Ripple Effect Film, and given the date I first stuck my head above the parapet in the police was actually on 7th July 2010, I intend to submit a Strategic Intelligence Analysis Report to the ROYAL GIBRALTAR POLICE, on 7th July 2021. This dossier will outline evidence showing Crimes Against Humanity, as committed by Dr Sohail Bhatti, and Fabian Picardo. The report will demand the immediate arrest of the pair of them.

72) I intend to submit such a dossier formally to The Commissioner Richard Ullger, but Father willing, I will also send the dossier to his boss, the Governor David Steel, and I might even send the dossier to Charles Pitto.

73) I intend to do all this by way of 95 point theses, in order to expose Fabian Picardo’s Marxist motives to the so-called law-enforcers here on The Rock in the best Peelian principled spirit of Robert Peel.

74) For the most part, this planned 95 theses, rather like SleuthER’s 95 Theses of Elizabeth Battenberg 2 preceding it, will draw upon evidence already signposted on the Defending Gibraltar Forum website, or alternatively, on any of the other websites overseen by Christ, Himself.

75) In planning to deliver a report to New Mole House, on the anniversary date of 7th July, several days before my unlawful scheduled court hearing before Charles Pitto, it will be my intention to let the Commissioner of the RGP know, that if Charles Pitto still wants me to attend one of his unlawful court hearings on either 12th or 13th July 2021, then pretend law- enforcement officers like DC Gache or John Victory, would be more than welcome to unlawfully arrest me again, perhaps expediently, on the eve of the scheduled hearing. Otherwise, I will not attend as there is no lawful case to answer.

76) I can offer a guarantee, that I will not be voluntarily showing up to “a not sanctioned by God” court, before “a not sanctioned by God” Magistrate, the sovereignty and jurisdiction of which, I neither acknowledge nor accept, and remain to be proven before an impartial jury. However, should the Royal Gibraltar pretend law-enforcers kindly want to escort me there against my wishes, unless it is to present The Challenge before an impartial jury, and place me face-mask-free before Charles Pitto, who is trained to be a Coroner, then that’s an entirely different matter.

77) As the Regina bringing these unlawful charges against me is an irrefutable oath and contract-breaker, and was knowingly fraudulently crowned, neither she nor her representatives have any authority to take anyone to her “not sanctioned by God” courts, in front of her “not sanctioned by God” judges, under their fraudulent legislation, only under The Laws of God. Thus there is no case for me to answer. The only case that needs to be heard is The Challenge to her fraudulent reign, sovereignty and jurisdiction, and her imprisonment for her innumerable crimes, including treason.


Tony Farrell Date: 29th April 2021
Former Principal Intelligence Analyst – South Yorkshire Police
Disciple of JAH, Who is The Gibraltar Messenger, and CHRIST in His Second Coming –

This Statement was originally posted on Defending-Gibraltar on 30 April 2021 and adapted for Gibraltar Messenger.