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Letter to Bishop of Gibraltar

Addressed to Carmel Zammit, Bishop of Gibraltar – "Irrespective of what you would like to think, after all the Scriptural evidence you were provided, proving that serving both me and the pope is IMPOSSIBLE, you are obviously either totally deluded, or wilfully blind, and there are none so blind as those who refuse to see."

UK-China Relations: From Gold to Dust. But what about Gibraltar?

UK-China Relations: From Gold to Dust We have been warning Gibraltarians for a long time, against making agreements/covenants with satanic, communist, anti-God China, and, now that relations have soured between the UK and China, what will Gibraltar do? Will it commit treason and side with China, or get rid of its treacherous China-loving bought and …

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A Global Gibraltar – That’s The Plan

For Gibraltarians who are flabbergasted at the actions of the government; and who cannot wrap their heads around why Government of Gibraltar (GoG) politicians and officials are acting outside and above their domain, you need to first understand that your politicians are one of three things: Globalists, Puppets of globalists or afraid of globalists.