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A Global Gibraltar – That’s The Plan

For Gibraltarians who are flabbergasted at the actions of the government; and who cannot wrap their heads around why Government of Gibraltar (GoG) politicians and officials are acting outside and above their domain, you need to first understand that your politicians are one of three things: Globalists, Puppets of globalists or afraid of globalists.

Why are they always targeting schools? – Answer to Wayne Capps question on 5GGUA to Simon (McIntosh)

Answer: Gib Messenger to Wayne Capps: One of the effects of WiFi and especially 5G is that it sterilises people, and if they sterilise the children before or during puberty then they will significantly reduce the population, as the Eugenicists like Kill Gates are determined to do. This is the follow-up to the Gardasil HPV …

Why are they always targeting schools? – Answer to Wayne Capps question on 5GGUA to Simon (McIntosh) Read More »

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Here’s a reality-check for you all.

The government has a MANDATE from YOU to install 5G and smart systems, because the people/you voted for them and their election-manifesto, and therefore they will just ignore and ride rough-shod over anyone who tries to stop them, UNLESS you have an irresistible force, immovable object/YOU to collectively stop them with, in sufficient numbers to succeed.

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Beware the Chinese

(Updated 27 July 2022) The Chinese, according to a very high-ranking Chinese PLA General, have been planning for a hundred years, to fight and defeat the US and UK in a war, as revenge and payback for what the UK and US did to the Chinese people during and after the two “Opium Wars”.