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Victoria Nuland Inciting WWIII With Russia July 11th?

Take Note: The 2023 Vilnius summit is an upcoming NATO summit scheduled to take place on 11-12 July 2023, in Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania. This summit was discussed in yesterday’s article – NATO Troops to Ukraine?

by Helena Glass

Victoria Nuland, head of US State Department, has officially stated in a video conference with Kyiv that WWIII will effectively begin on July 11th stating that the US and its partners will fight as long as it takes – 16 years or more…  

The scheduled date was chosen to coincide with the NATO Summit, a one day meeting in Lithuania. I wonder how much this WAR will affect climate change…  And what happened to the deadline 2030 for all things Great RESET?  

Two months away, and NATO has yet to determine the topic for the Summit. But I imagine it will involve WWIII and how to protect Europe from the inevitable backlash. How many F-16’s will make it to Ukraine without crashing or being ‘exploded’ midair might be on the table for discussion as well.

It would appear that giving up Ukraine simply isn’t on the dining table at the haute enclave residence of Soros. The sheer size of his destroyed investments throughout Ukraine are in the hundreds of billions. He is being repaid by US tax dollars – but not without an open debt ceiling… And Zelenskyy has apparently expanded his real estate holdings to now include a villa in Italy from which he runs the war. Or runs ‘away’ whichever the case may be.

The defacto US and EU trying to pretend they are not involved has fallen. The pretenses are mute and the reality has been openly spilled by Nuland. The event where Nuland spoke was co-chaired by the US Atlantic Council whose representative declared, “transatlantic unity and robust support can help Ukraine defeat Russia and renew European security.”

The Atlantic Council calls itself nonpartisan because that is the only way to register a 501©(3) charity.  They are anything but ‘charitable’. While they do NOT provide the legally required Form 990 for public view, their nonaudited financials reveal they are NOT a charity at all. But then they own the IRS. Funding sources for the Council come from the common array of leftist sources; Rockefeller, Goldman, Facebook, Google, US State Depart, ie Nuland, – however, one stand out funder is Burisma Holdings. The same Burisma that was paying Hunter Biden and Big Daddy.

The Circle is Complete.

The reason the NGO’s are going ballistic over the debt ceiling is that the bulk of their funding is Discretionary spending. Discretionary spending recipients are supposed to be the last to receive funding after Mandatory debts, which includes Social Security and Veteran pay. Goldman Sachs has stated that the US Treasury has just $30 billion in its vault – the bare minimum. But that doesn’t even begin to make sense given we are in the midst of tax season which garnered $4.9 trillion in Treasury Funds last year… Where are our Tax Dollars?

John Rogers is Chairman of the Board of the Atlantic Council while serving as Executive VP of Goldman Sachs.   His wife is a journalist with the Huffington Post and previously worked in the Clinton Administration. Cozy Group.

We thus have linked Clinton, Soros, Rockefeller, Department of State, the Atlantic Council and the current WH establishment to the Agenda of assassinating Putin. All while invoking Peace and using US Taxpayer Funding to achieve this end.

Although Nuland called the upcoming July 11th attack a ‘counteroffensive’ the target is Moscow.   The point is to militarily take out Putin and insert a provisional government with Navalny at the head of the table.

The global response to a Putin assassination would be interesting indeed. Although there is no mention of Lavrov, Putin’s right hand man, it is likely he has access to the ‘red button’. And Russia is quite aware who can be spared, and who cannot in the continuance of Russia as an independent nation. Russia’s Medvedev has stated that a preemptive nuclear strike would only be undertaken should Western nations provide Kyiv with a nuclear weapon. Otherwise all weapons will be tit-for-tat.

What is strikingly NOT on the table is any discussions of a peace deal by Western governments.  

Contrary to an interview posted by General Milley in which he declares a counteroffensive is not forthcoming, the Atlantic Council’s, Richard Hooker, Jr. details the means: Attack Crimea in June affecting massive civilian losses to morally debilitate Russians using special ops from the US and UK. Take out the land bridge between Crimea and Russia. Then drive a northern advancement to retake all Russian occupied territory. Without F-16’s.  

The largess fear of striking The Bear is the retaliation possibility of nukes aimed at various points throughout the EU and possibly Washington, DC. By contrast, unleashing a nuke on Russian soil is NOT preferred given these Cabalists still vie for Russia’s vast wealth of Resources – black soil and Lake Baikal.

Source: Helena’s Substack – Victoria Nuland Inciting WWIII With Russia July 11th, 2023

Helena’s article was featured in this TFI Global report:

Vedia Singh adds that the video conference of Nuland speaking with Kyiv officials was deleted: “Reportedly, at a deleted video conference with Kyiv officials, Nuland stated that WWIII will effectively begin on July 11th stating that the US and its partners will fight as long as it takes.”

Transcript of this video by TFI Global.

From Global Research – We are not in a position to corroborate the alleged controversial statement of Victoria Nuland regarding WWIII.  What she upholds is a “long war” against Russia, which could lead humanity into a WWIII scenario. Has the alleged statement by Nuland from the video conference been removed? The latter (video) was held under the auspices of the Kyiv Security Forum together with the Atlantic Council. While Nuland does not explicitly refer to WWIII, what she describes is a “long war” scenario, which inevitably could evolve towards WWIII. (Nuland said):

“we are here for the long-term”, 
“as long as it takes” in a war against Russia.
“It’s about the long-term”. US-NATO is there for the long-run. 

Her statements confirm a long-term war with Russia, as outlined in the NeoCons Project for the New American Century: 

The PNAC dispels the planning of “consecutive” military operations: it describes:
America’s “Long War” as follows: 
“fight and decisively win multiple, simultaneous major theater wars”
The conduct of  “Simultaneous theater Wars” is the backbone of America’s hegemonic Agenda.

Victoria Nuland reveals counter-offensive plan

The US has often denied being a party to the conflict in Ukraine, but a recent video suggests otherwise. Victoria Nuland, the US Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs, reveals that the US has been “working on” Ukraine’s counter-offensive plan against Russia for months. The 15th annual Kyiv Security Forum “For Our Freedom and Yours / Fighting for NATO” took place on 25-26 May with the participation of prominent international figures.

Nuland explains what Ukraine can expect from NATO summit in Vilnius – “I think that Ukraine in Vilnius can expect a clearer statement of what we have already said. That we support Ukraine, which is increasingly becoming democratic and strong. And we support it [Ukraine – ed.] in the long term, as each individual member of the Alliance and collectively… We also cooperate on intelligence and cyber security, and Ukrainians will see this strong relationship between NATO and Ukraine,” said Nuland.

Kyiv Security Forum says clear path to NATO membership for Ukraine at Vilnius Summit is only option

At the upcoming summit in Vilnius, the North Atlantic Alliance should make a political decision to offer Ukraine membership in NATO and start accession negotiations, according to the Kyiv Security Forum’s comprehensive position paper entitled “Fighting for NATO”, which was presented during the 15th Annual Meeting of the Kyiv Security Forum on May 25. The document calls on the allies to make a political decision to offer Ukraine membership and start accession negotiations. It also calls for negotiations into providing Ukraine security guarantees similar to those enjoyed by NATO members under the Article 5 collective defense clause – even before Ukraine joins NATO. – Source

All Roads Are Now Leading to Imminent World War III – Just as US State Department policymaker Victoria Nuland broadcast the US destruction of Nord Stream pipelines days in advance, Nuland apparently announced in a video conference with Kiev government officials that’s since been removed, her intent to ignite World War III on July 11th, 2023. Nuland boldly declared that World War III would be ignited on July 11th, the day that a NATO summit in Lithuania will convene. The notoriously globalist organization that co-chaired the event with Nuland was none other than the Atlantic Council whose representative declared: Transatlantic unity and robust support can help Ukraine defeat Russia and renew European security. Atlantic Council funders include the usual bloodline controlling suspects – Rockefeller, Goldman, Facebook, Google, Nuland’s US State Department, and even the corrupt Ukraine energy company bribing Hunter and The Big Guy – Burisma Holdings.

How America Took Out The Nord Stream Pipeline – Undersecretary Victoria Nuland had delivered essentially the same message at a State Department briefing, with little press coverage. “I want to be very clear to you today,” she said in response to a question. “If Russia invades Ukraine, one way or another Nord Stream 2 will not move forward.”

2015 – The Ukraine Mess That Nuland Made – Assistant Secretary of State for European Affairs “Toria” Nuland was the “mastermind” behind the Feb. 22, 2014 “regime change” in Ukraine, plotting the overthrow of the democratically elected government of President Viktor Yanukovych while convincing the ever-gullible US mainstream media that the coup wasn’t really a coup but a victory for “democracy.” Her husband (and arch-neocon) Robert Kagan had co-founded the Project for the New American Century in 1998 around a demand for “regime change” in Iraq, a project that was accomplished in 2003 with President George W. Bush’s invasion.