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Canadian Navy in Critical State

WASHINGTON (Sputnik) – The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) is currently in a “critical state” due to major personnel shortages and may fail to meet its force posture commitments next year and beyond, commander Vice Adm. Angus Topshee stated.

In a video posted Monday on the RCN’s YouTube channel, the officer stated that the Canadian navy was in critical conditions due to the Canadian Forces Recruiting Group’s failure to deliver on the personnel intake over the past 10 years.

DGTV – The state of the Royal Canadian Navy

“The RCN faces some serious challenges right now that could mean we fail to meet our force posture and readiness commitments for 2024 and beyond. The situation is serious, but our problems are not unique. I know that the air force and the army are faced with similar challenges,” the official stressed in the video. “The RCN is in a critical state. Many occupations are experiencing shortages at 20% and higher,” Topshee added.

The vice-admiral said that although the RCN’s overall attrition is “good,” a marine technician leaves every two days, something notably affecting Canada’s west coast fleet, where major shortages are observed in the area, which in turn limits the ability to maintain and operate ships.

The Canadian military has been facing several challenges over the past years, including in its recruitment objectives, a problem that was exacerbated by COVID-19 and the vaccine mandate.

Source: Sputnik – Royal Canadian Navy in ‘Critical State,’ May Not Meet Commitments in 2024 – Top Admiral

Biblical Prophecy About Canada:

Canada is the home of the Israelite tribe of Asher, who will receive the same punishment as God has planned for United Kingdom and United States.

Thus, their military stance will become inferior to Russia and China’s.

According to The Abrahamic Covenant, descendants of Jacob-Israel’s 8th son Asher are believed to have settled in Canada, among other places, with the similarity between the tree on Asher’s Tribal Standard and the Maple-Leaf on the Canadian flag.  Another link between Asher and Canada is in the above prophecy – “Asher’s bread shall be fat” – Canada was always a large supplier of Britain and the world’s bread-wheat. (Gen. 49:20 Out of Asher his bread [shall be] fat, and he shall yield royal dainties.)

Also, according to Bible Prophecy, Canada would be ruled over by Jacob-Israel’s 11th son Joseph, of which Joseph had a well-known dream about this ascension.

Joseph went (his tribe) West to America and then East to India/Australasia and then North to Canada and finally, South to Africa in exactly the same order specified in God’s Prophecy in Gen. 28:14, conquering and to conquer – “The British Empire”. The British thought they were clever but the Glory is God’s alone because He defeated their enemies to fulfill His Prophecies and His Master Plan.

Unfortunately, although protected by God whilst taking His Word (the Bible) around the world, they did not allow God to water the seed/truth (Rev. 11:6) because they did not “live by” (believe – by live) the Bible and Covenants that they made with God, two of them, the Old Covenant/Testament and the New Covenant/Testament. The terms and penalty (punishment) clauses are contained in those Books.

Concerning Israel’s punishment, JAH wrote, “I said, unfortunately, for them, because they are going to be punished by God for breaking the Covenant/contract (Rev. 11:7) and choosing to live by and inflict their own selfish, greedy and evil political systems on the rest of the world, instead of converting the whole world to living by God’s Own PERFECT System. IF they had kept the terms of the Covenant/contract then the whole world would have, by now, become God’s Kingdom on Earth:- One King – God; One Law; One people; One Kingdom at peace – world without end. The ‘Unique Horn – Unicorn’.”

About Christ’s Flag/Standard:

This fact about Christ’s flag is confirmed in Holy Scripture in Gen. 49:10 “The sceptre (sovereignty) shall not depart from Judah [to Joseph], nor a law-giver from between his feet, UNTIL Shiloh (Christ) comes [from Joseph-Ephraim v 22-24 & 48:16-19]; and unto him [shall] the gathering (Union) of the people (of Jackob / Israel) [be].

1921 Canadian Flag

“And so, in humble and reverent awe, perhaps you will come to the wondrous realisation that the Union Jack, in addition to being Christ’s own personal flag and the protective mark which God places on His Own people, is actually the symbolic monogram or name of God Himself. Shielded by that name, a nation is safe from destruction under God’s promise ‘No weapon that is formed against thee shall prosper’ (Isa. 54:17), whilst they serve Him. And it is this symbol of God’s Name and Protection which Ireland; Canada and South Africa have now discarded as their national emblem.”Christ’s Flag

Surely, to despise such a heritage as God and Christ’s flag and protection is the greatest folly of all time. It is worse, for even if this generation cares nothing for it themselves, by what right do they take it from their children and their children’s children?

It should be considered carefully that by this action Ireland, like Canada; South Africa and others (as some Australians are now proposing to do); has rejected Christ; insulted God and lost God’s covering shield by which He marks and protects His own people.

A remnant of Asher will accept Christ and survive the reaping. Most won’t. How will you know if you will be part of the remnant? Read the Survival Plan – The Way home or face The Fire.

As far as those who call themselves Jews but are not – ie. those occupying Palestine falsely calling themselves “Israel” – according to Bible Prophecy, not one of them make it (Obadiah).


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