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People who have been vaccinated are walking bio-weapons

Recently, Mike Adams of told the Fat Man:

“People who have been vaccinated are walking bio-weapons.


Now we know that the [Ashke-Nazi] Zionists are deploying the vaccinated to genocide the unvaccinated.”

So what APPEARS to be emerging is the following:

When you genocide 90 percent of the population, make sure you get half the people on your side before you start.

Then launch a bio-weapon under the guise of being a “vaccine”.

This sterilizes the vaccinated AND turns them into walking bio-weapons who will infect and kill the unvaccinated.

You end up with 90 percent genocided and no unity (even among the dead) as to who did the killing.

Maybe that is why the Beast of Buck House (Elizabeth Windsor) and other “stars” have gone into hiding.

Only a DEMONIC INTELLIGENCE could have devised such a plan.

It is masterful in its simplicity and in the fact that it covers all bases and ticks all checkboxes.

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Fertility warning: 34 cases of spontaneous miscarriage and stillbirth reported after experimental mRNA vaccines


5G, Covid19, Vaccination plandemic – are the last stages of the Ashke-Nazi New World Order satanic plan to enslave and kill-off most of mankind